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rajue s

E-Link Box The Blog Press - 0 views

    Welcome to E-Link Box - The Blog Press!!! E-Link Box is a growing up community in particular to help out Bloggers, Content Writers, Authors, Online marketers, Affiliates and web masters. E-Link Box brings writers, authors, readers, affiliate marketers, webmasters, reviewers and ezine publishers together with social networking capabilities. E-Link Box provides a platform to communicate within the members to share and get assisted by each other. Registered members can create, edit, publish and submit their blog, contents, reviews and articles on topics that suite all types of audience in internet. E-Link Box is the place to blog your ideas, techniques, thoughts, knowledge, tips and stuff. It is free and easy. You have to register an account and submit your content. Members can create and mange their own groups, invite friends, start a post or discuss a topic in inbuilt forum and lot more tool. Any one who loves to write, submit articles, post content, to create high quality backlinks etc can register free with E-Link Box. Increase your exposure to search engines and boost your traffic by submitting your articles post and content as a registered member. Free updated latest web content rss feeds for all webmasters, ezines and newsletter publishers.
Raúl - [^BgTA^] - Las 10 lecciones de oro de Steve Jobs - 1 views

  • 1.- "La innovación distingue al líder del seguidor" 2.- "Sé una vara de medir de la calidad. Hay gente que no se acostumbra a un entorno donde se requiere la excelencia" 3.- "El único modo de hacer un gran trabajo es amar lo que haces. Si aún no lo has encontrado sigue buscando. No te conformes. Al igual que con el resto de asuntos del corazón, lo sabrás cuando lo hayas encontrado" 4.- "Ya sabes que no somos mas que lo que comemos. Vestimos ropa que otros fabrican. Hablamos lenguajes que otros han creado. Usamos matemáticas que otros han desarrollado … Lo que quiero decir es que constantemente estamos adquiriendo cosas. Es un sentimiento extasiante y maravilloso crear algo que modifique la experiencia humana y el conocimiento" 5.- "Hay una frase en el Budismo, 'La mente del principiante'. Es maravilloso tener mente de principiante" 6.- "Nosotros creemos que ves la televisión básicamente para desconectar tu cerebro, y que trabajas en el ordenador cuando quieres conectar tu cerebro" 7.- "Soy la única persona que sabe que he perdido 250 mil millones de dólares en un año … y eso forja el carácter". 8.- "Cambiaría toda mi tecnología por una velada con Sócrates " 9.- "Estamos aquí para dejar huella en el universo. Sino … ¿para que otra cosa íbamos a estar aquí?" 10.- "Tu tiempo es limitado, así que no lo desperdicies viviendo la vida de otro. No te atrapes en los dogmas - que es vivir con los resultados de la creencias de otros. No dejes que el ruido de las opiniones de otros acallen tu propia voz interior. Y lo mas importante, ten el coraje de seguir a tu propio corazón e intuición. De algún modo, ya saben lo que realmente quieres llegar a ser. Todo los demás es secundario."
    Las 10 lecciones de oro de Steve Jobs
Said Akhtar

News Pak - 0 views

    NewsPak Watch on, for Latest News, Bricking News, Online TV channels, Bollywood News, Fashion News, Mack up Tips, Songs, Movies, and much more., ,The news, Latest news, News, News live, Express news, Live TV, Geo news, News 24, News online, Sport news, TV live, Entertainment, E online, i news, Bollywood, free songs, free songs download, actress, free download songs, music download, News, Books, Bollywood , Bollywood News, Geo, Geo News, Samaa, Samaa News, Technology News, Song, Songs, NewsPak, Technology, Dunya , Dunya News, ARY Digital, ARY News, Dawn News, Aaj News, Fashion , Fashion News, Fashion Show, E Online, I News, Free Songs, Free Songs Download, Actress, Free Download Songs, Music, Music Download, News Books, Dear visitor please note that we are not broadcasting any channel only we are providing channel links from other Sites. The content of the channels are controlled by respective owners only.
Jeff Johnson

