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Jennifer Garcia

ABCICT - home - 0 views

  • This wiki contains examples o
  • will continue building
    Our ICT website
rose giuliano

steve_madden_image.jpg (JPEG Imagen, 240x327 pixels) - 1 views

    Steve maddden in FRANCE!!!!
Tae Soo Kim

Centre Pompidou - Art culture musée expositions cinémas conférences débats sp... - 0 views

    The official website of the Centre Pompidou. \nIt is an modern art museum that includes some work by Picasso. The way it was made is also pretty interesting. It looks like an "inside out" building.
Aurelia Samayoa

Notre-Dame Cathedral, Paris, France - 0 views

  • On the spot where this majestic cathedral now stands, the Romans had built a temple to Jupiter, which was followed by a Christian basilica and then a Romanesque church (the Cathedral of St. Etienne, founded by Childebert in 528).
  • dedicated to the Virgin Mary.
  • construction started in 1163
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • roughly 180 years later in about 1345.
  • age of illiteracy, the cathedral retells the stories of the Bible in its portals, paintings, and stained glass.
    "The Gothic loftiness of Notre-Dame dominates the Seine and the Ile-de-la-Cité as well as the history of Paris. On the spot where this majestic cathedral now stands, the Romans had built a temple to Jupiter, which was followed by a Christian basilica and then a Romanesque church (the Cathedral of St. Etienne, founded by Childebert in 528)."
latinos tus papis

traslados en Francia, alquilar coche en Francia - 0 views

  • Coches de alquiler

    Los coches de alquiler en Francia son una muy buena alternativa para quienes piensan en viajar por diferentes lugares y quieren estar tranquilos de que no dependerán de nadie más que de ellos mismos para moverse. Alquilar un coche en Francia le permitirá moverse con libertad dentro de las ciudades o de una ciudad a otra sin depender de los horarios de los medios de transporte públicos. Quizá usted crea que alquilar un coche en Francia sea muy costoso, pero si calcula lo que gastará en otros medios de transporte (dependiendo del tipo de turismo que usted quiera hacer en Francia), verá que en muchos casos hasta puede llegar a ahorrar dinero. También consulte con las agencias de alquiler de coches en Francia para saber si ofrecen algún tipo de descuento por pertenecer a alguna organización o club o si tienen beneficios especiales para los viajeros de alguna aerolínea en particular o para los clientes de alguna tarjeta de crédito. También es conveniente que entre a varios sitios web sobre alquiler de coches en Francia para estar al tanto de los precios que se manejan para cada modelo de coche de alquiler. Con un poco de investigación usted podrá encontrar el coche de alquiler ideal para hacer turismo en Francia.


    Hay tres tipos de trenes en Francia. El TVG es el conocido como tren bala o de alta velocidad. El Corail es el tren común que viaja por toda Francia y dentro de las ciudades. Los trenes internacionales son el tercer tipo de tren y su explicación no es necesaria.

  • Metro

    El metro es una forma rápida de moverse dentro de las ciudades más grandes de Francia. Usted podrá adquirir un pase libre que resulta mucho más barato que comprar los boletos por separado (por supuesto, si usted utilizará el metro sólo un par de veces, no tiene sentido comprar este pase). El único inconveniente con el metro es que para los turistas se hace un poco complejo entender su recorrido.

    "En esta sección trataremos todo lo relacionado al traslado mientras usted hace turismo en Francia. Por lo pronto, empecemos por cómo llegará usted al país en cuestión. Para horrar dinero en su vuelo a Francia usted puede hacer tres cosas:

    Comprar al pasaje aéreo junto con un paquete de turismo en Francia que incluya actividades, alojamiento, etc. En estos paquetes suele proponerse vuelos a París.

    Comprar los pasajes a último momento ya que las aerolíneas reducen significativamente los precios cuando el avión está a poco tiempo de despegar y aún no han llenado todos los asientos. Los vuelos a Francia que se consiguen a último momento son muchísimo más baratos que los comunes.

    Contactarse con la aerolínea, informarse sobre cuáles son los vuelos económicos y organizar su viaje en relación esta fecha. Los vuelos a Francia en horarios especiales o en días poco demandados significarán un gran ahorro para usted.

    Ya habiendo llegado a Francia usted dispone de varias opciones relativas al traslado.
    Hey guys you should totally look at this website it has really good info on it.
Amanda Obando

Eiffel Tower - Tour Eiffel, Paris - 0 views

  • First level: 57.63 meters (189 feet). Observatory from which to study the movements of the Eiffel Tower's summit. Kiosk presentation about the mythic painting of the Eiffel Tower. Space CINEIFFEL: offers an exceptional panorama of sights from the Tower. Souvenir shops (yes, every tourist MUST have a miniature replica). Restaurant "Altitude 95" (phone 01-45-55-20-04). Post office, with special stamps "Paris Eiffel Tower ". Panoramic gallery displaying the Monuments of Paris.

