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Let The Forever Life Begin With MakeMyLagan - 0 views

    Marriage takes place in the heart, not in the church or any other place. It is an important choice you make in your life and this choice will reflect in your entire life as strength, support, and happiness. Marriage is a lifelong commitment with your partner in all the ups & downs and in pleasures & pain. The more compatible your life partner is, the happier your life will be.
Rejeana Morrise

History of Jeans | Fashion Designer Jeans: History Of Blue Jeans - 2 views

    'Denim' is the modern replica of French serge de Nîmes, a 17th century twill-weave fabric made in Nîmes. Fustian Another European fabric. It is made from a cotton, linen and/or wool blend. Before blue jeans was considered blue jeans, it was known as 'jean' after Genoans, sailors from Italy, wore it. It was in 18th century when jeans was made entirely from cotton, through the slave labour, trade and and massive develpoment of cotton plantations and Frech tailors. It was valued for its durability. Indigo blue, extracted from plants in the Americas and India, became a familiar colour for workwear.\n\n1872: "It started in a letter". It started in 1872 when Jacob Davis gave send an letter Levi Strauss, Jacob Davis was then making riveted clothing for miners in the Reno area. Mr. Jacob Davis had no money to file for a patent and offered Levi Strauss a deal if he would pay for the patent. Levi Strauss, overwhelmed enough, began to make copper-riveted 'waist overalls', and so jeans virus spread widely in Reno and from there, to the whole world.\n\n1886: "Levi's Generation". In 1886, Levi's 'Two Horse Brand' leather patch, showing the garment pulled between two horses to prove its strength, was first used. By 1890 lot-numbers were being used for Levi products: 501 was assigned to copper-riveted overalls.

Tips to increase Hair Volume - 0 views

    One of the most emotionally hard things that women can experience is hair thinning. For woman, hair is a source of pride and thus, thinning of hair can be devastating to her self-esteem. Post-pregnancy hormones, menopause, poor diet, stress and illness are some of the potential causes of thinning of hair in women.
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