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Adam Mills

iPhone 4 proximity sensor issues to be resolved with next iOS update - 0 views

    The iPhone 4 doesn't just have an antenna problem, there are also issues with the proximity sensor and Apple will address those in the next iOS 4 update. For now, there are some unofficial fixes you can try.
Adam Mills

iPhone iOS 4.0.1 released - 2 views

    Apple has released the software fix they recently promised and it comes to the public in the form of iPhone iOS 4.0.1.

Freeware: Download HTC Touch HD Hot Fix to improve HD's responsiveness - 0 views

    It is said that recently the HTC have officially provide a new and downloadable hot fix for the HTC Touch HD to improve the HD's System response time. Congrats, then.
thanaads Thanaads Noo

RIM Blames iPhone for AT&T Bold-faced Delays! | iPhone News Updated - 0 views

    Pop quiz. You announce the hawt new tic-tac-tile handset in May for a Summer release yet Summer comes and goes, and one of the largest carriers in one of the largest geekphone markets in the world (that'd be AT&T in the USA) keeps rejecting your firmware - over and over again.
Jyrki Lilja

MacCast Forum > Time machine error? - 0 views

  • If Time Machine gets disrupted for any reason during a backup (ie. hard drive unplugged, power failure) it seems to get stuck. Occasionally it gets stuck for reasons only known to Leopard. Its a known bug on the Apple discussion boards. What has worked for me is the following:1. ensure hard drive is powered on and connected to computer2. turn off time machine3. go to your backup volume, backups.backupd, "your computer name", and then select and trash "In Progress" or "Latest" (it will be the last one in your backup folder listing)4. turn Time Machine back on5. either wait for the next backup cycle, or what I do to be sure things are working right is force an immediate backup (control-click on TimeMachine, select "backup now").
Jyrki Lilja

|| TrajiklyHip - Blog ||: A Fix for Time Machine's Backup Failure - 0 views

  • To get Time Machine going again, you need to remove the errant files with the following steps: Ensure your backup device is turned on and connected to your computer (wirelessly or wired, it doesn't matter) Turn off Time Machine using the big button in Time Machine preferences. NOTE: I did not execute this step and was still able to fix Time Machine. Make sure the backup volume (which is just part of the backup drive) is mounted to your desktop/Finder. You may have to initiate (and subsequently cancel) a Time Machine backup process in order to see the drive on the desktop or in Finder. Access your backup volume in Finder (it should be named "Backup of your-computer-name..." or something similar) and double-click into the "Backups.backupdb" folder. Next, click into the "your-computer-name" folder. You should see a bunch of folders with dates. These are all the dates corresponding to days you ran a successful backup. At the bottom of the folder listing will be one or two things you need to move to the trash. You may see only one or both of these, but delete the file that starts with a date (it should be the date the backup failure started) and ends in ".inProgress." Also delete a file named "Latest" if it exists. Return to Time Machine preferences and turn Time Machine on. Remember, I was successful without performing this step. Initiate a backup using the Time Machine drop-down in the menu bar or wait until the next scheduled backup run. A final but important step, be patient. Time Machine may sit in "preparing" mode for a while. It's important to at least let it run for an hour or so to see if the process will continue actually writing files to your backup volume.
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