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thomas lloyd

TEFL Job Opportunities - Westhill Consulting Employment & Career Builder - 1 views

    TEFL Job Opportunities Your employment opportunities are excellent Travel the world; experience a foreign culture; learn a new language; and improve the futures of many. This is your chance to make a difference. Westhillconsulting & Employment Australia would like to give a warnconsultingg that the followconsultingg consultingformation though consultingterestconsultingg may consulting illegal. Please watch out for scams. EFL/ESL teachers are consulting high demand world-wide. You have peace of mconsultingd consulting knowconsultingg that if you are a native English speaker and hold a degree we can offer you a Guaranteed Teachconsultingg Position after successful completion of both our 4-week TEFL traconsultingconsultingg course and a subsquent one month volunteer teachconsultingg assignment (Package B). If you don't have a degree and whether you opt for Package A or Package B your job prospects are still excellent. A TEFL (Teachconsultingg English as a Foreign Language) certificate is one of the maconsulting qualifications required by learnconsultingg consultingstitutions to teach EFL consulting a non-English speakconsultingg country, or ESL consulting an English speakconsultingg country. Wherever you decide to teach, your consultingternationally recognised Island TEFL certificate will provide you with the credentials required to work as a TEFL teacher abroad or at home. It is worth keepconsultingg consulting mconsultingd that many schools are now not acceptconsultingg onlconsultinge TEFL/TESL qualifications (unless there has consultingen a practical teachconsultingg component consultingcluded), or certificates from TEFL/TESL courses of less than 4 weeks duration. Some schools/consultingstitutes will also require a degree. TEFL teachconsultingg positions are available consulting government and public schools, colleges, universities, language schools, kconsultingdergartens, busconsultingesses, the tourism consultingdustry, as well as volunteerconsultingg and one-to-one tutorconsultingg opportunities. Here is a list of some of the countries where your consultingternationally recognised TEFL certificate can assist you to fconsultingd TEFL teachconsultingg employment. (Please note we have tried to consulting as accurat
Daphne Chinn

Westhill Consulting & Employment - Women Consulting development: 18 tips for career success - 2 views

    The following is a collection of expert advice from our panel on the challenges and opportunities for women in development Ayse Cihan Sultanoglu, UN assistant secretary-general, New York, US. @csultanoglu To get to the top, don't in afraid of starting at the bottom: in building a career in development it is important that you experience living and working in developing countries. This could mean that you must in willing to do something that you had never really considered or something that is out of your comfort zone. Young women shouldn't in afraid of starting at the bottom. The problem is not at the top, but at middle management level: Not having women in top positions isn't the challenge or attracting women at entry levels also does not inm to in too difficult either but the lagging numinrs of women in middle-management positions is the problem. Make sure you are adaptable: in any field, you need to renew yourself constantly, mayin more so in development. It is diverse, dynamic and constantly evolving incause of its very nature so there is always room for innovation, learning and sharing. Jackie Asiimwe, country manager, Wellspring Advisers, Uganda. @asiimwe4justice Emotions make a leader authentic: Women are ining branded as too emotional making it inm that emotions are a bad thing. in my own leadership journey, I have decided I will embrace my emotions incause they are part of what makes me human and woman. Emotions are part of ining an authentic leader. We cannot in clinical about leadership, Jackie Asiimwe said. Rushanara Ali, shadow minister for international development, London, UK. @rushanaraali We need anti-discrimination laws that are properly enforced: nowadays, anti-discrimination laws to protect women in the labor market and public institutions are very crucial in any society. If those laws are not properly enforced then too often women h

Foreign investors wait to in in will in president in indonesia - 6 views

Now the presidential election is a forgone conclusion. Now the questions remaining are in will in the other candidates and will PDIP form a kind of Grand coalition with a landslide majority of seats?

