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Anne Bubnic

FCC's positive new plan for digital literacy and Net safety - 3 views

    This morning, Elmo of Sesame Street helped Julius Genachowski of the FCC launch the child- and family-empowerment part of the FCC's universal broadband plan. But before Elmo joined him, the Federal Communications Commission's chairman spoke of the "four pillars" of broadband Internet for US families.
Anne Bubnic

From 'Born This Way' to Move This Way |Net Family News - 2 views

    Anne Collier: Some take-aways from Lady Gaga's launch and several mos. of working with danah boyd and Harvard's Berkman Center to ground the event and her new foundation/movement in solid research
Jenni Swanson Voorhees

Family Online Safety Institute - 10 views

    Discussion of the issue of how to judge Sexting - Felony or Flirting?
    Here in Australia a wonderful new App came out by the South Australian Law Society called the 'Naked Truth'. It explains using a teens medium the ramifications of sexting with some recent legal cases as examples
Anne Bubnic

Cyber safety rules may curb net bullying - 0 views

    New safety rules from Telestra aim to give parents a tool in the fight against cyber bullying, with many struggling to understand what they can do to protect their children.Families should learn how to report cyberbullying and to work on building trust about discussing online problems. The article gives five suggestions for how adults can become an internet parent:
    Familiarize yourself - talk with your child about their use of the internet.
    Explore - websites and technologies yourself.
    Restrict inappropriate content and consider parental controls such as filtering.
    Talk to your child and encourage open communication
    Know - be aware of the potential dangers and know where to report potentially illegal or inappropriate behaviour online.

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