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Angela Smythe

Human Resource Management | Human Resources Management | HR Services - 0 views

    Submit your Human Resource Management requirements and begin receiving up to 6 free, no-obligation Human Resource Management quotes from Quote Bean`s Resource of professional & verified Human Resource Management Companies.
Jungle Jar

JungleJar | 9 Free Online Color Resource Web Applications - 0 views

    I've put together a nice list of websites offering free color lists for the internet masses. Most of these sites offer some sort of online web application for you to use in your creating process, but they all offer something of value for the graphic designer, web designer, photographer, etc.
abdullah khan

Web Design Resources and Tools I Use - 1 views

    A fairly exhaustive list of free tools and lists for web designers and developers focusing on Javascript, PHP, Flash, MySQL, CSS, graphics and general design techniques.
Jungle Jar

JungleJar | 25 Free Online Color Resource Web Applications - 0 views

    This is a list of 25 free color related web applications to create color palettes, edit color palettes, create color themes, test colors and color palettes against a myriad of variables, find color palettes from images, and more.

10 Print magazines all web designers and developers should read - 0 views

    If you have tried Googling web designer resources you will have noticed that there is a gazillion different resources, however sometimes you just want to kick back and read a good old-fashioned magazine. If you are looking for a print publication that covers topics that web designers and developers are interested in then here is a resource of 10 publications that you might find interesting. If you feel we have forgotten any then just leave us a comment below! .net Magazine Not only is .net one of the best online resources for web designers and developers, however their magazine is packed with practical advice on everything from design, development, sales, marketing, usability to accessibility, information architecture, security, copywriting, advertising and much much more.

25 Cheatsheets & Infographics For Bloggers - 0 views

    Blogging, or more specifically writing, is a daily routine for us, here in In the process, we've accumulated a lot of resources that would be real helpful in jumpstarting one's blogging career. If you want to start writing your own blog, you can always check out the tons of materials we have on blogging, plus this amazing resource of cheatsheets, infographics & resources you don't want to miss. The cheatsheets here help you write and promote your content, understand how to work better with free blogging services such as WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr, and we also have cheatsheets on basic HTML, CSS and Markdown to help you create beautiful blog themes. Now, let's get started!
Jungle Jar

28 Fantastic Web Design / Development Related RSS Feeds - 1 views

    All of these feeds come from my own personal RSS subscription list. With these 28 Web Design and/or Web Development related RSS Feeds, you absolutely have an immense amount of lists and quality content automatically delivered to you, and the posts stay nice and fresh.
    You can dating in here. This is a best site dating
Reason Falling

Personal Collection of Textures - 0 views

    It's nowhere near complete, but it's a list of some of my favorite textures to use in designing. All of them are free and have simple instructions from the creators.
Kashif Mehmood Mughal

Websites Showcase Where Typography Influence | Dzinepress - 9 views

    Most of creative peoples love to see typography effects and now days this is implementing on websites too for give more professional and modern look, as you seen in our today roundup about "Websites Showcase Where Typography Influence" typography giving prominent position in overall design and simply ignoring all background and images. Typography helping for web design, album art, advertisements, posters and all kind of graphic designs because typography giving amazing inspirations who can be great resource for web and graphic designers, we resourceing all latest designs for make more graphical attitude for your future designs.
Arch Aznable

Redis - Open Source Advanced key-value Store (NoSQL) | Blogfreakz - Web Design and Web Development resources - 0 views

    Redis is an open source, advanced key-value store. This is often referred to as server data structure because the key can contain strings, hashes, lists, sets and set sorted
Luciano Ferrer

28 High-Quality jQuery Plugins For Building Responsive Websites - 1 views

    "One of the latest is definitely responsive web design; the art of serving the same web page to multiple devices which look good on all of them. It is a getting-popular approach. As always, there are questioned parts (like the increasing number of screen sizes and the difficulty in setting breakpoints) but these are minor and creating a responsive website is nothing difficult. Thanks to talented people out there that there are great resources simplifying development of such websites. Many tricky stuff can be handled easily with the right tools. For jQuery users, there are a good number of responsive design plugins and here is a carefully collected and well-categorized resource to bookmark and hit back when you are about to design responsively : )."
Magdalena Tubis

Frontend Development Bookmarks - 0 views

    A badass list of frontend development lists I collected over time.

10 Steps to Building a Successful Website - 0 views

    Whether you are looking to create a new website or redesign an existing one, this article is an excellent resource and we hope that the following resource will be invaluable as you start your project.

What is the best website builder for an eCommerce startup? - 0 views

    The eCommerce industry is booming in the market at quite a rapid pace. When you are taking the baby steps to start an ecommerce store as a startup, there are numerous challenges. One of the vital challenge is to select the best out of the numerous resources available. To research further, you should decide on your end goals viz, you want to showcase your products only, or want to generate revenue by selling across the platform. Make a resource of all of the basic and must-have features you like to have for your store. We recommend you to count on the ecommerce platforms over the ecommerce website Builder.
Dainis Graveris

50 of The Easiest Website Builder Collection in 2016 - 0 views

    Want to create you own website in a few hours? Here's a list of free website builders and then check out the editors choice..
Brian R

Best Web Design Tools For Creating a Complete Website - 0 views

  • Web Design Tools are always handy to a web designer and coder, with tons of features, fantastic UI, these tools provide best results if used wisely. Every tool has its pros and cons, you have to choose which suits your needs, investment planning and the OS you are using.
  • Some of these are not cross platform and some are free, yes totally free design tools. But this list is not completed and can never be completed, without your input. With emerging trends of online apps some of the software are not needed to be installed on your computer. I hope you will like the collection for a start and I will be adding more and more web design tools which designer and developers use in day to day life. So stay connected and bookmark this post for future reference.
  • Photoshop : Adobe Photoshop is a very popular commercial graphics editor available for the Mac and Windows operating system. Created for professional photographers and designers, it is the ideal application for manipulating images and creating web graphics. Photoshop has all the necessary tools and options you need such as: Filters – which automatically adds effects to your image or a selected section of your image, extensibility and automation with Brushes, Actions and Scripting, and workflow enhancement features like Layer Comps and the Revert  option. Fireworks : Adobe® Fireworks® CS5 software enables you to create expressive, highly optimized graphics for the web or virtually any device — from smartphones to kiosks to embedded displays. Produce websites, user interfaces, and rich prototypes that are editable in both vector and bitmap modes.
Anton S.

Web designer heaven - 0 views

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