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awqi zar

5 Ways to Incorporate Google Buzz Into WordPress and BuddyPress - WordPress MU and BuddyPress plugins, themes, support, tips and how to's - 9 views

    Perhaps the most exciting news on the internet this week was arrival of Google Buzz, a new way for Google junkies to connect socially by sharing information and interacting with each other's posts directly within their Gmail accounts. People are clamoring to let the world know what they think the implications for Facebook and Twitter will be. Many of us who have long enjoyed Google Reader as a media aggregator were delighted to see Buzz come on the scene. Whether you like the Buzz feature or not, people are definitely using it. There's no question about that. Why not let them use it by sharing your blog site, posts and pages? :) If the Buzz continues as successfully as it has so far, perhaps we'll begin to see it added as a staple to all the social media share buttons icon packages and plugins. Here are a few of the ways you can get Google Buzz incorporated into your WordPress and BuddyPress sites right now:
JR Oakes

Build a Client Development site with WordpressMU | Pro Blog Design - 9 views

    Client development site.  Recommended Plugins
Vernon Fowler

WordPress Q&A Plugin - WPMU DEV - 1 views

  • Optionally, you can further customize the appearance of the Q&A section, to better integrate it with your theme. To do so, simply copy the php files from default-templates into your theme folder and start customizing.
Luciano Ferrer

How to Add Items to the WordPress Toolbar - WPMU DEV - 1 views

    "In this article, we'll look at how you can add your own custom links to the bar with code so you can quickly access parts of the front and backend of your site with ease. This will be a simple enough task, all we need is one function: add_node(). I recommend taking a look at what the Codex has to say about it, I'll show you the basics using a couple of examples."
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