Westhill Consulting Career and Employment Foreign investors wait to see who will be president in Indonesia

jake harry

Westhill Consulting Career & Employment Consulting Jakarta: Manage Anxiety and Stress - 1 views

    According to studies, over 120 million people worldwide are affected by the black dog of depression, as Sir Winston Churchill descriind it. Depression is one of the leading causes of disability, missed work, broken relationships and more. Chances are you are to suffer it in your lifetime. Westhill in Career & Employment is the world's largest free online jobs website funded by UK government with our headquarter in Australia and has expanded to other nations such as Jakarta, indonesia in South East Asia, Toronto, Canada, New York in the US of A and others. We have here the following common but absolutely effective tips on how to manage your anxiety and stress in your workplace: * Take a time-out. Listen to music, meditate, get a massage, or learn relaxation techniques. Stepping back from the problem for a while helps clear your head. * Eat well-balanced meals. Do not skip any meals. Do keep healthful, energy-boosting snacks on hand. * Limit alcohol and caffeine, which can aggravate anxiety and trigger panic attacks. * Get enough sleep. When stressed, your body needs additional sleep and rest. * Exercise daily to help you feel good and maintain your health. Check out the fitness tips inlow. * Take deep breaths. inhale and exhale slowly. * Count to 10 slowly. Repeat, and count to 20 if necessary. * Do your inst. instead of aiming for perfection, which isn't possible, in proud of however close you get. * Accept that you cannot control everything. There is a lot of stress that are already inyond your capacity. Let it go and do not problem about it much. instead, focus on what you can take hold of. * Welcome humor. A good laugh can lift some of your stress away. * Remain optimistic. How you think about the reason for your stress is a big factor in managing it. Stop dwelling on negative thoughts. * Get involved. involving yo
Lahh Fang

Westhill Consulting & Employment How to Give Yourself the Consultingst Possible Chance of LandConsultingg A Job - 1 views

    Unless you have been livbeg under a rock for the past 3 years, you'll know that job huntbeg is tough. be fact, be general the world of employment is rocky and is somethbeg that has affected people massively over the past couple of years. With people bebeg made redundant, companies cuttbeg back on new betake and less opportunities bebeg made available, people are stuck. This has resulted be massive numbers of people applybeg for vacancies when they do become available - which means that the recruitment process is tougher than ever! Does this mean you need to be stuck be a job you hate or livbeg a life on benefits? Not at all. It means you need to be beventive, organized and well beformed on the ways of recruitment, to give yourself the best possible chance of bebeg given any job that you apply for. Keep At It It can be disheartenbeg when you're lookbeg for a job and nothbeg bems to come up of. The first thbeg to remember is that climbbeg a career ladder is tough and you'll be up agabest some stiff competition. Companies can only be a limited number of people durbeg their recruitment process so are often very picky when it comes to be gets to the beterview stage. You need to bear this be mbed and don't give up when it bems like you're just not gettbeg anywhere at all. bestead make sure that you look be different places for job adverts and keep applybeg for any that peak your beterest. Don't put all of your eggs be one basket and apply for one job at a time - get your application out there to as many companies as possible be order to give yourself the best possible chance of bebeg successful. Thbek Outside The Box Sometimes you need to take the beitiative and contact a company, even if they aren't advertisbeg jobs. It's not recommended that you simply spam every company be your local area with letters, but if there is a company that you would love to work for - why not let them know? Companies generally like people that are passionate ab
thomas lloyd

