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Peter Nilsson

WP Daily Themes Weekly WordPress Roundup #36 - 1 views

    Here is our Weekly WordPress Roundup #36 with the most important WordPress news that happened in the past week from the WP community around the world.
Luciano Ferrer

5 WordPress Table Plugins for Your Site - 0 views

    "Easy Table
    Pricing Table Ready
    Table of Contents Plus
    Easy Pricing Table"

Why Your Web Apps Need to Use AngularJS? - 0 views

    Developers love AngularJS. They just really really love it. Don't believe us? Look at the GitHub activity. AngularJS probably has the highest number of contributions than any other competing JavaScript framework. Check out Google searches or even StackOverflow mentions - AngularJS is all over.
I Satish Kumar

Best 5 Free Affiliate link cloaking WordPress Plugins - 0 views

    Affiliate marketing is the most popular earning source for blogger. In this marketing Affiliate links are using to promote their products and they are getting some commission. Day to day the affiliate marketers are going to searching new methods to promote their sales successfully.
Luciano Ferrer

Question Time: The 9 Best WordPress Quiz Plugins | Elegant Themes Blog - 0 views

    "WP Pro Quiz (Free)
    Quiz and Survey Master (Free and Premium)
    SlickQuiz (Free)
    mTouch Quiz (Free)
    FSQM Pro (Premium)
    Watu (Free and Premium)
    Viral Quiz Builder (Premium)
    OpinionStage (Hosted, Free and Premium)
    Riddle (Hosted, Free and Premium)

    After getting users to visit your website, you need to make the site "sticky" enough for visitors to stay and engage with your content. Creating quizzes can be a great way to get users hooked. However, a popular quiz takes more than just writing some questions. Site owners need a way to gather responses, score the answers given, and communicate the results.

    WordPress plugins can greatly simplify the process of creating and managing quizzes by making it easy to create quizzes with multiple question types, establish a system for scoring the responses, and ultimately generating results. By using a plugin, quizzes can be created as needed with little difficulty.

    This post will help identify the best quiz plugin for you by sharing several free and premium plugins, outlining key features of each, and highlighting the factors to be considered for different scenarios."
Luciano Ferrer

Find Out What Your Visitors Think With These 6 Best WordPress Poll Plugins | Elegant Th... - 0 views

    "Poll & Quiz Tools by OpinionStage
    YOP Poll
    Democracy Poll
    Responsive Poll (premium)
    TotalPoll Pro (premium)

    You can't easily run a successful website without knowing what your users care about, what they think about certain issues, and the kind of content that will keep them engaged in the future.

    Don't be scared, though! There are plenty of ways to figure these things out, such as market research and analytics. Or you could just, you know, go up to your users and ask them: "Hey, how do you feel about this issue?"

    Enter polls. Not only are polls straightforward and easy to interpret, they also make users feel more invested in your website.

    Today we will be going over our favorite picks of the best WordPress poll plugins (both free and paid) and their unique features in order to help you narrow down which will earn a spot on your website."
Luciano Ferrer

The 7 Best WordPress Analytics Plugins for Stat Junkies | Elegant Themes Blog - 0 views

    "JetPack by
    Google Analytics by Yoast
    Analytics Stats Counter Statistics
    Simple Feed Stats
    WP Power Stats
    W3Counter Free Real-Time Web Stats
    WP Statistics

    Running a website without access to statistics is like piloting a ship without a compass. You might eventually get to your destination, but you'll suffer through a whole lot of unnecessary headaches along the way.

    Analytics hold the key to understanding exactly what your audience wants, which kinds of content gets them hooked, and maximizing engagement, conversions and (of course) your bottom line. There's a veritable treasure trove of data out there that you can take advantage of without investing in expensive advertisement campaigns, and with this post, you've got a map in your hands.

    To get started, let's break down how individual statistics can help you make better decisions, then go over a list of plugins that will get you all the data you need."
Yolo Theme

8 Wordpress plugins you must have before start your Wordpress Blog - YoloTheme Premium ... - 0 views

    WordPress is known as the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system. The number of people using WordPress is increasing significantly for last few years and it’s still growing up now. However, for those newbies who never use any kind of CMS, they might not know about …

ThemePunch Premium WordPress Plugins & Themes - 0 views

    We offer the best WordPress Plugins - Get our topseller Slider Revolution WP Plugin & Essential Grid WP Plugin to have your website stand out!

