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Honor Magic with bezel-less display announced: Price, Specifications and more - Gadgets... - 0 views

    Huawei today announced it concept phone, the Honor Magic. The smartphone has new artificial intelligence designed with inovative intelligent features. The company also gives some hints for launching new smartphone soon in India

Islamic black magic - 0 views

    Islamic black magic - remove all your love, career, professional difficulties with the Islamic black magic
Adam Mills

Apple releasing new iMacs, Mac Pros, Cinema Display, and Magic Trackpad tomorrow? - 2 views

    Apple is rumored to be releasing tons of new products tomorrow including new Mac Pros, iMacs, that new Cinema Display as well as the Magic Trackpad. Pretty substantial if it happens.
Adam Mills

Apple launches Magic Trackpad for $69 - 2 views

    Apple has finally launched its Magic Trackpad for the Mac and guess what? It's pretty affordable and pretty darn awesome.
Jochen Burkhard

Apple - Support - Discussions - Magic Mouse Guide for Windows 7 and ... - 3 views

    "Hello All, I recieved my Magic Mouse and it works great under OSX but I couldn't get it working under Windows at all. Searching here and around the web, I've compiled a guide on how I got it working. Hopefully, Apple will release proper drivers in the future but for now, here is what I did:"
Janaka Priyadarshana

Might and Magic Heroes VI iPhone 4 & 3GS Wallpapers : iPhone Wallpapers BloG - 0 views

    Might and Magic Heroes VI Game iPhone 4 Wallpapers for your iPhone 4 and iPod touch device. We all like PC Games. We all play PC Games. So, You may like to make your iPhone screen impressive within PC Games Wallpapers / Backgrounds.

iPhone Application Development Benefiting Student Community - 0 views

    iPhone is the sensation of the decade. What makes it the extraordinary mobile device in the mobile market? There are a several factors that determine its magic - its sleek touch, smart looks and amazing features.
Ethan jorden

Smart TVs are become smarter day by day - 0 views

    LG had made a statement that "some great technologies, such as our Cinema 3D Magic Remote and dual-core L9 chipset
jasmeen jassi

Microsoft Redesigns CHKDSK for Windows 8, betters NTFS Health Model - 0 views

    Microsoft can not do anything to magically make hard drives stop failing when parts go bad, but the Redmond outfit is rolling out a new NTFS health model for Windows 8 with a redesigned CHKDSK instrument for disc corruption spying and fixation.
James Cady

Make Your Apple Magic Trackpad Work On Windows | Matt Brandenburg - 0 views

    windows drives
Zohar Manor-Abel

MagiCal | Software | Charcoal Design - 0 views

    A free open source software menu extension that adds a calendar to the menubar
    A free open source software menu extension that adds a calendar to the menubar
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Jeff Johnson

AFP548 - Using Managed Preferences in the DSLocal domain - 0 views

    Most of you should be aware of how you can use MCX to manage preferences for your directory service. Generally these days this is done by either running Open Directory, extending the schema for Active Directory or a standard OpenLDAP installation, or running a "magic triangle" setup where your client machines are bound to both an Open Directory setup and an Active Directory/OpenLDAP setup.
Jeff Johnson

Apple security: Myth or magic? -- Government Computer News - 0 views

    Ultimately, I was foiled by the security features of the Mac. I found that SSH attempted to log me in as the account owner of the Mac itself, rather than letting me to supply my own log-in name and associated password. In effect, I couldn't log on as anyone except the owner of the Mac account, at least by default. Because I didn't have an account on that Mac and my friend with the Mac didn't have an account on my Linux box, I couldn't log in.
wing monica

Blackberry tour vs Nokia N97: compare them in the process of making decision - 2 views

Blackberry tour vs Nokia N97: compare them in the process of making decision This summer there are some very strong devices out there including Blackberry Tour, Nokia N97, HTC Magic, iPhone 3G S, ...


started by wing monica on 31 Jul 09 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

