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make money wit liberty reserve socializing

started by kunlexy joseph on 11 Nov 12
  • kunlexy joseph
    The Latest Money Making System To Generate $32,000 Monthly Into Your LR Account!
    Welcome To Liberty Reserve Money Making Machine Making money online has never been made easy using this Liberty Reserve

    Money Machine Method which will be shared with you **** free *****

    I can assure you this is the land filled with milk and honey. This is an Opportunity that will change your life for good forever. Just follow the instructions and make cool money without sweat.

    It is very simple and easy to give your life a meaning.

    The Liberty Reserve Money Making Machine

    YOUR FINANCIAL BREAKTHROUGH BEGINS HERE Truly, this is where your journey to financial breakthrough starts.

    With just $4 from your Liberty Reserve Account you can live a fulfilled Lifestyle within few weeks, It is completely legal. Since we are talking of thousands of dollars here, you must work consistently for four to six days. After these few days of work, go to sleep if you like.

    Come back to your Liberty Reserve account five days later. You will be shocked at the sight of money in your account. IT WAS PROVEN ON OPRAH and is COMPLETELY LEGAL!!! You may have heard of this program (or one like it) on 20/20 or even in the Wall Street Journal. $8 Dollars... that's all it takes.

    I'll try to keep it short and sweet. BEFORE YOU GET STARTED TAKE NOTE OF THIS!!! To get started just copy this whole page and paste it in your notepad or e-mail compose mail. Simply follow the instructions below and in 2 to 3 weeks, you will have as much as $32,000 dollars in your Liberty Reserve account or even more. Most people respond to this program because of the low investment ($8 dollars) and high profit potential.

    There is no limit to the income you can generate from this (you can do it over and over). If you follow the instructions, you will reach thousands of people! Honesty, Faith, and Integrity make this system work. I think everyone has heard of Liberty Reserve. Anyone can open an account for F*R*E*E*! If you're not already a Liberty Reserve account holder, the first thing you need to do is sign up. It's really easy to setup and it's F*R*E*E*!!! Simply click on 'LIBERTY RESERVE' link below ;

    Click on "Create Account" located at the top of Liberty Reserve page. Then follow their simple directions. HOW DO I FUND MY LIBERTY RESERVE ACCOUNT? To fund your Liberty Reserve account or change your Liberty reserve money to physical cash you have to go to an exchanger at 'BUY/SELL LR' by the left hand-side of the Liberty Reserve site. Liberty Reserve exchangers are available in most countries of the world. You can find exchangers in your country at Google when searching with google type "Liberty reserve exchanger" of your country as keyword.


    Now this is the list of Liberty Reserve ID and E-mails you are going to work with:

    1. U9454684

    2. U2147742 E-mail:

    3. U6319778

    4. U9709861

    1ST STEP: Log in to your Liberty Reserve account on a separate page. Go to your account section and click transfer or donate $4 to the first person's and $4 to the fourth person's account.

    2ND STEP: Send an email to the 1st person email address. Just write 'PLEASE ADD ME TO YOUR LIST' then send. Also send email to the 4th person email address. Just write 'I HAVE JOINED' then send

    3RD STEP; Now highlight copy and paste this whole page on your "composed mail" in your mail box

    4TH STEP; Edit it by deleting or stroking off the first person's Liberty Reserve ID and e-mail address. Re-number it so that the second person becomes the 1st,3rd person becomes the 2nd, 4th person becomes the 3rd, while you insert your own Liberty Reserve account ID and e-mail address on the 4th position.

    REMEMBER, this is done after you have donated to the 1st and the 4th person before you re-number them. 5TH STEP; Send or forward the message to many people as you like so by the time your ID and email address gets to the 1st position, thousands of dollars must have rolled into your Liberty Reserve account.

    NEVER FORGET THIS! Offer your respondents any assistance you can. Remember that their success is your success! Act fast. It increases the excitement and potential. We are all Online. That is all there is to it. When your name reaches POSITION 1 from fourth level, it will be your turn to collect from a thousand or more people. Honesty, team-work, and accountability are the key features, which make this program so effective. Be sure to copy this page entirely and omit nothing. Members have been reporting an INCREDIBLE 75% returns from prospects.

    IMPORTANT: Please give same-day-service to all enquiries and responses received. Believe in this program - it WILL work for you, but you MUST work and apply all outlined strategies for it to be really effective. Look forward to your success, it will be there! Remember also the power of team-work - all of us together can achieve remarkable success. E-mail me with any questions, or if I can help you out in any way. As you are well aware, your success is important to me! Take care and Good Luck with your promotions! This program is designed to make money via internet quickly and honestly. It is quite new, yet already proven to be most effective. It is truly exciting, with many people now using it, and with so many more still to see it. This program is very powerful - a real money generator on the web! No other program comes close when you need money quickly and honestly. You are guaranteed financial success with this opportunity because of the method used to confirm the honesty of each participant

    WHAT IF SOME PEOPLE ARE NOT HONEST? No that cannot happen .The method of accountability used keeps everyone honest. We all get our money by building an easy and valuable MAILING LIST. Too many programs before this one had no fail-safe mechanism for protecting the honest participants from those who put their names on a list without sending any money. That is what causes such programs to ultimately fail. With this program, it is IMPOSSIBLE FOR SUCH CHEATING TO HAPPEN. YOU WILL DEFINITELY MAKE A LARGE SUM OF MONEY WITHIN A FEW WEEKS, and you will also have a mailing list service to use yourself to further enrich you.

    THIS PROGRAM IS DESIGNED TO MAKE MONEY FAST! It is very inexpensive to participate in, just compare it to the value of lottery tickets - where making money is next to impossible. Think of the power of the program running internationally.

    TEAM WORK MAKES THIS DREAM WORKS. YOU NEED TO PROMOTE OR ADVERTISE YOUR WORK. You can also use get Paid To Read (ptr) email sites to promote the letter. Paid to read email sites are site that pay people to read email so will actually get targeted people to read the letter. This is one of the CHEAPEST ways to at least triple your investment! The first 5 are the MOST recommended. The best advice I can give you is to choose the ptr (paid to read email) programs that have the highest member count. They usually have the member count listed on the front page of their website. Some are from 900 to 130,000 members. This means if you choose a ptr program with 130,000 members and select "email to all" then your ad will be personally emailed to this many people (no spam).

    These people have all consented to have these emails sent to them therefore they want to read your ad! I would advise you to pick the following. Just for a token.

    #1 -
    #2 -
    #3 -
    #4 -
    #5 -
    #6 -
    #7 -
    #8 -
    #9 -

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