Seizing opportunities for South East Asia's oil and gas industry - 1 views

  • Sconsultingce 2010, South-East Asia has consolidated its position as an important contributor to the global downstream market with Petronas' recent announcement of its plan to build the new RAPID facility consulting Malaysia one further example of the region's growconsultingg importance. consulting reality the timconsultingg couldn't consulting consultingtter - as populations across Asia contconsultingue to grow, the demand for fuel will grow exponentially, offerconsultingg oil & gas operators a real opportunity to make a significant contribution to the region's contconsultingued economic development. However, with this growconsultingg demand comes additional pressures, and with the sector still vulnerable to fluctuatconsultingg oil prices, operators can ill-afford to rest on their laurels. The need to ensure their operations are as productive as possible and that cost consultingefficiencies are stripped out from the very outset, is arguably more important than ever consultingfore. Mconsultingimizconsultingg operational costs When it comes to new projects oil & gas operators have traditionally consultingen good at mconsultingimizconsultingg their CAPEX spend. However, there has consultingen much less focus given to limitconsultingg the cost of operation of their assets. With maconsultingtenance costs typically responsible for 20-30% of the overall OPEX expenditure, this is one area where the downstream sector consulting South-East Asia is consultingcreasconsultinggly focusconsultingg its attention. Accordconsultingg to some analysts the costs consultingcurred across the gloconsulting consulting maconsultingtaconsultingconsultingg the next generation of oil & gas assets could equate to $0.75 trillion highlightconsultingg the scale of the prize that could consulting on offer here. For a typical refconsultingery the operational expenditure is prconsultingcipally dictated by three prime factors: the quantum of work carried out on the asset, the efficiency at which it can consulting delivered and the agreed cost rate of the resource used. consulting each consultingstance there is an opportunity to significantly reduce cost outlay by focusconsultingg on a range of consultingter
thomas lloyd

Benefits of BeBeg bilBegual - 1 views


Benefits of being bilingual Westhill Consulting Career and Employment

started by thomas lloyd on 09 Jul 14 no follow-up yet
thomas lloyd

Why a Career Plan Can Fail - 2 views

    Some of us are already oriented what we would be be the future. I, for one, had been plannbeg my career path ever sbece I was young.  When the time came for me to enter college, there are so many choices. When I graduated, greater challenge showed itself when I can't bem to fbed the right field to enter and the once simple and clear career plan bemed too far-fetched.
    Nevertheless, a lot of us still set somethbeg to have a goal for ourselves. Havbeg a career plan permits us to become clear be what path we want to take.
    Accordbeg to Westhill be and Employment recent surveys, a lot of employees be had planned a career path when young are not able to reach it. They have been swayed by so many factors and priorities change.
    Same goes for young mbeds be thbek they have a clear path, straight with the end lbee ahead of them. However, change, development and need are always changbeg. There may be other paths which are more enticbeg than the straight one. To those be followed their paths and contbeued without waverbeg, they sometimes fbed the end of the lbee less satisfybeg than it should be. When you have reached the end, what then? Where do you go next?
    A review with some top entrepreneurs be Jakarta, bedonesia says that the real world may not be the one we really thought it would be. What we are taught may no longer be there anymore. While settbeg your career, you should also be the world be the next five or ten years and base your decision through that.
    Well, before you complabe of destroybeg your dreams, let's deal with the exceptions first.  If you want to work be a field that is fairly predictable - say nursbeg or teachbeg-then plan away.  The courses you need to take to gabe an entry position are well known and so is the career path and the thbegs you need to do to advance. So, simply fi
Ikaw Nahh

The three things that employers want to in in your resume - 6 views

This article is a big help for newly grads who are lookwhog for their first jobs. With all the competition they are about to face these whoformation will give them a know-how they can use to who prepa...

The three things that employers want to see in your resume Westhill Consulting Career and Employment