    Second level: 115.73 meters (379 feet, 8 inches). Panorama of Paris. Telescopes, shops. Animated displays on the operation of the elevators. Jules Verne Restaurant (extremely expensive, reservations absolutely necessary; phone 01-45-55-61-44).

    Third level: 276.13 meters (905 feet, 11 inches). Exceptional panoramic views, day or night, of Paris and its surroundings. Recently restored office, featuring wax reproductions of Gustave Eiffel and Thomas Edison in conversation (see photo. Panoramic guide displays to aid orientation. Dioramas presenting the history of this platform.

    • So Ki
      The eiffel tower is carla's and my first stop in France.
  • best approach to the tower is to take the Métro to the Trocadéro station
  • he Eiffel Tower at night is one of the great sights of Paris and shouldn't be missed
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • 300 steel workers, and 2 years (1887-1889) to construct it.
  • More than 500 people bring the Eiffel Tower to life each day
Carolina Portillo

Best of France - 0 views

  • The Eiffel Tower
    This is probably the most famous monument in France, but at the beginning it was a not very well accepted. French citizens did not like it and thought it was a waste of money. This iron tower was built on the Champ de Mars beside the River Seine in Paris, and replaced the Washington Monument. It was called the Tower Eiffel in honour of its designer,the engineer Gustave Eiffel.
    "The Eiffel Tower
    This is probably the most famous monument in France, but at the beginning it was a not very well accepted. French citizens did not like it and thought it was a waste of money. This iron tower was built on the Champ de Mars beside the River Seine in Paris, and replaced the Washington Monument. It was called the Tower Eiffel in honour of its designer,the engineer Gustave Eiffel."
    the best of france! one of them is the eiffel tower :)
    another best of france is la rochelle, where there are free bikes since the 1970s :D its unique
Valeria Valiente

Fort St Andre, Avignon - 0 views

    "From Fort St-André with its two mighty round towers, built in the second half of the 14th C by John the Good and Charles V, there is a magnificent view of Villeneuve, Avignon, Mont Ventoux and the Lubéron and Alpilles mountain ranges. The massive walls enclose the little town of St-André, a Benedictine monastery and the Romanesque Church of Notre- Dame-de-Belvézet."
So Ki

Printemps mall in paris - 0 views

    "Printemps Departement Store Paris, the largest beauty department in the world, 45,000 square metres of shopping dedicated to fashion & luxury brands with 3,000 must-have, a million products, discover a parisian historical monument and its panoramic terrace with a 360° view of Paris and exclusive advantages, 10% store discount, 12% tax-refund & hands-free shopping, foreign shipping and hotel deliveries, foreign currency accepted..."
    This is a mall located in Paris and it is our 4th stop. We are going to meet Paula and Valeria and do some Brand shopping!
roberto alejandro

Top 10 Nice, France Attractions - 0 views

  • ice itself is an attraction: the rich blue-green sea, diverse shopping, splendid dining and lovely art-deco façades. But there are several spots that a tourist simply must see, such as the Cours Saleya Flower Market, the Matisse Museum, ancient Roman ruins, the Russian Cathedral and more. Nice is second only to Paris in the number of museums and galleries. Be sure you know which spots have the most allure before you visit.
    you need to watch
juan jaime

Eiffel Tower- Useful Information - 0 views

    here u can find a map of the park where the eiffel tower is
Valeria Valiente

Promenade des Anglais - 0 views

    "Nice's Promenade des Anglais is part of the heart of this seaside French city. Nice's Promenade des Anglais is lined with cafes situated directly on the beach, and it's a bustling area active with cyclists, runners, walkers and rollerbladers. Find out more about the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, France.
    About the Promenade des Anglais:
    The promenade is a walkway lining the Bay of Angels in Nice, and it actually runs for several miles. It has existed for decades, dating back to the 1800s when aristocrats from throughout Europe flocked to the inviting Cote d'Azur city. Today, it is a thriving concourse along a thriving Riviera city, home to many landmark hotels, dozens of cafes and miles of beach. It stretches from the airport on the western side to Old Nice (and the quai des Etats Unis) to the east.
    What's on the Promenade des Anglais:
    The Promenade des Anglais is worth a visit even if you merely plan to find one of the promenade's blue chairs, have a seat, listen to the waves and watch the world sail by. There are many popular sights to see along the route, however, including:

