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Leah Jackson

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Music Wagon

started by Leah Jackson on 07 Oct 12
  • Leah Jackson
    Innovative platform for music lovers and Broadcasters. for IPhone, IPods and IPads

    "Best Interface ever made for Music, Audio Broadcasters and Party Lovers!"
    "Compatible Radio App that's easy to use while driving with features like Map interface, including an accessible "Explore" button, to check out whats going on in the city."

    Music Wagon, download it free around the App store.

    Here's a couple of the most innovating features this App offers in phase 1:

    For Broadcasters - Mobile Audio broadcasting designated App, coming with external accessory for best audio quality . search: Music Wagon Mobile Audio broadcasting
    Map or list interface
    Virtual - a glimpse into gamification, you because the Music Wagon user can search for local music such as video or audio streams from locations, on maps, live radio, or traveling over seas to explore interesting content.
    Actual - Listen to live music and find where to go in the city tonight! Integrated with Facebook Events and Pages to look at the live streams on the computer/TV/Android through Facebook platform.

    wagon music

    Music wagon App is easily the most innovative platform for music lovers and smartphone users. Listen to, or watch, your favorite DJs reside in action… 100?of OnMap Radio stations, top notch Live D.Js, Concert events, Mobile Audio broadcasting, in the creators of Flixwagon, the ancestors of mobile broadcasting.

    App features
    A vehicle for content creators and content consumers, App features includes Map or List interface, Follow and share live events in your area, 1500 free internet radio stations from around the globe, broadcast audio or video or listen to live audio or Video throughout the world like Live D.J sets, Live Broadcasts from establishments like bars, clubs and venues in addition to online content such as Radio, TV, Podcasts, and Video blogs.

    Latest feature…

    12 sec social video casts by Users, pinned on the Map from parties they attend, restaurants, live shows, simply to say i love you, man! or adding video comments to some live broadcast while being there, to support the broadcaster and share it Facebook.

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