6 Free iPad Apps for Planning Your Next Vacation - 8 views

    Over the past decade, booking travel plans has become exponentially easier. Gone are the days when we relied on travel agents to book flights, hotels and car rentals. Why call an agent when you can do your own research quicker and more thoroughly online? And now, mobile devices, including the iPad, are making travel planning even easier, giving vacationers the option to book on the fly. The iPad is on its way to becoming the digital travel companion of choice - with games, books, music, news, magazines, social networking, e-mail, shopping and more, it has just about anything you could ask for to make your travels more entertaining. With increasing app options, it's also making vacation planning much smoother.
    The latest news in the world has ever seen. Recent and into atoms. Now present with us. Actual and reliable....NEWS TODAY
Marika Swartz

Gmat Verbal Books - 1 views

    Gmat Verbal Books are very helpful for learing the gmat verbal and reasoning questions. We offers the best study material for students ,So if you want to learn something extra than go our website
jasmeen jassi

Amazon Set To Reveal New Tablet Computer - 0 views

    The online seller that turned the way we read books on its ear with the Kindle e reader is predictable to unveil a tablet that industry insiders say will give Apple's iPad some serious contest.

iPod eBooks Creator - convert books (text files) to notes on iPod, notes e-books Apple ... - 0 views

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thanaads Thanaads Noo

Barnes & Noble Launches iPhone App | iPhone News Updated - 0 views

    The book-selling battle on the iPhone is heating up as Barnes & Noble Monday announced the launch of the B&N Bookstore application for the popular Apple device.
Adam Mills

Barnes and Noble's announcement could doom Amazon's Kindle - 0 views

    If you thought the news for Amazon and the Kindle couldn't get any worse. Think again.
Belinda Recio

My first iPhone/iPad app, "In Your Dreams" - 0 views

Hope it's okay to tell the group? The app is based on my previously published (Bulfinch/Little Brown, 2001) book and card set on dream symbolism, "Box of Dreams." Here's some info: In Your Dre...

iphone ipad app dreams dictionary journal symbols illustrated

started by Belinda Recio on 16 Nov 10 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin The New World of Browser Choices is All About the Hooks - 0 views

  • the biggest trojan horse I see going forward to impact the browser marketplace is the iPhone
  • Could Mozilla/Firefox Apps Be Re-written for WebKit?
  • another WebKit-based browser, that could shake things up
  • ...1 more annotation...
  • more tied into Apple's infrastructure of E-mail, Address Book, and iCal than ever before
    • Graham Perrin
      The infrastructure may be good but I greatly dislike hooks and ties.
Belinda Recio

App Reviewers Wanted - 0 views

I am looking for people who might be willing to review the "In Your Dreams" app on their blog or website. In addition to using "In Your Dreams" for dream exploration (and journaling), you can als...

app. ipad iphone dreams reviewers. free

started by Belinda Recio on 28 Dec 10 no follow-up yet

Buy B2B Leads Generation-100% Trust & Secure...... - 0 views

    buy b2b leads generation A new lead generation process has been making its rounds in the business-to-business sector, and it's called "buy b2b leads generation." In a nutshell, this process allows businesses to target and purchase lists of leads that have been specifically generated for their products or services. The appeal of buy b2b leads generation is understandable. After all, purchasing leads lists eliminates much of the guesswork that's inherent in other lead generation strategies. You no longer have to spend time and resources generating leads through methods like content marketing or search engine optimization. 2 Types of B2B Lead Generation There are countless ways to generate leads for businesses, but there are broadly two main types of lead generation: inbound and outbound. Inbound lead generation relies on customers or clients coming to you, usually through your website or blog. This might be through signing up to a newsletter, or downloading a white paper or e-book. In other words, you provide something of value for free in return for the customer's contact information. Outbound lead generation is more traditional, and involves proactively reaching out to potential customers. This might be through cold-emailing or calling, attending trade shows and conferences, or even direct mail. The goal with outbound lead generation is to make initial contact with potential customers, and then nurture those relationships until they're ready to buy.
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