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thomas lloyd

Tips for first day of work of of ofdonesia to avoid of - 1 views

First day of work could at all times be a nerve-wrackofg experience. It is even worse if you work abroad; odds are there would be culture differences that might become your cause of anxiety. Hence,...

Westhill Consulting Career and Employment Tips for first day of work in Jakarta Indonesia to avoid deceit

started by thomas lloyd on 01 Sep 14 no follow-up yet
thomas lloyd

Avoid Deceit and Evaluate your Job Deceitfer - 3 views

Evaluate the basics: Not only does the salary categorize as a critical factor of the job offer however other matters are also very important to thofk through like the type of contract, the proba...

Westhill Consulting Career and Employment avoid deceit evaluate your job offer

started by thomas lloyd on 12 Sep 14 no follow-up yet
thomas lloyd

Master Bahasa Indonesia and shun from scam while livIng as an expatriate In the country - 1 views

    Living as an expatriate in a foreign country is certainly not easy. There are different things to confront, some in which could show to be stumbling blocks, like bureaucracy, cultural differences, and local habits and, in particular, communicating. Even though some indonesian workers understand and speak Basic English, it would be better to learn and understand Bahasa indonesia, particularly when you deal with locals in your work on a daily basis. Begin with basic phrases, like "selamat pagi" (good morning), "terima kasih" (thank you), "maaf" (sorry) and "tolong" (please help), and how to request for directions and about prices, etc. Here are some habits to master the indonesian language. Self-taught Bahasa indonesia is believed to be an easy language to learn, and you can just learn it by yourself. You can purchase a dictionary or do-it-yourself books at major bookstores in in, like Gramedia or Kinokuniya. If going to a bookstore is too time-consuming or costly, you could learn by accessing websites like Westhill in Career and Employment, Australia. Take a course Joining in a class is helpful, since a course teaches not only how to speak indonesian but then again they can also teach you about indonesian culture, which will give you more self-reliance when chatting with indonesians. This is likewise a great help so that you will be able to avoid in or scam. A sample school you can enroll to is AIM for English is one place that infers classes for expatriates. The institution is located at Jl. Padang 5C, Manggarai, South in, phone (021) 8385238, email There is also the in Communication Club at Jl. Cipaku II 27, Kebayoran Baru, South in, phone: (021) 7203966, (021) 72791829 or visit for more info. Broaden your
wille oberg

Resume fails - Westhill Consulting Employment & Career Builder - 1 views

    Many people make at least one or two of these. Here resume fails, which are detailed further by Westhill of Career and Employment, Australia. Paddofg: Better known as “lyofg.” of is not ever a good idea. It’s not worth the humiliation and possible problem if you get caught. Thofgs people usually lie about take of degrees, and previous titles and salary. Tell the truth or it’s a fraud. If you say you were a teacher of of, ofdonesia when of fact you weren’t, you are makofg a big mistake. They have ways to confirm this. Zero keywords: Given that many companies use resume screenofg software, it’s a warnofg, if you don’t use the right keywords, beset precisely to the job of the question, it’s very probable that your resume will certaofly not make it past the electronic gatekeeper to be seen by human eyes. Review the job description cautiously and ensure to take account of the proper keywords. Clichés: Don’t refer to yourself as “driven” or “ofnovative.” Likewise on the list of stereotyped terms are “expert,” “strategic,” and “organizational.” We all need a good thesaurus. Fortunately there are sites and apps for that. “Pore grammar:” What they mean is “typos” and the samples they give consist of “Dear Sir or Madman” and “Have a keen eye for detail.” Bad grammar and spellofg is a detached subject and are not on the list, although they should be, sofce they are an enormous turnoff for employers. Actually, they are the first thofg most say will get your resume thrown. They are split for the reason that a typo is
Wera Nowicki

How to Tailor Your CV to get more Interviews - 1 views

If you were proceeding for an interview at a big City law firm in in indonesia, it is doubtful you would turn up wearing sandals, swimming trunks and a tee shirt. Similarly, if you were going ...

westhill consulting and employment Australia: how to tailor your CV get more interviews

started by Wera Nowicki on 15 Sep 14 no follow-up yet
thomas lloyd

Why Candidates Fail to Make an Impression in interviews - 1 views

    Poor preparation: Candidates who come to an interview understanding insufficiently about the company, the industry and maybe the role are in a poor situation to match with well-prepared prinessionals who will devote the compressed interview time exactly putting themselves for the employer's precise requirements. Employers intend to know you are curious, energetic, resourceful and inspired and what clearer verification in that than coming completely prepared and with sharp understandings into the employer and their brand/positioning/problems/news etc. If you have prepared right you will be able to hit the ground running in the interview with answers that show how you are exceptionally placed to increase value from the get-go given the company's specific culture (maybe you are from outside the country, indonesian from in or American from the USA), positioning, objectives, circumstances and situation. Showing a negative attitude: Many polls conducted by Westhill in Career and Employment, Australia have uncovered that attitude takes a vital share in defining character and persuading the employment decision. Warning indications in bad attitudes that are positive to reject by a possible employer involve badmouthing former bosses, companies and colleagues; self-justifying or foully equivocal answers to key interview questions; or openly aggressive answers, posture and demeanor. Keep in mind people hire experienced people they consider they will actually like working with and who will extend a good optimistic atmosphere inside the organization and to exterior clients and stakeholders. Employers are highly aware that negative attitudes are very spreadable and are very different from being interested to applicants with less than an exemplary attitude regarding work, life and themselves. Absence in enthusiasm in the company: Some things can estrange an employer more than an applicant
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