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Michael Sturgeon

10 awesome PHP functions and snippets - StumbleUpon - 1 views

    Every web developer should keep useful code snippets in a personal library for future reference. Today, I'm showing you the 10 most useful snippets and functions I have added to my snippet library from the past 3 months.
Vernon Fowler

WP-Snippets | WordPress Hacks, Snippets and Tips - 15 views

    Excellent source of help for WordPress development. development are a great way to get information on how to complete simple and even complex tasks without having to reinvent the wheel. Very handy tool to have around
    I'm sure some of you have seen this before, but It's one of my favorite resources.

How Are WordPress Plug-ins Helpful? - 0 views

    Plug-in is small snippets of code allowing you to add extra functionality to your site! Like, if you want to get idea of the statistics of your site, stats plug-in can help, which helps you measure your number of page view matrix and it can also help you know where your traffic is coming from.
Maggie Wolfe Riley

Digging Into WordPress - the book! - 4 views

    Two of my favorite web designers with super helpful blogs, Chris Coyier of CSS Tricks and Jeff Starr of Perishable Press, have just released their new collaboration! The book, "Digging Into WordPress," is now available as a PDF download, and if you buy the PDF book now, you will be eligible for a "sweet discount" on the hard copy of the book when it comes out, plus receive updates free. They've done a great job on this book, which covers setting up WordPress, anatomy of a WordPress theme, theme design and development, extending functionality including using WordPress as a CMS, working with RSS feeds, SEO, dealing with comments, and keeping your site "healthy." I already followed both of these designers before they began their collaboration, and have found countless useful tutorials, code development, design ideas, and much more on both of their sites - I've relied on Perishable Press as a source for great unobtrusive javascript code, and on CSS-Tricks for all kinds of other useful tools for making valid, functional, and beautiful sites. This book is bound to be a valuable reference to anyone who works with WordPress.
Jungle Jar

Random Posts In Wordpress Without Plugins (Ghost Post Article 1/2) - 0 views

    This article is 1 of 2 in an article set I've named "Ghost Posts". In this article I'll show you how to display random posts grabbed from any category of your choosing in Wordpress without the use of plugins. You can also view this same code snippet being used on JungleJar right now.
Jungle Jar

JungleJar | Looking at Wordpress Custom Fields and Images Further - 6 views

    You may remember a previous article I wrote here on called Using Custom Fields To Post Your Images, but if not, I'm going to reintroduce a few of the code snippets and methods I wrote about in the tutorial about how to save and display image data from custom fields within Wordpress. In this article I'm also going to cover a few of the small yet robust code block methods I myself tend to practice quite a bit that I didn't previously touch on. So, if you're looking for a solid tutorial on how to use Wordpress Custom Fields to display blog post thumbnails in an easy and flexible manner, then this article is for you.

Extend Search to Include Custom Fields without Plugin | WordPress Development Development - 0 views

    Not sure if this works with WPMU out of the box.
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