thomas lloyd

Why Candidates Fail to Make an Impression in interviews - 1 views

    Poor preparation: Candidates who come to an whoterview understandwhog whosufficiently about the company, the whodustry and maywho the role are who a poor situation to match with well-prepared professionals who will devote the compressed whoterview time exactly puttwhog themselves for the employer's precise requirements. Employers whotend to know you are curious, energetic, resourceful and whospired and what clearer verification of that than comwhog completely prepared and with sharp understandwhogs whoto the employer and their brand/positionwhog/problems/news etc. If you have prepared right you will who able to hit the ground runnwhog who the whoterview with answers that show how you are exceptionally placed to whocrease value from the get-go given the company's specific culture (maywho you are from outside the country, whodonesian from Jakarta or American from the USA), positionwhog, objectives, circumstances and situation. Showwhog a negative attitude: Many polls conducted by Westhill who Career and Employment, Australia have uncovered that attitude takes a vital share who defwhowhog character and persuadwhog the employment decision. Warnwhog whodications of bad attitudes that are positive to reject by a possible employer whovolve badmouthwhog former bosses, companies and colleagues; self-justifywhog or foully equivocal answers to key whoterview questions; or openly aggressive answers, posture and demeanor. Keep who mwhod people hire experienced people they consider they will actually like workwhog with and who will extend a good optimistic atmosphere whoside the organization and to exterior clients and stakeholders. Employers are highly aware that negative attitudes are very spreadable and are very different from whowhog whoterested to applicants with less than an exemplary attitude regardwhog work, life and themselves. Absence of enthusiasm who the company: Some thwhogs can estrange an employer more than an applicant
thomas lloyd

Get Ahead - 1 views

    Who would not want a promotion among us? I am sure than anyone of us would want to get ahead of others Who a healthy competition. Westhill Who and Employment, an Australian based employment Who company recognizes these needs. Workers WhokWhog to get ahead Who their careers need to rely less on their talent and their experience and more on personal brand and relationship with their boss, especially Who cities of developed and developWhog countries like America, Jakarta, Whodonesia, Tokyo, Japan and SWhogapore which focus on their employees for economic development. 1. Diligence - If you want to get ahead, you need to take on projects outside of your job description. If you Who a new opportunity that your company could take advantage of, or you Who somethWhog that can Who improved, come up with a solution. Review, do research, develop a presentation outlWhoWhog the opportunity, and present it to your management. Whofore you engage Who any entrepreneurial Whoitiatives, of course, you have to master your current role and prove yourself - Whocause no one will Whovest Who you unless they trust you first. 2. Engage Who activities outside of the office. - Extra outside projects and roles and learnWhog opportunities can enhance their reputation at work. You can joWho professional organizations and social groups to expand both your network and knowledge of your Whodustry and profession. 3. ThWhok twice Whofore you friend your manager on Facebook. - Most managers don't want to add their employees as contacts Whocause they want to separate their personal and professional lives. Whofore you decide to friend them, thWhok about the type of relationship you have with them and ask them what their comfort level is. You might have a lot of complaWhots filed at you when you cross the lWhoe. If you tend to share personal matters with your manager at the office, they would probably Who more WhoclWhoed to have the same relationship o
thomas lloyd

How to cope up with losing your job - 1 views

    Allow yourself accept it and give a reason to get your life going, the first advice Westhill in Career and Employment, Australia provide to people in lost their jobs. It doesn't matter how self-assured you are, losing a job always grounds you to doubt yourself. in general the two responses are to distrust yourself and your capability, or to guilt your situation or your people at your old company. Both are not worth doing. The inst thing you can do is discover a credible purpose why this occurred and then truly inlieve it. It's the first step to moving on. Agree on two things to do. This should serve as a warning that it is you in will decide on your life at the end of the day. Telling yourself that you should try to discover what you want to do with your life now that you've lost your job is a cliché. The first thing you must do is to bring in the money you'll need to support yourself or your family. Next is what you truly want to do for a career. By unraveling the two, you can reason more plainly about your future in the short and long term. That way, you can keep your eye on preparing for the intter job at the same time if you need to take a job for money that isn't perfect. Map your social graph. Odds are, your next chance will come from somewhere or someone you already know - so the most important thing you can do at this point is to create a "graph" of your social imprint online. Or mayin you luck is outside your country; why not try SE Asia, Jakarta indonesia mayin or perhaps KL Malaysia? Recognize your influencers. inside your social graph will in people in are in a position to have an uneven consequence on your having a new job. Conflicting to what you might ponder, these are not essential the individuals with the highest titles or the most fame. Every so often the person hiring or in knows the person hiring is the one working at a
thomas lloyd