XBinary: Extended Binary Format Support for Mac OS X - 0 views

  • Extended Binary Format Support
  • © Amit Singh
  • January 2009
  • ...51 more annotations...
  • —With the advent of x86-based Macintosh computers, Universal binaries, originally known as "fat" or multiple-architecture binaries, appeared in Mac OS X.
  • Universal Binaries
  • for one or more architectures
  • along with a header that describes each constituent binary.
  • a wrapper that contains Mach-O binaries
  • a "4-way fat" executable could consist of Mach-O executables for the i386 (32-bit Intel), x86_64 (64-bit Intel), ppc (32-bit PowerPC), and ppc64 (64-bit PowerPC) architectures
  • Mac OS X does not provide any kernel-level or user-level interfaces to extend binary format support.
  • we'll need to write special software
  • new kernel functionality
  • software will involve a kernel extension.
  • extend the kernel
  • and execute them through specified handler programs.
  • Let us call the new software that implements these features XBinary. binfmt_misc Those familiar with the Linux kernel will realize that functionality similar to what's been described here exists in Linux as the binfmt_misc kernel feature. XBinary is conceptually similar
  • XBinary also has some Mac OS X specific features.
  • download and install the XBinary package
  • a command-line tool (xbinary
  • a kernel extension (xbinary.kext)
  • research software at this point
  • choosing the best library from an extended fat library file.
  • for developers, researchers, and power users
  • take XBinary for a spin
  • XBinary: extended binary format support for Mac OS X Copyright (c) 2009 Amit Singh. All Rights Reserved. The XBinary software allows you to extend the Mac OS X kernel such that it can recognize arbitrary binary formats and execute them through specified handler programs. (Mac OS X natively supports executing only Mach-O binaries, Universal (fat) binaries, and interpreter scripts.) XBinary consists of a kernel extension (xbinary.kext) and this command-line tool, which lets you control the XBinary facility. This requires superuser privileges, so you should run this tool using sudo(8). The XBinary kext must be loaded for the facility to be available.
  • You can add and manipulate in-kernel entries that enable recognition of binary formats.
  • You can also specify flags that affect how a matched entry is processed. By default, the argument vector IS adjusted and setuid/setgid binaries are NOT allowed.
  • make experimentation involving new binary formats easy
  • Let us look at Java applications
  • then specify this wrapper script as the interpreter
  • and subsequently invoke the Java application launcher.
  • given a Java class file
  • a wrapper script
  • We don't even have to write such scripts
    • Graham Perrin
  • a Universal binary containing, say, Tiger and Leopard versions
  • simplify code creation and maintenance.
  • Consider a 2-way fat binary containing i386 and x86_64 architectures.
  • operating system versions in addition to processor architectures.
    • Graham Perrin
  • Now think of an "extended" fat binary mechanism that incorporates
  • our hypothetical extended fat binary contains eight "architectures"
  • the extended fat feature as implemented by XBinary is not a complete implementation
  • These examples assume that you are on an x86 (little-endian) machine.
  • XBinary requires Mac OS X 10.5.x (Leopard).
  • Executive Summary This document discusses XBinary, a new software that lets you add kernel-level support for executing files in arbitrary binary formats on Mac OS X.
  • Extending Executability
  • recognize arbitrary binary formats
  • using the xbinary tool
  • copious "help" output
  • Each entry must have as its name a unique identifier string up to 31 bytes in size. Additionally, a set of other arguments specify to the kernel how to recognize that binary format and which interpreter to invoke to handle it. XBinary can recognize a binary EITHER by matching magic bytes within the first page of the file OR by matching a file extension. OTHER_ARGS must be a valid combination of the following arguments (some are optional).
  • that will determine the startup class name
  • Bonus Feature: Extra Fat Binaries
  • Since XBinary is experimental, why not experiment with such a feature too?
  • XBinary wouldn't be able to help the dynamic linker
  • The XBinary software
bugmenot69 - 0 views

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Want to get free apple music with airpods? - Online Shop - 0 views

    These amazing devices are fully wireless, effortless as these are magical. Free apple music with airpods have available wireless charging case with them

"PicArt: Transforming Moments into Masterpieces with Creative Editing Magic" - 1 views

PicArt is a versatile and user-friendly photo editing app that empowers creators to transform ordinary photos into extraordinary works of art. With its intuitive interface, PicArt provides a wide a...

iPhone mac Technology

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