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Graham Perrin

reviewing previously collected Flash media - 75 views

bug resolved Adobe Flash library view gpd4

started by Graham Perrin on 12 Mar 10
  • Graham Perrin
    See also (2010-04-28)
    'Collecting Videos Broken?'
  • Graham Perrin
    Following resolution of I reviewed my library.

    > At a glance, I see no Flash media.

    Now, I do see highlighted Flash media in my library, and at (for example)

    (In meta views such as that, you may hear audio problems from concurrent playback of multiple movies, but that's a separate issue.)

    Tag: resolved
  • sandy_diigo
    If the video is automatically played on its original website,so it is the collected flash media. The play mode of videos displayed in library is the same with its original sources.
    When viewed in middle or advanced mode, the collected flash media are hidden and will not be played in the background unless you go to a specific item for more details. Still,the solution to multiple voices is not simple enough and there are something need to be improved upon. We're trying to figure out a better and simpler solution.
    Thank you for bring this to our attention!
  • Graham Perrin
    Issues with audio

    Thanks, Sandy. See also (2009-03-29),
    Flash audio/video/movies in WebSlides: previous slides are not muted: all soundtracks are mixed

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