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Richard Sheppard

easier instructions to install Tiger's - 0 views

  • sudo ditto -Vx --noqtn /Volumes/X11\ Update\ 2006/X11Update2006.pkg/ Contents/Archive.pax.gz /
    • Richard Sheppard
      The space between "...2006.pkg/" and "Contents/..." shouldn't be there. It's: sudo ditto -Vx --noqtn /Volumes/X11\ Update\ 2006/X11Update2006.pkg/Contents/Archive.pax.gz HTH
    How to install and configure Leopard to run Tiger's X11 (which is less buggy) yet still keep the Leopard version. Also includes instructions to reverse the configuration.
Jyrki Lilja

Using CMD instead of Control in GIMP - 0 views

  • It is possible to use CMD instead of Control for keyboard shortcuts. Just follow these instructions while GIMP and X11 are closed : Create a .Xmodmap file in your home-folder containing the following: clear Mod2 clear control keycode 63 = Control_L keycode 67 = Control_L add control = Control_L
  • Then open X11 and change its preferences like this :
  • Now open GIMP. CMD+C and all the stuff should work.
yc c

XDroplets - 0 views

    A collection of Applescript droplets to launch your X11 programs from the Finder.
Graham Perrin

XQuartz - 0 views

  • X11.pkg version 2.3.3
    • Graham Perrin
      Requires Mac OS X 10.5.7.
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