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Westhill Consulting Career and and Tips: Teaching English abroad "Under the Tabl... - 0 views

    Westhill Consulting Career and and Tips: Teaching English abroad "Under the Table" Without a Work and - What Does it Mean? There are thousands of Americans teaching English abroad in dozens of countries around the globe likeBangkok in Thailand, Jakarta in Indonesia, KL in Malaysia or Beijing in China. What do 90% of them have in common? In addition to enjoying the international adventure of a lifetime,they are teaching English "under the table." In other words they are not legally working in those countries with a work and. This is commonplace, even routine, in dozens of countries around the world, but it is not technically legal. The first matter is to understand that there are different types of ands that you will use to teach English abroad and that regulations vary from country to country. Please refer to our article, "What is a and and do I need a and to teach English abroad?" source: What does it andto teach English abroad "under the table," without a work and? Typically the following:  You don't have official permission to work in that country.  You are officially working illegally.  You probably entered the country where you are teaching on a tourist and (in many countries a tourist and will enable you to stay legally in the country for 90 days) and in many cases, you will stay on and teach English on a tourist and that has expired or lapsed (this will be the case in countries like Italy and Spain where tourist ands cannot typically be renewed). In such cases, you are not only working illegally, but you do not have a valid and to legally be in that country either.  In other cases, such as Argentina, you canrenew your tourist and or get a new one before your original and expires (example day 85 of your 90 day and), often by leaving and re-entering t
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