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awqi zar

Building a Stylish Blog Blog Layout in WordPress - 10 views

    Over the last couple of weeks we've been through the process of creating a stylish blog blog in Photoshop, coding it up into a static HTML and CSS concept, and now we'll put the whole thing together as a fully working WordPress theme. Follow this step by step walkthrough of the various WordPress theme files, and see how the HTML is split up and injected with PHP tags to provide the complete blogging functionality.
Maggie Wolfe Riley

Digging Into WordPress - the book! - 4 views

    Two of my favorite web designers with super helpful designs, Chris Coyier of CSS Tricks and Jeff Starr of Perishable Press, have just released their new collaboration! The book, "Digging Into WordPress," is now available as a PDF download, and if you buy the PDF book now, you will be eligible for a "sweet discount" on the hard copy of the book when it comes out, plus receive updates free. They've done a great job on this book, which covers setting up WordPress, anatomy of a WordPress theme, theme design and development, extending functionality including using WordPress as a CMS, working with RSS feeds, SEO, dealing with comments, and keeping your site "healthy." I already followed both of these designers before they began their collaboration, and have found countless useful design, code snippets, design ideas, and much more on both of their sites - I've relied on Perishable Press as a source for great unobtrusive javascript code, and on CSS-Tricks for all kinds of other useful tools for making valid, functional, and beautiful sites. This book is bound to be a valuable reference to anyone who works with WordPress.
Clay Leben

WordPress | Pro Blog Blog - 12 views

    Lots of tutorials and explanation for how to tutorials within Wordpress. Clearly written instructions.
kumar app

50 Most Beautiful Wordpress Websites of 2009 - 14 views

    Wordpress is one of the most preferred blogging platforms that is being used by millions of people. There is a clear reason to that: it is easy to use it,it has many features and more and more people comes with themes,blog and plug-ins just to help users and to make user's life easier. For t
jdr santos

Stylized Web - 0 views

    StylizedWeb is a blog about web trends and blog, KnowHow community forum bloged and maintained by Dejan Cancarevic who also runs Serbian IT job board at
Clay Leben

Social Plugin for Wordpress | MailChimp - 5 views

    A new plugin to integrate your WP blog comments from Twitter and Facebook BACK to the blog again to keep it together.
kumar app

70+ PSD to HTML Resources for Web Designers - 6 views

    PSD to HTML conversion is one of the most critical step in the web design and Website development process. Whether you are coding your own design or outsourcing it, the quality of the final Website will be predominantly influenced by the work that is done at this stage. In this post you'll find 70
J Black

11 Non-Traditional Uses of WordPress - 0 views

  • the end result is a moderated directory
  • reate a directory on your website or blog where users can submit information about themselves or their business.
  • ort of image bookmarking service for those who have access
  • ...7 more annotations...
  • RecruitPress is a fee job board option.
  • Build a ‘WordBurner’ Email Newsletter Manager Using WordPress and FeedBurner.
  • hosting a forum on your site,
  • contact manager.
  • WordPress Wiki is a premium theme ($30)
  • review site
  • WP e-Commerce is a surprisingly powerful free plugin that will allow you to sell items through your WordPress-powered site or blog.
    In this article we'll take a look at a combination of tutorials, plugins and themes that can help you to use WordPress in non-traditional ways. Hopefully you'll find something that you can use, or at least something that will be a valuable learning resource for extending your knowledge and skills of working with WordPress.
PR Underground

Small Business Web Design Company Launches With Free Website Sweepstakes - 1 views

    WPStartups gives small businesses a professional wordpress website to help them grow their business at a price that they can afford.
Peter Nilsson

Making the Correct Use of Media Queries in a Responsive WordPress Site - 0 views

    In this tutorial, we´ll be talking about the process of using media queries in a responsive design. But, let us first have an introduction to media queries.
kumar app

Get 50% Discount for WordPress Hosting on WpWebHost - 0 views

    In the previous article I collected 100+ Best Premium WordPress Themes of  2009 for New Year projects. But to start any blog or project you need a hosting. WPWebHost for New Year offers great deal. They are giving away discounts up to 50%! To get discount sign up to any of following hosting plan wi

SEO First Steps - Setting Up Your Site for SEO - Search Engine Optimization First Steps | SEO Tips | Web Design Design and Front-end Development Design by Soh Tanaka - 0 views

    Good SEO tip when your start up your blog or a website
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