Spas | Health and Beauty WordPress Theme - 0 views

    Spa WordPress theme is a well-designed, malleable, well-suited and hand crafted Beauty Salon WordPress Theme for hair salons, wellness centre, yoga / meditation classes and all other health care and wellness businesses websites. Spa Theme WordPress includes essential advanced features such as elegant designs, portfolio for therapists, reservation, product, shop and many more.
Luciano Ferrer

WordPress › Sangar Slider - WordPress Responsive Slider « WordPress Plugins - 0 views

    "Sangar Slider is a premium high quality slider plugin for WordPress.
    Sangar Slider is a premium high quality slider plugin for WordPress. With smooth animation, layered slide, touch and swipe support, easy to use and truly responsive. Packed with premium skins and template, and also easy to create your very own custom template for your slider. It's full-featured, modern, yet easy to use. Sangar Slider is an awesome layer slider as well, with the ability of adding any HTML contents (texts, images, …) in layers. You can even create your very-own theme and template using its extensive API system.
    No coding required. Sangar Slider Premium is equipped with a cutting-edge, powerfull yet intuitive and easy to use layer editor. With layer editor, you can create your layer content by drag-n-drop your content. Each element of the layer is editable, including content transition. The slider also come with eye-catching animation."
Luciano Ferrer

Five of the Best WordPress Appointment Plugins | Elegant Themes Blog - 0 views

    "Five of the Best WordPress Appointment Plugins"
Luciano Ferrer

7 Top Plugins for Podcasting with WordPress | Elegant Themes Blog - 1 views

    "Unless you've been hiding under a (presumably delightfully comfortable) rock for the past few years, you will have noticed the extraordinary rise in the popularity of podcasting (one billion podcast subscriptions was passed way back in 2013). And being the enterprising type, you're ready to wade in and grab the opportunity that podcasting presents with both hands.

    As a WordPress site owner, you'll be delighted to hear that podcasting and WordPress go hand in hand. To save you the unnecessary hassle and effort that can be involved with integrating podcasts with your WordPress site, we've rounded up seven of the top podcasting plugins out there for you to consider below. By the end of the piece, you're sure to have found a solution to suit your needs.

    Before we crack on to the list though, let's cover some background on podcasting itself.
    A Brief Overview of Podcasting

    Podcasting's history goes back further than blogging itself. Although its roots lie in the 1980s indie radio boom, the modern format become popular in 2004 through platforms such as Odeo.

    During that time, the iPod was the dominant force in online media consumption. Developers and radio enthusiasts were on the lookout for a way to easily add their programs to the device and Apple's 2005 integration of podcasts in iTunes set the ball rolling in earnest.

    Since then, podcasts have been created by every conceivable media outlet and organization on earth and opened the door for many individual voices.

    Some of the most popular podcasts have been entertainment-based. The Ricky Gervais Show, for example, started life as an incredibly popular podcast with roots in traditional radio. Due to its success, the show grew into an HBO series with multiple spinoff shows starring various cast members.

    Other popular podcasts explore a diverse range of topics with standout examples including This American Life, The Joe Rogan Experience, The Nerdist, and Radiolab. The more technically inclined amongs
Peter Nilsson

3 Ways to Make the WordPress Dashboard More Perceptive - 0 views

    A descriptive WordPress dashboard can help your clients understand the features of WordPress better and allow them to make changes to their specifications.
Luciano Ferrer

WordPress › Simple Facebook Plugin « WordPress Plugins - 0 views

    "Lets you easily embed and promote any Facebook Page on your website. Your visitors can like and share the Page without having to leave your site.

    Simple Facebook Plugin enables Facebook Page admins to promote their Pages and embed a simple feed of content from a Page into any WordPress blog. The Facebook Page Plugin enables users to:

    See how many users already like this Page, and which of their friends like it too
    Read recent posts from the Page
    Like the Page with one click, without needing to visit the Page

    You can easily integrate Like Box using WordPress Widgets and Shortcodes."
Luciano Ferrer

WordPress › Peter's Login Redirect « WordPress Plugins - 0 views

    "Redirect users to different locations after logging in and logging out.
    Define a set of redirect rules for specific users, users with specific roles, users with specific capabilities, and a blanket rule for all other users. Also, set a redirect URL for post-registration. This is all managed in Settings > Login/logout redirects.

