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started by Chiaro Yang on 13 Aug 12
  • Chiaro Yang
    This means that while they are are only topically applied, they deliver medical and long-lasting benefits to the skin.

    Among the heralded products of this brand is the Ultra A Eye Cream, which is cited in at least two Australian media companies this year for its product excellence. It's a rich cream that features retinol and peptides to minimize fine lines and dehydrated skin around the eyes.

    Retinol is a very popular ingredient for wrinkle treatment. It's pure and active Vitamin A, which can penetrate your skin deep enough to rejuvenate its lower layers where collagen and elastin are. Retinol is generally safe for people who have sensitive skin. Another active ingredient in Ultra A is Acetyl Hexapeptide-8. Also known as Argireline, it blocks muscle contractions that result to reduction of wrinkle depth. It's often mentioned as the best non-surgical alternative for wrinkle elimination.

    One of the most effective cosmeceuticals you can find in stores online is Ultraceuticals. Cosmeceuticals are cosmetics that are made with biologically active ingredients that are said to have some medical and long-lasting benefits for your skin. Many rave about this particular type of cosmetic products these days due to its proven results in addressing major skin problems.

    If you want to correct skin troubles brought about by aging, pigmentation, sun damage and acne, there are various cosmeceuticals that can effectively target the specific problems you have. Ultraceuticals produces a wide range of products that are ideal for all skin types. The brand uses in its products vitamin C, vitamin A, alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), and other known potent anti-aging elements. They are all combined with patented delivery systems to provide you with healthier skin in an efficient manner.

    Vitamin C is famous for its power to exfoliate, to stabilize collagen, to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and to protect your skin from sun damage. Vitamin A keeps the protective tissue of the skin stronger, helps prevent acne, and reduces sebum production. Alpha hydroxy acids, as claimed by experts, solve problems like wrinkles, roughness and pigmentation of skin that's damaged by various factors.

    Another recognized Ultraceutical product is the Ultra Moisturiser Eye Cream. While soothing your eye area, it visibly reduces puffiness and fine lines caused by dehydration. It contains a good balance of ceramides and hyaluronan that's crucial to keeping your skin hydrated. It also has cholesterol and linoleic acid that help keep your skin moisturized.

    In the recent Prix de Marie Claire de la Beaute Awards, this Ultra Moisturiser Eye Cream won the Best Skincare Product of the Year Award. The Prix de Marie Claire de la Beaute is conducted by Marie Claire magazine to recognize the most outstanding beauty products in the world. The magazine has been running this prestigious program for the beauty industry for over 20 years now.

    These are just a couple of the outstanding cosmeceuticals that you can find online from Ultraceuticals. The brand's product range also includes milk cleansers, exfoliating gels, and even mineral makeup. Produced by teams of medical experts and researchers, these cosmetic items are definitely among the best to provide firm, glowing and healthy skin for everyone.

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