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Luciano Ferrer

The 4 Best WordPress Language Translation Plugins - 2 views

    "WPML, Easy Translation Manager for WordPress, Google Language Translator, Multilingual Press

    Here's a riddle for you: how can you create a very appealing site with a responsive design that still sends your visitors away at first glance?

    As the Internet is becoming more accessible around the world, more eyes will be on your site. And if your visitors don't understand English, they are going to look for a way to translate your copy (I guess I should have given you a longer time to ponder the riddle).

    If your visitors literally can't read your copy they're certainly not going to stick around your site just for the pretty interface. If you're a world news site, you are going to want to cater to your non-English speaking readers as well.

    And what if you aren't trying to cater to a worldwide market?

    Remember that the many people in the United States use English as a second-language and would much prefer to read something in their native language…

    So in the spirit of continuing my series of reviewing my favorite plugins, let's take a look at some of the best language translation plugins that the WordPress community has to offer."
Luciano Ferrer

How To Translate Your WordPress Website Into Multiple Languages - WPExplorer - 0 views

    "You never know who you might be designing for, and at some point you or a client will need a WordPress website translated. But how do you do that? It doesn't have to be complicated. There are tons of great WordPress plugins that you can use to make the translation process easier. But no matter which one you choose, each of the following plugins will help your get your translations finished in a jiffy - no coding required."
Luciano Ferrer

Utilizar wordpress en varios idiomas - 1 views

Luciano Ferrer

WordPress › qTranslate « WordPress Plugins - 5 views

    "Adds userfriendly multilingual content management and translation support into WordPress.
    Writing multilingual content is already hard enough, why make using a plugin even more complicated? I created qTranslate to let WordPress have an easy to use interface for managing a fully multilingual web site."
Luciano Ferrer

WordPress › Codestyling Localization « WordPress Plugins - 0 views

    You can manage and edit all gettext translation files (*.po/*.mo) directly out of WordPress Admin Center without any need of an external editor.
    "You can manage and edit all gettext translation files (*.po/*.mo) directly out of WordPress Admin Center without any need of an external editor. "
Rika Y

Babel » gh3log - 0 views

    babel allows you to write your blog in multilanguage, and switch between these with a simple click on a flag.
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