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awqi zar

50 Ultimate Tutorials To Make You A Power Tutorials User - 18 views

    WordPress is the most used blogging platform around the world. Its the first choice of bloggers because its really easy to use. One more reason I prefer WordPress because it has a huge community of users and whenever you face any problem you can discuss it with the community. There are also various sites available for WordPress WordPress. If you want to be an expert of WordPress then these sites will be really helpful for you. Today we compiled a huge list of ultimate and useful WordPress WordPress that will make you a power WordPress user.
Luciano Ferrer

7 Top Plugins for Podcasting with WordPress | Elegant Themes Blog - 1 views

    "Unless you've been hiding under a (presumably delightfully comfortable) rock for the past few years, you will have noticed the extraordinary rise in the popularity of podcasting (one billion podcast subscriptions was passed way back in 2013). And being the enterprising type, you're ready to wade in and grab the opportunity that podcasting presents with both hands. As a WordPress site owner, you'll be delighted to hear that podcasting and WordPress go hand in hand. To save you the unnecessary hassle and effort that can be involved with integrating podcasts with your WordPress site, we've rounded up seven of the top podcasting plugins out there for you to consider below. By the end of the piece, you're sure to have found a solution to suit your needs. Before we crack on to the list though, let's cover some background on podcasting itself. A Brief Overview of Podcasting Podcasting's history goes back further than blogging itself. Although its roots lie in the 1980s indie radio boom, the modern format become popular in 2004 through platforms such as Odeo. During that time, the iPod was the dominant force in online media consumption. Developers and radio enthusiasts were on the lookout for a way to easily add their programs to the device and Apple's 2005 integration of podcasts in iTunes set the ball rolling in earnest. Since then, podcasts have been created by every conceivable media outlet and organization on earth and opened the door for many individual voices. Some of the most popular podcasts have been entertainment-based. The Ricky Gervais Show, for example, started life as an incredibly popular podcast with roots in traditional radio. Due to its success, the show grew into an HBO series with multiple spinoff shows starring various cast members. Other popular podcasts explore a diverse range of topics with standout examples including This American Life, The Joe Rogan Experience, The Nerdist, and Radiolab. The more technically inclined amongs
Md. Iftekharul Ibna Alam

How to Install a WordPress Theme | TiPS4BLOG - 2 views

    "I explained in the previous post on How to Install a WordPress Blog from cPanel. You can easily install a WordPress blog by following that tutorial. By default, you will receive two free themes, Twenty Eleven and Twenty Twelve in the latest version of WordPress. You can carry on your WordPress blog with the default theme. Even so, you might have a purpose to create a blog, which may not come with the default theme. In that case, you must want to install your chosen theme, but don't know how doing that? Nothing to worry, in this tutorial, I will explain you how to establish a theme of your choice by removing the default WordPress theme."
Maggie Wolfe Riley

Digging Into WordPress - the book! - 4 views

    Two of my favorite web designers with super helpful blogs, Chris Coyier of CSS Tricks and Jeff Starr of Perishable Press, have just released their new collaboration! The book, "Digging Into blogs," is now available as a PDF download, and if you buy the PDF book now, you will be eligible for a "sweet discount" on the hard copy of the book when it comes out, plus receive updates free. They've done a great job on this book, which covers setting up blogs, anatomy of a blogs theme, theme design and development, extending functionality including using blogs as a CMS, working with RSS feeds, SEO, dealing with comments, and keeping your site "healthy." I already followed both of these designers before they began their collaboration, and have found countless useful blogs, code snippets, design ideas, and much more on both of their sites - I've relied on Perishable Press as a source for great unobtrusive javascript code, and on CSS-Tricks for all kinds of other useful tools for making valid, functional, and beautiful sites. This book is bound to be a valuable reference to anyone who works with blogs.
Jungle Jar

JungleJar | Looking at Wordpress Custom Fields and Images Further - 6 views

    You may remember a previous article I wrote here on called Using Custom Fields To Post Your Images, but if not, I'm going to reintroduce a few of the code snippets and methods I wrote about in the tutorial about how to save and display image data from custom fields within Wordpress. In this article I'm also going to cover a few of the small yet robust code block methods I myself tend to practice quite a bit that I didn't previously touch on. So, if you're looking for a solid tutorial on how to use Wordpress Custom Fields to display blog post thumbnails in an easy and flexible manner, then this article is for you.
J Black

11 Non-Traditional Uses of WordPress - 0 views

  • the end result is a moderated directory
  • reate a directory on your website or blog where users can submit information about themselves or their business.
  • ort of image bookmarking service for those who have access
  • ...7 more annotations...
  • RecruitPress is a fee job board option.
  • Build a ‘WordBurner’ Email Newsletter Manager Using WordPress and FeedBurner.
  • hosting a forum on your site,
  • contact manager.
  • WordPress Wiki is a premium theme ($30)
  • review site
  • WP e-Commerce is a surprisingly powerful free plugin that will allow you to sell items through your WordPress-powered site or blog.
    In this article we'll take a look at a combination of tutorials, plugins and themes that can help you to use tutorials in non-traditional ways. Hopefully you'll find something that you can use, or at least something that will be a valuable learning resource for extending your knowledge and skills of working with tutorials.
onextrapixel OXP

Practical Uses for the Post-Thumbnail Function in WordPress 2.9 - 7 views

    We are all used to seeing an image below blog posts titles, be it on blog homepages or on individual posts. However, until recently, adding these images was not as straightforward. Before the ability to register post thumbnails in themes was introduced in WordPress 2.9, WordPress theme developers were forced to use the post metadata in order to display an image associated with a post. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to add this functionality to your themes and we will play around with some of the function options.
    Practical Uses for Post-Thumbnail function in WordPress 2.9
Brian R

