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David Corking

Watch out, Apple: Windows 8 could trump the iPad - Sep 2011 - 43 views

  • Live is assumed and focused on letting an app's state roll across all devices a user has.
    • David Corking
      A pendulum swinging back towards mainframe computing, perhaps.
  • Apple designed iOS for gesture-based input, and people took to it easily -- and developers had to think in the mind-set to even be able to deliver apps.
    • Mac Ware
  • old "finger as mouse" approach to touch was a bad idea.
    • Mac Ware
      I agree, that blows.
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  • "Legacy" Win32s apps from Windows 7 and earlier won't get the Windows 8 Metro UI goodness unless they are at least partially revised; even then, they'll be limited. Users will find that touch, syncing, and interapplication sharing won't always work.
  • (It's no accident that Excel was a Mac application first or that Windows Word shared almost nothing with DOS Word other than file format.) Microsoft's apparent strategy creates that risk for today's developers.
  • Sloppy developers could thwart Microsoft's seeming reinvention of Windows from taking root. Or, as happened with Apple's iOS, developers could wholeheartedly adopt the Windows 8 model and deliver an amazing portfolio of apps that pulls in users and drags IT behind them.
Jeff Johnson

Inklet Trackpad Tablet - 2 views

    Inklet allows your trackpad to emulate a pen tablet. When you're using a Pogo Sketch, the trackpad even becomes pressure sensitive.
Mac Gizmo Guy

Apple Mac Compatible Graphics Tablets and Pads - 6 views

    Top choices in Mac compatible drawing tablets for casual sketchers and doodlers - or Pro graphics designers and illustrators.
Adam Mills

Apple Tablet rumored to have bigger sizes running Mac OS X - 0 views

    The Apple Tablet is so irresistible and it might not even be real. However the news today paints a much larger picture, larger in the size of the Tablets and larger in the operating system.
Adam Mills

Apple Tablet features confirmed with apparent September release - 0 views

    While the news doesn't come directly from Apple, a source has revealed that Apple is hard at work on their rumored Tablet for a September release. Oh yeah, and the features are pretty cool too.
yc c

mooSoftware : TabletDraw - 0 views

    Drawing with a tablet has always been a struggle. Typically, drawing programs (like most software) are designed to be used with a mouse. Tablet support is usually thrown in as an afterthought, under the theory that any pointing device will obey the same principles as a mouse. The result: an experience which only superficially captures the "feel" of a pen, while ignoring the subtle nuances.
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