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wing monica

iPhone or Palm Pre? - 5 views

this info copy from iPhone 3.0 vs. Palm: which one would you want to get? iPhone or Palm Pre? Sprint, Palm...


started by wing monica on 31 Jul 09 no follow-up yet

Palm Pre 2 comes with HP WebOS 2.0 - 0 views

    Palm Pre 2 phone is the first phone made after HP acquired Palm company and features WebOS 2.0, 1GHz processor, Gps, Wi-Fi and an unique charging dock.

Unlocked Palm Treo Pro is now available! - 0 views

    Users in USA, be prepared for the unlocked version of Palm Treo Pro! Yup, that's right. You can now purchase the unlock version as the manufacturer (Palm, that is) have announced the availability of the unlock version of this smartphone for United States market.
Jeff Johnson

In a Nutshell: Palm Pre vs. iPhone vs. G1 - 0 views

    CES 2009 brought us a new player in the smartphone upper-echelon. Let's drill down and see how the Palm Pre compares with the iPhone and Android's G1.
Adam Mills

iTunes update prevents syncing with Palm Pre - 0 views

    It is confirmed. Apple's iTunes 8.2.1 prevents the ability to sync with the Palm Pre.
Adam Mills

Palm responds: Apple may prevent iTunes from working on Palm's Pre - 0 views

    Just pick up a Pre? Thinking about getting one? Plan on syncing it with iTunes? Your plans may have just been thwarted.
Adam Mills

iTunes sync with Palm Pre works once again - 0 views

    The little guy strikes back. Palm's new WebOS update allows for Pre users to sync with iTunes, even if they updated to the version that originally blocked it.

Acheter roshe run 2014 BA1398 homme rose Toulouse pas cher - 1 views


roshe run pas chère palm trees nike

started by yabitomca22 on 10 Jan 15 no follow-up yet

Windan sea Beach OF San Diego | pacificrentacar - 0 views

    Most San Diego charter bus rental visitors who have been to Windasea seashore which snakes around the La Jolla shoreline will admit one thing as a consensus... it's, palms down, one of the beautifu...
paolo ruffino

Unboxing iPhone 4, Plus Comparisons - 0 views

    Here is an unboxing of Apple's iPhone 4, plus a comparison with the iPhone 3GS, Nexus One, HTC Incredible, HTC Evo 4G, Palm Pre Plus, Nokia X6 and Blackberry Tour. Is there really one that is "the best"? Maybe there are certain features that make one better than the other depending on tastes, what do you think?
wing monica

Blackberry tour vs Nokia N97: compare them in the process of making decision - 2 views

Blackberry tour vs Nokia N97: compare them in the process of making decision This summer there are some very strong devices out there including Blackberry Tour, Nokia N97, HTC Magic, iPhone 3G S, ...


started by wing monica on 31 Jul 09 no follow-up yet

Jailbroken iPhone 3G with real external keyboard - 0 views

    It seems that the man is running a chunk of Ruby code on his jailbroken iPhone 3G, which allows it to recognize what appears to be a Palm / Visor external keyboard connected via a custom cable.

Apple Mail plug-ins and tools - 1 views

shared by wen071 on 15 Feb 07 - Cached
  • MailTypeSelectKeyboard search + navigatio RuleBoxSync AddressBook and Mail rules Mail2iCalTodoExport from Mail to iCal to-do The UnreadCustomizable menubar status display Eudora Mailbox CleanerMigration tool MailAppetizerVisual notification MailEnhancerVarious enhancements JunkMatcherBayesian and regex-based filtering SenderPixAddressBook pix in GPGMailencrypt and/or authenticate email PGP DesktopSecure encryption/decryption Conduittransfer mail PDA MailPriorityset Priority and Notification-To headers MailSwitchmanage multiple users MailScriptsvarious mail and addressbook scripts SpamRoboCopFile spam reports to SpamCop SpamCop SendApplescript app with SpamCop functionality httpMailUse to check a hotmail account MailPicturesDisplay people's photos automatically MailTemplateTemplates system for MailApp MacResponderAutomate email response (shareware) IpanemaReports current IP via MailFixHack for SMTP server support of EHLO MailCountXDisplay email arrival in menubar (beta) MailUnreadStatusBarDisplays unread messages in folders MailVoiceClipAttach audio to outgoing emails SpamSieveBayesian spam filtering Attachments IconizerToggle image display in message body MailActOnmap specific mail rules or actions to keys MailTagsMetadata organization of emails PersonalAntispamFilter-based spam filtering MailStamps 2Mail 2.0 with Panther Mail buttons! iSaySend voice notes iCamShareEasily send videos and pix EmailMergeEmail merge tool DockStarNew mail dock feedback Serial MailSend to groups Cage FighterTame Tiger Mail icons! GrowlMailGrowl integration iAlertGlobal notifier
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Mac, Palm, and Windows Software Updates and Downloads - VersionTracker - 0 views

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yc c

buzz.opml - 0 views

    The goal is to enable the editing, publishing and sharing of OPML files across the Web, MS Windows desktop, Linux Desktop, Palm OS and Windows CE. We are setting up a system that allows a group to use, download, and upload OPML over a collaborative web server
Adam Mills

Windows Marketplace threatens iPhone App Store - 0 views

    Windows Marketplace plans to launch with 600 applications available for download. While it's an uphill battle to challenge the App Store, this is certainly a great start.
David Corking

Dr. Dobb's | A Moving Target | March 28, 2009 - 0 views

  • iPhone uses Objective-C -- challenging even for experienced C, C++, and C# programmers.
    • David Corking
  • Many companies first venture into mobile technology is providing BlackBerry e-mail access. Next, they often look to appplications for sales and other field employees, CRM, and business intelligence, such as performane dashboards. In short, mobile applications are integrating with corporate systems and other programs on a much more complex level.
  • One-fourth of companies are deploying CRM to handhelds,
  • ...1 more annotation...
  • We don't cover Palm in depth, since it's slipped to 2% of the smartphone market, says Gartner, while Symbian has half the world market, and the BlackBerry and iPhone make up about 70% of North America.
    I have to admit, I found this article a little confusing : I didn't understand how to use a 'usage profile' to choose a platform for clients or servers.
Adam Mills

iPad 2 versus HP TouchPad - 2 views

    Thinking about picking up an iPad 2? Well, you better check out this spec comparison between it and the HP TouchPad first.
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