    You can use the syntax [variable]username[/variable] in your URLs so that the system will build a dynamic URL upon each login, replacing that text with the user's username. In addition to username, there is "userslug", "homeurl", "siteurl", "postid-23", "http_referer" and you can also add your own custom URL "variables". See Other Notes / How to Extend for documentation.

    If you're using a plugin such as Gigya that bypasses the regular WordPress login redirect process (and only allows one fixed redirect URL), set that plugin to redirect to wp-content/plugins/peters-login-redirect/wplogin_redirect_control.php and set the relevant setting to "Yes" at the bottom of the Settings > Login/Logout redirects page in the WordPress admin panel.

    You can add your own code logic before and between any of the plugin's normal redirect checks if needed. See Other Notes / How to Extend for documentation. Some examples include: redirecting the user based on their IP address; and redirect users to a special page on first login.

    This plugin also includes a function rul_register that acts the same as the wp_register function you see in templates (typically producing the Register or Site Admin links in the sidebar), except that it will return the custom defined admin address. rul_register takes three parameters: the "before" code (by default "
  • "), the "after" code (by d"
Luciano Ferrer

WordPress › CleanPrint « WordPress Plugins - 0 views

    "CleanPrint - Eco-friendly content output to print, PDF, email, Kindle, Box, Google Drive and Dropbox
    The world's best and most used eco-friendly print tool is now available on WordPress. Join top sites like NBC News, CNN, Disney and Fox Sports and offer your users an economically and ecologically friendly printing and saving experience that saves paper, ink, and money while saving trees.
    How CleanPrint Works

    CleanPrint is an eco-friendly tool that saves paper, ink and money when printing from the internet. Users can easily edit content before printing or saving to PDF, Kindle, Dropbox, Google Drive or Box. CleanPrint includes sharing tools and a pagination/paper saving counter that shows visitors how eco-friendly your site is and helps them avoid that dreaded extra sheet of paper!

    User activates CleanPrint by hitting print button
    Print preview appears including pagination and editing tools for optimization
    User selects desired output:
    PDF - Saves content as a PDF document
    Text - Saves content as a rich text formated file
    Dropbox - Saves a PDF or text file to your Dropbox account
    Box - Saves a PDF or text file to your Box account
    Google Drive - Saves a PDF or text file to your Google Drive account
    Kindle - Saves content directly to your Kindle
    Google Cloud Print - prints to a remote printer
    Print - Sends content to your printer
    Email - Sends content via email
    Share article link to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+

    Features and Benefits

    Use the CleanPrint button set or point your own buttons or text to CleanPrint.
    Lightbox keeps users on your page within their original browser window.
    Green ticker shows how many pages CleanPrint has saved.
    Pagination/paper saving counter helps users avoid that dreaded extra sheet of paper.
    Control - Users are in control of font size, images, gray scale of text, and eliminating any unwanted content before outputting t
Luciano Ferrer

The 7 Best 404 Plugins for WordPress | Elegant Themes Blog - 0 views

    "There's one phrase every internet user will be horribly familiar with. A set of words they'll have encountered hundreds, if not thousands of times, and that always prompts a brief moment of confusion:

    The page cannot be found. The page you're looking for might've been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

    "Did I make a mistake while typing?" you ask. "Is the site down? It was working a few minutes ago!"

    For web developers however, 404 errors are not simply small nuisances but rather a leading cause of sleepless nights. Brief downtime or linking mistakes can lead to visitors leaving your site altogether, and a multitude of dead pages can cost you in terms of SEO.

    Luckily there are a large number of WordPress plugins dedicated specifically to solving this problem. However, before we discuss the leading candidates, let's start with a brief word about 404s.
    1. 404 Page
    2. All 404 Redirect to Homepage
    3. 404 to 301
    4. Custom 404 Pro
    5. 404 Error Logger
    6. Redirection"
Peter Nilsson

WP Daily Themes Weekly WordPress Roundup #23 - 1 views

    There are several WordPress blogs writing about e-commerce this week. We follow the flow and focused on online stores in our weekly WordPress roundup #23.
Luciano Ferrer

WordPress › WP Notification Bars « WordPress Plugins - 0 views

    "Create custom notification and alert bar for marketing promotions, alerts, increasing click throughs to other pages and so much more.
    WP Notification Bars is a custom notification and alert bar plugin for WordPress which is perfect for marketing promotions, alerts, increasing click throughs to other pages and so much more."
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