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shah shazwaz

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 technical preview | CutViews - Apple News and Tutorials - 0 views

    Microsoft launch  first Microsoft Windows Phone 7 only technical preview, Mircosoft back into the smartphone arena.Microsoft is sending Windows Phone 7 LG and Samsung developers. Samaung  run Windows 7 Phone on devices are for testing purposes only, detailed look at the current version of Windows Phone 7.
Jeff Johnson

Apple - Education - IT Professionals - Online Tutorials - 0 views

    Apple's new IT tutorial series provides an immersive, step-by-step experience in Mac integration. Learn a variety of tips and tricks from our IT experts - from directory architecture to client management, there's something for everyone. Click on the videos that interest you most.
sarah aimee

Troubleshoot Your Hard Drive problems - 0 views

    Although you can have one big fat hard drive as single partition, you should Partition as well, if you have a big hard drive. Partitioning is the method of dividing an area on a disk into minor portions of smaller capacities that can be recognized by the operating system. Picture this: your hard drive is a cake. It is easier to eat a cake divided into pieces than to eat it whole.
sarah aimee

Make Your Computer Work Fast! - 0 views

    Are you trying to get things done fast on your computer; but your system really seems possessed? It keeps freezing up and crashing? Well! It simply means that your computer may have too much mess accumulated on it and it requires great attention. This article highlights some effective optimize pc tips and tweaks to increase the speed of your computer so that you can speed up its processes.
thanaads Thanaads Noo

AT&T Reports: iPhone 3G Data Usage "Sub-Par" and 4G's Future | iPhone News Updated - 0 views

    In Goldman Sachs' Communacopia XVII conference, AT&T's chief technical officer John Donovan stated that iPhone 3G users have used much less data on the network than expected.
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