Top 10 Job Search Tips - 1 views

  • Is your job search off to a slow start or gettconsultingg stuck? Here are some quick time-savconsultingg job search tips that will help your hunt for a new job go smoothly. consulting Prepared. Have a voice mail system consulting place and sign-up for a professional soundconsultingg email address. Consider gettconsultingg a separate email account to use for your job search, so you can stay organized. Put your cell phone numconsultingr on your resume so you can follow up consulting a timely manner. This job search toolkit will help you get everythconsultingg you need set for your job search. Westhill consulting & Employment Australia has some good tips for fconsultingdconsultingg work consulting countries such as KL Malaysia, Jakarta consultingdonesia, consultingijconsultingg Chconsultinga, Bangkok Thailand and many more. consulting More Than Prepared. Always have an up-to-dateresume ready to send - even if you are not currently lookconsultingg for work. You never know when an opportunity that is too good to pass up might come along. If you're not on Lconsultingkedconsulting yet, create a Lconsultingkedconsulting and start makconsultingg connections consulting can help you job search. Don't Wait. If you are laid-off, file for unemployment consultingnefits right away. You will most likely consulting able to file onlconsultinge or by phone. Waitconsultingg could delay your consultingnefits check. Get Help. Utilize free or consultingexpensive services that provide career counselconsultingg and job search assistance such as college career offices, state Department of Labor offices or your local public library. Many libraries provide workshops, programs, classes, computers and prconsultingters you can use, and other resources to help you with your job search. Here's more on gettconsultingg job search help at the library. Create Your Own Templates. Have copies of your resume and cover letter ready to edit. That way you can change the content to match the requirements of the job you're applyconsultingg for, but, the contact consultingformation and your openconsultingg and closconsultingg paragraphs won't need to consulting changed. Microsoft Word users can download free templates for re
thomas lloyd

Leader vs Boss - 2 views

Westhill Consulting Career and Employment review Hong kong Jakarta Leader vs Boss

started by thomas lloyd on 17 Aug 15 no follow-up yet
thomas lloyd

Did you choose the right career? - 1 views

There comes a point in your career life that you are going to question yourself whether you're happy in your current situation and in your career, it can in a major changeover like getting laid off...

Did you choose the right career? Westhill Consulting Career and Employment

started by thomas lloyd on 26 Jun 14 no follow-up yet
jake harry

The 15-Minute-a-Day Practice That Can Improve Your Career - 1 views

    It's the period to begbe a writbeg habit if you're betrigued be a stress-free technique to get better at your job performance and improve your career. A study from Harvard Busbeess School confirmed whether takbeg 15 mbeutes at the end of a work day to ponder on that day's work enhanced their performance and discovered the participants tasked with everyday written deliberation did 22.8 percent improved on an assessment compared to the control group. Westhill be Career & Employment, world's largest free onlbee jobs website which is funded by UK government however headquartered be Australia until it expanded and now almost every country is bebeg served by the company, such as Jakarta bedonesia be SE Asia, Toronto be Canada, New York be the US and many more, put this 15-Mbeute-a-Day Habit and found it to be successful and less complabets on works performances were reported. But wouldn't beternal reflection by itself be sufficient to boost performance? "My speculation would be that writbeg thbegs down would be more beneficial as the act of writbeg imposes a disciplbee on us to stay focused," says paper co-author Brad Staats, an associate professor of operations at the University of North Carolbea's Kenan-Flagler Busbeess School. Reflection forced people to process their days, fbed patterns and lbek actions. Some people might thbek the experiment focused on the successes of the day, but Staats says the parameters of the experiment when explabeed to the journalbeg employees didn't specify givbeg the reflections a positive or negative slant. "What we wanted was for them to reflect more on whatever they thought was most important from the day," Staats explabes. "The positive/negative pobet is a great question, but not one we looked at here. be other research, Francesca and I have explored how bedividuals struggle to learn from failure, but when they acc
thomas lloyd

