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Positive and proactive approach to fight cancer - 0 views

    Cancer can be life-threatening and many people are affected by this. read more about positive and proactive approach to fight cancer

Fitness steps up to fight teen obesity. - YouTube - 0 views

    These are the fitness tips to fight teenage obesity.
Marie V.

Cancer Fighting Fruits and Veggies - 0 views

    Recently, I posted my list of favorite fruits. Now, I would like to share to you another lists of my fruits and veggies which have maximum benefits for fighting cancer.  Read more:
Sourav RC

Beta Carotene and Food Sources of Beta Carotene - 0 views

    In short, Beta-carotene is a carotene that is found in dark green and dark yellow fruits and vegetables. It is responsible for naturally occurring pigments and gives fruits and vegetables bright and unique colors. Best thing about Beta-carotene is it is Provitamin A that means our body converts it to Vitamin A after consuming it. It is a powerful antioxidant and has many health benefits. Beta-carotene is good for the heart, skin, immune system, eye sight, and fights cancer. It also fights against free radicals and prevents diseases such as asthma and anaemia.
Trivedi Master Wellness

The Perfect Depression Dealing Method - 1 views

Depression is not a very much uncommon thing. It is common among the teens, kids, and women also. The men, although, overcome them most of the time, but they are the victim as well. The reason for ...

how to fight depression how to deal with depression postnatal depression manic depressive disorder natural remedies for depression Mahendra Trivedi The Trivedi Effect

started by Trivedi Master Wellness on 31 Dec 14 no follow-up yet

Green Coffee Bean - 0 views

    Many supplements are being launched in the market almost every day. There are supplements that promise to help you lose weight within a few days of taking it. For the consumer, finding out if a particular supplement is effective or not would often require the trial. Choosing the right kind of supplement can be very tough and confusing what with all these different companies promising so many benefits from different kinds of drugs. Luckily there is one kind of supplement that is proven to deliver what it promises. This supplement is pure green coffee beans for Weight Loss Programs. Green Coffee Bean Pure Green Coffee Bean comes from unroasted coffee beans. It is rich in antioxidants and other components like caffeine and chlorogenic acids that both aid in weight loss. Taking green coffee daily can give your body a number of benefits that regular coffee does not have. Green coffee beans skyrocketed to fame when in 2012 Dr. Oz said during one of his segments on his show that it can aid in weight loss. Ever since then, people's interests have been piqued and more and more people are taking green coffee bean as a diet supplement for weight loss. Since its, the number of weight loss success stories is still small compared to other widely known weight loss supplements. Many studies are currently underway to inform consumers of green coffee benefits, as well as its side effects. So far, all the studies and research regarding Green Coffee Beans Online have resulted in positive outcomes. 1. Green coffee helps improves cognitive performance - The caffeine content of green coffee is similar to that of roasted coffee. Caffeine has a positive effect on your brain activity because it boosts your alertness and improves your mood significantly. Caffeine improves focus, helps you react faster to certain high-pressure situations and improves your ability to retain information. It also helps you recall stock knowledge easily, keeps feelings of fatigue away. 2. Pure gree

Wellbeing Life Inspiring Short Film | Hindi - YouTube - 0 views

    Team Yaha presents Wellbeing life inspiring short film in hindi. The short film plot is revolving around a human character. The struggle between body-mind is inspiring. Climax of this short film reveals the secret to bring body-mind balance. Check your wellbeing status with our Free Online Wellbeing Assessment Tool Wellbeing Life Inspiring short film actors: This short film is produced by Yaha Life Private Limited. The entire film shooting was done in Pondicherry. The fictional characters role played in this hindi short film wellbeing life were two enthusiastic youth Sugar and Praveen hailing from nearby villages. Wellbeing Life inspiring short film director: When the concept was created by Team Yaha the search for film maker began. We found the most inspiring and creative youth named Qudrat who is an unschooler. He has travelled across India and have made several short films. He also has a youtube channel called Aha Bandhu The film production began in early January 2018 and was completed in 3 months duration. This short film was presented to the Ministry of Government of India. Wellbeing Life inspiring short film plot There is a fictional character who is talking to the audience. He is portraying himself as a body. However, in short time there appear another character who portrayed himself as the mind. A subtle fight begins between them which is shown in this short film with an artistic angle by the film maker Qudrat. When the fight went into its extreme there appears a third character who is known as soul. In the climax soul gives the secret to the body and the mind for bringing harmony.
Vortege Ville

