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Jeff Johnson

State of the Art - Really Feeling the Music - - 0 views

    Now that Apple has sold 160 million iPods, reshaped the music business and inspired dozens of competitors, maybe it's time to admit it: this music player thing might be more than a fad.

    Yet in all this time, almost nobody has brought up the screaming flaw that's built into every one of those things: the earbuds.

    That's right. Hundreds of millions of times a day, music player owners jam little white discs into their ears without a thought, rendering themselves both deaf and rude to the outside world.

    And that's if you can even get them to stay in. A sizable chunk of the population lacks the proper cartilage formation to hold earbuds in place. (I'm among them. Don't tell anyone.) How about a little sympathy for these long-time sufferers? Where are the self-help groups? Where's the telethon?
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