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started by Zion Technologies on 25 Jul 12
  • Zion Technologies
    iPhone 4 repairs using high quality or Apple original parts. Many other iPhone repair companies use cheaper copied parts, hence lower repair bills.
    At Zion Technologies, we believe that using an inferior quality part is false economy and will affect performance.

    If your iPhone 4 has been in contact with water or liquid this service is for you. Even if your iPhone 4 has no sign of life the chances are we can reverse the damage.

    This service includes the initial diagnostic and cleaning of all parts inside the iPhone 4. We will identify which part/s have failed and inform you of the additional repair costs.
    Our water damage repair successes rate is over 80%.

    PLEASE NOTE: Damage incurred to a submerged phone is wide spread and often unpredictable. Though uncommon, not all water/liquid damaged phones can be repaired and deterioration of its performance and functions can happen over a period of time.

    In the event that we cannot repair your iPhone 4 we will return it to you with nothing more to pay.
    Please indicate on the order form that your iPhone 4 has been exposed to water or other liquids, and if there are any signs of life. This information will help us diagnose and repair your device more efficiently.

    Zion Technologies - The perfect choice for expert iPad technical services and fast iPad repairs. iPad Repair Delhi,iPad Repair Delhi We're available to help you and fix or resolve your Apple iPad problem and extend our independent iPad service to Apple iPad users throughout India ipad Repair Delhi at Zion Technologies.

    I Pod Repairing Service:

    The invention of the iPod revolutionized the world of portable music playing and is by far the best way to listen to portable music. The product line-up includes the hard drive-based iPod Classic, the touchscreen iPod Touch, the video-capable iPod Nano, and the compact iPod Shuffle.

    4G iPod touch Screen repair

    Headphone jack

    Rear Case


    4G iPod touch Screen repair

    Headphone jack

    Rear Case


    Home Button

    Front Camera

    Rear Camera

    Power and Volume Button

    Loud Speaker


    Complete Screen and Rear Case

    Logic Board 8GB

    Logic Board 32GB

    Logic Board 64GB

    Unknown fault/problem - Diagnosis

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