Fight the flu and boost your immune system, one bite at a time - - 0 views

    Fighting off flu is easier if you eat these foods regularly.
Sourav RC

Mental Health: Foods That Fight Depression - 0 views

    Your diet plays an important role on your mental health and your mood swings. Foods can make you feel positive and foods can put in negative mindset as well. Just like a healthy diet that improves our physical health, a well balanced diet can improve our mental states also. Depression is a major problem to our modern society. Depression affects your lifestyle and restrains you to live normally. But anxiety, stress or depression can be reduced by following a proper diet.

How to Fight Seasonal Affective Disorder - 0 views

    How to Fight Seasonal Affective Disorder

Give Your Child The Natural Touch - 1 views

There are so many divesting diseases around us. ADHD is one of them. There are so many ways out to fight against this disorder. We the normal people have to follow the instruction given by doctors...

ADHD natural remedies for ADHD attention deficit disorder

started by anonymous on 29 Dec 14 no follow-up yet

How to Fight Hopelessness and Fill Your Life with Positive Energy - 1 views

Human psyche is a complex phenomenon, and umpteen studies are conducted to analyze it. The unique quality of the human mind is that it can envision and foresee the future. Also, it can look back in...

Hopelessness Trivedi Effect lack of motivation

started by anonymous on 09 Jan 15 no follow-up yet
ali hassan

How to Effectively Fight Fat - 2 views

    Dealing with being overweight or obese and the consequences of these conditions is a daily nightmare for some people.

Custom Made Bracelets To Fight Against Modern Slavery - 0 views

    Awareness Bracelets for Against Human Trafficking to fight against Human Trafficking Awareness Month with customized wristbands.
Prakruti Ayurvedic Health Resort

Healthy Lifestyle Habits For Healthy Child by Ayurveda Experts - 1 views

In today's competitive world kids are the one who are facing lots of challenges in their daily routine. It's time to check the stress they face. There are lots of activities they have to go through...

Ayurveda programme for school children Healthy Habits for child Healthy Children Healthy Child Healthy Kids

started by Prakruti Ayurvedic Health Resort on 06 Sep 16 no follow-up yet

Asbestos Mesothelioma Cancer - To Stop Mesothelioma Cancer | - 0 views

    Dr. Otto Warburg, the Dutch cancer tumors expert, gained the 1931 Nobel award pertaining to any give attention to O2 with many cancers tissue. He demonstrated those cancers body cells can not survive inside a highly oxygen rich atmosphere. He discovered that certain meals have enzymes that may significantly improve your oxygen absorption inside your cells. Also, practice breathing exercises every single day to supply the origin of this oxygen that your system needs for fighting the asbestos mesothelioma cancer.
Sourav RC

Diet for Osteoporosis to Improve Bone Density - 0 views

    Osteoporosis is a disease related to bones and in this condition bones get weaker & very fragile. This disease doesn't have any strong symptoms, that's why it is often considered as silent disease. According to the medical studies, osteoporosis can be treated or prevented by having some bone health promoting foods. Food for osteoporosis or diet for osteoporosis plays very significant role to fight osteoporosis. Osteoporosis diet can increase the bone density, reduce the danger of bone loss and thus helps to cure or prevent osteoporosis. But before we proceed any further with osteoporosis diet, let's find out little bit more about osteoporosis.

Donald Trump chooses Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State | World News - 0 views

    World News: US President-elect Donald Trump chose Exxon Mobil's CEO Rex Tillerson to head the State Department, rejecting concerns over the close relations of the businessman with Russia. Trump's decision cap a long process that has often played in public cracks and exposed within its transition team. He also puts Trump in place for a potential fight with Congress on Tillerson's confirmation, which has connections with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Poverty Find on the App Store - 0 views

    "Fighting poverty today is just a snapshot away." Download the app from our App Store and take a step in helping the people in need
    When It comes to wellness, there are many people in the world willing to get the help from a helping hand. Join your hands against poverty and download this app from the App store Today!
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