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kumar app

Blogging Blogging | Levoltz - 4 views

    On this page, you'll find all the tools and resources you need to become a successful blogger. If you're new to resources, you may already know that hiring someone to get you setup can be an expensive ordeal (I've seen clients spend as much as $2,000 just getting a blog installed). With these resources, and our Free 7-Day E-Course, you can do it by yourself for less than $100.
Peter Nilsson

How To Pick A Profitable Niche & Blog For A Living: 56 Experts Share Their Secrets - NicheHacks - 0 views

    Do you want to know how to pick a profitable blogging niche? Would you like to blog for a living? Then this resource is for you....
sofarso Shawn

WordPress Resources: The Ultimate Collection » DivitoDesign - 0 views

    "As I am a WordPress user by heart, I have a large list of WordPress related bookmarks. Many of these bookmarks have proven their value over time and I am pretty sure they will be helpful for you too. Welcome to the Ultimate Collection of WordPress Resources". -Stefan Vervoot
Alex Sysoef

DivageekDesigns » Blog Archive » Top Wordpress Resources - 0 views

    Top Wordpress Resources
Satish Kumar Ithamsetty

Top 10 best free blogging platforms 2016 - 1 views

    There are many people who do not have the resources to create a blog .For these reasons; I have given the best free resources platforms list to start new free blog. This guide helps to bring these people not just wander seeking solutions more effective and able to provide a definitive solution.
kumar app

Wordpress Tools and Resources Checklist - 8 views

    Over the past few days I have come across numerous tools and resources for working with Wordpress. This is one of the benefits of using an Open Source, however on the negative side you see that there is no central management system, neither is there any quality check on them. I hope to provide some
Wanda Terral

50 Google Analytics Resources - The 2011 Edition - 0 views

    @wterral: I needed this! Thanks!! ==>> RT @juandoming "50 Google Analytics Resources - The 2011 Edition "
Wini Themes is nominated on Awwwards - 0 views

    We are very happy to announce that Winithemes has been nominated on Awwwards - a prestigious resource that lists and recognizes amazing web design works. Winithemes aims to be a top resource of premium templates and themes, that's why we are continuously working hard to provide you an exceptional user experience, professional look, relevant content and engagement on our website. Vote for our website here, we really appreciate your support!
Peter Nilsson

20 WordPress Resources You Need to Check Out Now - 1 views

    Today we take a look at some of the most reliable WordPress resources Internet has to offer. No matter your budget, there is something available for all.
lavanya jagan

How to Remove Links in Thesis Theme footer.php | Levoltz - 2 views

  • Thesis WordPress Theme is the theme that this blog uses and I highly recommend it it to all Bloggers. Very easy to use and no coding knowledge required, it is also higly customisable.
    Thesis WordPress Theme is the theme that this blog uses and I highly recommend it it to all Bloggers. Very easy to use and no coding knowledge required, it is also higly customisable.
awqi zar

Top 45 Wordpress Plugins & Tools For The Administration Area | Design your way - 12 views

    Although Wordpress started as a small blogging system, it has now become a powerful CMS because but administrating your blog can be quite difficult sometimes. Luckily, there are some plugins that can make your life easier as an administrator.
J Black

11 Non-Traditional Uses of WordPress - 0 views

  • the end result is a moderated directory
  • reate a directory on your website or blog where users can submit information about themselves or their business.
  • ort of image bookmarking service for those who have access
  • ...7 more annotations...
  • RecruitPress is a fee job board option.
  • Build a ‘WordBurner’ Email Newsletter Manager Using WordPress and FeedBurner.
  • hosting a forum on your site,
  • contact manager.
  • WordPress Wiki is a premium theme ($30)
  • review site
  • WP e-Commerce is a surprisingly powerful free plugin that will allow you to sell items through your WordPress-powered site or blog.
    In this article we'll take a look at a combination of tutorials, plugins and themes that can help you to use WordPress in non-traditional ways. Hopefully you'll find something that you can use, or at least something that will be a valuable learning resource for extending your knowledge and skills of working with WordPress.
Peter Nilsson

10 Professional Design Resources For FREE - WP Daily Themes - 2 views

    These 10 professional freebies from DealFuel, will not only save you a lot of time but also make sure that your creations have the right edge.
Alex Sysoef

Expert Wordpress | Lukes Reviews - 0 views

    I should first point out that Expert Wordpress is only $27, and there is a 2nd Level beyond that which will train you to become a full-fledged Blogging Superstar. However many people don't need all the extra training and Blogging included on that up-sell when starting out, so I'm going to keep my review centered on the $27 package itself.
kumar app

Get 50% Discount for WordPress Hosting on WpWebHost - 0 views

    In the previous article I collected 100+ Best Premium WordPress Themes of  2009 for New Year projects. But to start any blog or project you need a hosting. WPWebHost for New Year offers great deal. They are giving away discounts up to 50%! To get discount sign up to any of following hosting plan wi
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