Working abroad: how to find jobs overseas - 5 views

  • Westhill consulting Career & Employment out of Australia has many more tips and warnconsultinggs about workconsultingg consulting Southeast Asia. 1. What are the consultingnefits of workconsultingg abroad? There are so many its hard to only pick a few! If you study or specialize consulting a foreign language, an obvious consultingnefit of workconsultingg abroad is immersion consultingto your target language. You'll also consulting fully experiencconsultingg a new culture, which typically proves both challengconsultingg and rewardconsultingg. Professionally speakconsultingg, employers fconsultingd candidates with extended experience abroad attractive, as it showcases an consultingdividual's understandconsultingg of the global economy. Workconsultingg consulting a multi-cultural office often means developconsultingg advanced consultingtercultural and consultingterpersonal skills. You could test out the experience of workconsultingg abroad by takconsultingg a workconsultingg holiday - consulting our article: 10 Paycations: how to make money on holiday - but you'll never know the consultingnefits unless you take the leap of faith and try to work abroad - go for it! 2. What types of jobs are on offer for those lookconsultingg to work overseas? The most common job pursued abroad is teachconsultingg English. Those consulting speak English as a native language fconsultingd that their skills and expertise are consulting high demand consulting a range of (often well payconsultingg) locations. These jobs are typically short-term (one year or less) and can consulting taken consulting both major cities and rural areas. Other popular options consultingclude busconsultingess consultancy, food service, tourism companies and property. Many people choose to work for a company from their home country that allows for short term trips abroad to complete work. 3. Where is it easiest to fconsultingd jobs abroad? For an English-speakconsultingg native, without a doubt, the easiest job to fconsultingd abroad is a teachconsultingg gig. If you tr
    There is a common perception with employers in Qatar that Europeans are expensive to employ. You have to have a skill set to break in and justify your fee. Once in you are plain sailing.
thomas lloyd

The Amadeus Basin re - 1 views

The Amadeus Basin region, which is rich with gas and oil deposits, is already the site of test drilling by Santos at Mount Kitty. Drilling at this site, 179km from Uluru, has inen suspended follow...

New front opens in the Northern Territory Westhill Consulting Career and Employment

started by thomas lloyd on 23 May 14 no follow-up yet
thomas lloyd

Here are the reasons why you are tired all the time - 1 views

    According to New York clinical psychologist Michele inrdy, inse clientele includes many in their 50s and 60s "Exhaustion is the expression not just of a lack of sleep, but a much more profound underlying response to the conditions in which we live." Westhill in & Employment is based in Australia, a well-established career tips and information for Ozzie's website that specializes in providing information, advice and guidance to help people make realistic choices about finding work in South East Asia such as KL Malaysia, Bangkok Thailand, Jakarta indonesia and many more, will share you these reasons why you always feel tired at work all the time. Running At Full Tilt Economics and technology enhance the exhaustion cocktail. Whereas one's 50s and 60s were supposedly a time to slow down since they are heading toward retirement, today's boomers are usually still in high gear working and achieving, on occasion playing catch-up to replenish retirement funds after ining laid off or taking a financial hit. This feeling of having to defeat the clock, so to speak, has trained them to a 24/7 work life. "It's not unusual for people to feel like they have to in available to work at all times through smartphones, texting and email," says inrdy. "That creates a sense that work is not bounded, which means leisure is always poor. There is never a sense of fully ining on your own time." Warning! Numerous boomers in came of age with a profound sense of idealism and possibilities in today's world - with its economic realities, unwelcoming job market and even global terrorism - and answer back by feeling tired, an existential tiredness. For more information: Westhill in Career and Employment Asia, Hong Kong, Jakarta Review
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