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iOS - Introduction to Gesture Recognizer in iOS - 0 views

    This example shows how you can easily use Gesture Recognizer in iOS, add Gesture Recognizer into your app through Storyboard editor and programatically.
    This example shows how you can easily use Gesture Recognizer in iOS, add Gesture Recognizer into your app through Storyboard editor and programatically.
Adam Mills

iOS 4.3 won't bring new gestures to iPad - 4 views

    In some sad news, Apple has confirmed that the upcoming iOS 4.3 won't bring those new and exciting gestures to the iPad after all.
Zohar Manor-Abel

Enable Four Finger Multitouch for Older Macbook Pros and Airs - 0 views

  • Here is how you enable four finger gestures on your older MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.
    Here is how you enable four finger gestures on your older MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.
jasmeen jassi

Invisible key structure opens doors with a hand gesture - 0 views

    apart from of how quickly technology is advancing, the physical key seems to stay a part of our everyday lives. Many of us have many keys for accessing dissimilar parts of our homes, and while we no longer need to insert a key to unlock a car or office door, we still carry some form of fob or card for wireless locking/unlocking.
jasmeen jassi

Scientists create an 'invisible key' - 0 views

    A team of Taiwanese researchers have developed an "invisible key" technology which allow users to open their doors by means of simple hand gestures, the head of the team said Monday. "In the future, you won't have to worry about losing or forgetting your keys," said Tsai Yao-pin, who teaches at the Technology and Science Institute of Northern Taiwan
thanaads Thanaads Noo

5 Reasons Not to Upgrade to the New iPhone 3G | iPhone News Updated - 0 views

    I've had my new 3G Apple iPhone for about a month now and I thought I'd take a few minutes to write some of my thoughts and reflections on the experience for people who might be considering upgrading to the new 3G iPhone. First a little background though.
David Corking

Watch out, Apple: Windows 8 could trump the iPad - Sep 2011 - 45 views

  • Live is assumed and focused on letting an app's state roll across all devices a user has.
    • David Corking
      A pendulum swinging back towards mainframe computing, perhaps.
  • Apple designed iOS for gesture-based input, and people took to it easily -- and developers had to think in the mind-set to even be able to deliver apps.
    • anonymous
  • old "finger as mouse" approach to touch was a bad idea.
    • anonymous
      I agree, that blows.
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  • "Legacy" Win32s apps from Windows 7 and earlier won't get the Windows 8 Metro UI goodness unless they are at least partially revised; even then, they'll be limited. Users will find that touch, syncing, and interapplication sharing won't always work.
  • (It's no accident that Excel was a Mac application first or that Windows Word shared almost nothing with DOS Word other than file format.) Microsoft's apparent strategy creates that risk for today's developers.
  • Sloppy developers could thwart Microsoft's seeming reinvention of Windows from taking root. Or, as happened with Apple's iOS, developers could wholeheartedly adopt the Windows 8 model and deliver an amazing portfolio of apps that pulls in users and drags IT behind them.
    Its amazings seems similar like :

Buy Pinterest Followers - 100% Real & Active - 0 views

    Buy Pinterest Followers Introduction As a business owner, you are aware of the effectiveness of social media in attracting new clients. Also, you cannot afford to overlook Pinterest, which boasts over 200 million monthly users. But where do you begin? How do you grow your Pinterest following and expose your pins to a wider audience? How to organically grow your Pinterest following? To get you started, consider these suggestions: Develop excellent content: Invest time in producing infographics and visuals of the highest caliber for your area. In this manner, your pins will appear when people search for themes associated with your company. Buy Pinterest Followers Make use of keywords: Include keywords in your pin descriptions to ensure that they appear when users perform searches using those phrases. Join group boards: Group boards are a fantastic way to increase the visibility of your pins. But be careful to only sign up for forums that are relevant to your industry. Repining other people's content promotes your brand while also being a good gesture. They will receive an email message when you repin their content. They'll probably look at your profile and perhaps follow you as well. Why should you grow your Pinterest following? You could wish to grow your Pinterest audience for a variety of reasons. First off, your potential reach increases as your fan base does. Your post will be shared and repinned by more people if you have more followers, which will increase its visibility. Also, the more eyes on your material, the more probable it is that you will create leads and sales. Buy Pinterest Followers Second, having a bigger following might help you establish credibility and trust. People are more likely to trust you and your brand if you appear to have a large following. This is because they'll perceive you as influential and realize that, since so many people are following you, you must be doing something well. There are people pursuing you. Finally, expand
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