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James Larwill

Egypt - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - 0 views

    I don't like to use Wikipedia as a source. But it did provide me with information on Egypt's current religions.
David Hilton

Multimodal research - 40 views

Hello everyone I've just been reading through the bookmarks people have saved on diigo over the last week. Well done! The comments and sites people have found have been excellent. It's great to ...

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James Larwill


    Good and reliable information about the Great Pyramid
Tom Cameron

The Ancient Egypt Site - 0 views

    More information about Khufu and the westcar papyrus
James Larwill

Khufu - 0 views

    Got some decent information, however site contruction is pretty budget so only use for confirming information as opposed to basing your assignment on it cheers! kthnx bai.
    Contains information on Khuufu, the builder of the great pyramid at Giza.
David Hilton

AKHENATEN the "heretic" pharaoh - 0 views

  • Akhenaten (1352-1336 BC)
  • son of Amenhotep III and Queen Tiy
  • During his reign both the art and religion in Egypt were marked by rapid change
  • ...4 more annotations...
  • Amenhotep IV, but changed his name to Akhenaten in his fifth regnal year
  • Akhenaten's and Smenkhkara's reign and the beginning of Tutankhamun's, is now referred to as the Armarna Period,
    • David Hilton
      Well done Jake, you're highlighting! Wicked. Don't forget to add tags when you save a bookmark - it will make it heaps easier for us to find stuff that other people have saved.
  • Akhenaten was a philosopher and a thinker, much more so than his forebears
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