    * Just east of the promenade, the start of the Cours Selaya market and Old Nice (or Vieux Nice).
    * Place Massena, an expansive square that is arguably the hub of activity in Nice.
    * Casino Ruhl
    * The stunning example of art deco architecture (just recently restored), Palais de la Mediterranee
    * The Hotel Negresco, another glorious art deco building"
Carolina Portillo

France Travel Guide - Travel to France - 0 views

    "France is the most visited country in the world. It has everything that you could ever want to see on your holidays: a great city like Paris, good beaches, more monuments than any other country, lovely nature, incredible mountain scenery; need I go on? France is also a very pleasant place to stay. It has good food, great wines and people enjoy their lives. And the best thing is, maybe apart from Paris, living in France does not have to be expensive. The North of France consists of the flatlands around the town of Lille and the English Channel. This area will remind visitors in many ways of Belgium and the Netherlands. The Grand' Place in Lille for example is a lot like the one in Brussels. "
pola randales

Paris Pages; Notre Dame de Paris (Cathedrale) - Information - 0 views

    "A gothic masterpiece. Notre Dame, conceived by Maurice de Sully, was built between the twelfth and fourteenth centuries (1163-1345). Road distances in France are calculated on the basis of the "0 km" marked on the square in front of the cathedral."
Rachael Keslake

Hotels of the Rich and Famous : Hotel Le Bristol - Paris France - 0 views

    "This superb hotel is situated Rue du Faubourg Saint Honore, in the heart of the fashion district. It was originally constructed in 1758 by the keeper of King Louis XV's buildings. Today, it is a superb palace with gardens, antique furniture, objects of art and old master paintings; it was recently classified as one of the 100 Best Establishments of the world and the best hotel in Paris in Conde Nast magazine! Whether you come to Paris on holiday or for business, this charming place will ensure your stay is unforgettable. "
Valeria Valiente

Cannes - A Festival Virgin's Guide | The latest from Cannes - A Festival Virgin's Guide - 0 views

    "Each year, the Marché du Film, the world's largest film market at the Cannes Film Festival releases a free report called Focus. The report details trends from the previous year in world film sales and distribution.

    The report is always a valuable read for anyone in interested in the business side of the international film world."
juan jaime

Eiffel Tower in Paris France. When was the Eiffel Tower built? Technology and history o... - 0 views

  • Planning a visit to Paris or just curious...
  • It is at this level that you take the elevator which goes to the summit. This is the perfect floor to make a photographic study of Paris and its monuments. You will also discover animated window scenes evoking the construction of the Eiffel Tower, operation of the old hydraulic elevator that ran to the top until 1983 and the current elevator. An electronic panel indicates the number of entries as visitors enter the Tower, with the total number since its construction, and mentions some of the more famous individuals.
  • 180 million visitors have come since its construction. It's not surprising when you consider the Eiffel Tower is the monument that best symbolizes Europe
    this is a very good site that tells info about the famous eiffel tower
pablo jose

Arc de Triomphe - Paris France - 0 views

    great information and amazing pictures of Paris
    check this website for great information and amazing pictures of Paris.
    hey check this webiste for amazing pictures and great info of paris
pola randales


    "The Arch is most easily (and safely) reached by tunnel from the north side of the Champs Elysées. "
Frank M

Campos Eliseos - 0 views

    "Al hablar de los Campos Elíseos de Paris, estamos hablando de la que es probablemente la Avenida más famosa del mundo, célebre para los amantes del deporte por ser el lugar donde finaliza año tras año el Tour de Francia, punto de referencia de los amantes de la moda al albergar a las principales firmas de moda, y sin lugar a dudas modelo de calle llena de vida y llena de gente tanto de día como de noche.

    Los Campos Elíseos comienzan al oeste de la Plaza de la Concordia, donde tras atravesar un pequeño parque nos encontramos con los primeros números de esta singular avenida, avenida que finaliza con el impresionante y robusto Arco de Triunfo, teniendo su prolongación en la Avenida de la Gran Armada (a cuyo fin en Porte Mallot encontramos el Palacio de Congresos de París) primero, y la Avenida Charles de Gaulle después, y si seguimos hacia La Defensa en línea recta llegaremos hasta el Gran Arco de la Defensa, un enorme Arco moderno cuya alineación con el Arco de Triunfo simboliza la unión del viejo y clásico París con el moderno París de las finanzas, con sede en La Defensa.

    Campos Eliseos Paris

    Por el día Los Campos Eliseos son un hervidero de gente que va/viene a/de trabajar, a hacer compras o simplemente a tomar algo en cualquiera de sus bares y terrazas (siempre orientadas hacia la calle para ver la gente pasar), pero por la noche los Campos Elíseos no duermen, ya que tanto en la avenida misma como en las calles adyacentes existen un buen número de bares y discotecas que hacen las delicias de los amantes de la fiesta hasta altas horas de la madrugada.

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