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Benx Shen

Fast Code Eclipse Plugin - 3 views

Ching Yi Chan

Understanding Decorators in Eclipse - 0 views

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Ching Yi Chan

JDT - 0 views

Benx Shen

Eclipse 3.4 Hidden Treasures | Eclipse Zone - 0 views

  • Format Only Edited LinesThe "Save Actions" is one of my favorite features in Eclipse 3.3 (read my original post about it). In Eclipse 3.4 there are several improvements including some new formatting features. One of the complaints against the Save Actions feature was that it will change the entire file, thus, making it very hard to compare to previous revisions when using a source control. It can become very annoying if some team members use it and some don't.For that purpose there's a new feature which allows changing just the edited lines, keeping the rest of the file intact. I highly recommend using the Save Actions feature. It is inactive by default, so go ahead and activate it.
Benx Shen

JDT/UI and Text Team Blog » Blog Archive » 3.4 New and Noteworthy - 0 views

  • The most important new features in the JDT are: Rich hovers: Follow links in Javadoc hover Quick fix problems in problem hover Inspect variable values in the debug hover Java Editor Breadcrumb: Know where you are while in the editor Various Content Assist improvements SWT Templates: Build your UI the fast way Format edited lines on save: Keep outgoing changes to a minimum Extract Class refactoring: Replace a set of fields by a new class Compiler supports multi CPU-machines: Compile your workspace faster
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