How to Add Retweet Anywhere in WordPress - 0 views

  • Since twitter announced it’s Twitter Anywhere Platform, developers have been working hard on implementing this API and taking advantage of twitter traffic. We incorporated some elements to WPBeginner such as the hovercard which you can see by bring your mouse to our twitter username: @wpbeginner. In our guide on How to Add Twitter Anywhere in WordPress, we showed a way to add a live tweet box with default text to your WordPress site. In this article, we will share a plugin which takes the live twitter box functionality to the next level by making it a live retweet box on your site. Developed by a very skilled WordPress developer named Konstantin who WordPress at (@kovshenin). What does this Plugin do? It adds a live retweet button which utilizes the Twitter @anywhere live tweet box API and light box effect.
awqi zar

Building a Stylish Blog Design Layout in WordPress - 10 views

    Over the last couple of weeks we've been through the process of creating a stylish blog design in Photoshop, coding it up into a static HTML and CSS concept, and now we'll put the whole thing together as a fully working WordPress theme. Follow this step by step walkthrough of the various WordPress theme files, and see how the HTML is split up and injected with PHP tags to provide the complete blogging functionality.
awqi zar

How to set up Multisite Domain Mapping in WordPress 3.0 - tripwire magazine - 5 views

    I recently wrote an article about how to use WordPress 3.0 multisite/network features. This feature is really cool but out of the box it only supports the multiple sites/WordPress to be served on the same domain ( or For some this may be fine but really most like you want to have unique domains for each individual site. In this article I provide a quick guide on how to set up multisite domain mapping in WordPress 3.0. Please note that you should not follow this tutorial if your WordPress 3.0 has not been configured to support multisites!
Jennifer Ray

Hire WordPress Web Developer India for WordPress Web Development services - Weighing the Benefits - 0 views

    In the present time, WordPress have the lion's share of the millions of successfully running web portals in comparison to the dozens of other platforms Joomla, Drupal and more. WordPress is considered as one of the most popular choice of Content Management System in the web development industry because of its simplicity, user-friendliness, easy installation and great functionality.
Jennifer Ray

Explore What's New in WordPress Version 3.4 "Green" - 0 views

    Few days back, the widely used WordPress has hit the web development industry with its much-awaited 3.4 version. The recently arrived WordPress 3.4 version named as "Green" in honor of guitarist Grant Green. The new 3.4 version of WordPress comes with lots of improvements that adding more to the usefulness of the WP. A live theme-customizer, custom backgrounds and headers, better support for internationalization and revamped XML-RPC are some major additions to the new version.
sandy doank

Tutorial Instal Wordpress In Computer Local Server - Gang Tutorial - 0 views

    Tutorial Instal Wordpress In Computer Local Server
Clay Leben

WordPress | Pro Blog Design - 12 views

    Lots of tutorials and explanation for how to design within tutorials. Clearly written instructions.
Johnny Web

How To Change The Copyright Notice In Wordpress - 0 views

    Tutorial on how to change the copyright notice at the bottom of your Wordpress theme.
kie guy

Hybrid WordPress Theme Framework - 1 views

    "Hybrid is more than just a WordPress theme. It's about pushing the limits with what WordPress can do. It's a framework. Something you can use to build anything from the smallest family blog to a powerful site that handles thousands of visitors a day." BENEFITS - THE SHORT LIST: * Developed with child themes in mind, so you'll never lose your customizations. * SEO optimized. No need for plugins to handle this anymore. * Theme options that are about content/information. * Templates for everything. * 13 page templates. * Actively developed for WP 2.7 but backward compatible down to 2.5. * 15+ plugins supported within the theme. * Attachment handling like you've never experienced. * Advanced breadcrumbs beyond any other theme. * Ability to run just about any type of site. * And over 20 WordPress to start.
kumar app

50 Most Beautiful Wordpress Websites of 2009 - 14 views

    Wordpress is one of the most preferred blogging platforms that is being used by millions of people. There is a clear reason to that: it is easy to use it,it has many features and more and more people comes with themes,Wordpress and plug-ins just to help users and to make user's life easier. For t
Peter Nilsson

Learn Ways to Utilize Tag Fields in WordPress - 1 views

    Here is a tutorial I have compiled to make you learn everything about WordPress tags and how they can be utilized for a powerful management of WordPress.
kako Smith

Thesis WordPress Theme - Mastering Custom Hooks аnd Functions іn Thesis - 0 views

    Thesis Framework іs а vеrу flexible theme. Іt саn bе customized vеrу easily usіng whаt developers call "Thesis Hooks." Thesis Hooks саn change еvеrу раrt оf уоur WordPress blog. Іn thіs WordPress tutorial, I'm going tо shоw уоu hоw tо modify уоur Navigation Menu
Luciano Ferrer

Style Different Categories in Your WordPress Site Differently Using CSS - Tuts+ Code Tutorial - 0 views

    "In the previous tutorial I showed you how to style the posts on your main blog page according to their category, creating color coding by category. A lot of sites that use this technique also take it further by adding distinct styling to each section of their site, in a way that co-ordinates with the styling on the main blog page or home page. You can just use a simple color scheme or add completely different styling to each section, maybe with a different logo or branding for different parts of your organisation, or even a different layout. An example is the London Times website, which uses a different color for each section of its site. The front page uses these colors in a banner above each post, as shown in the screenshot:"
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