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Garry Ysenbaert

ebook - List of freely available programming books - Stack Overflow - 0 views

    Ebooks pour developpeurs

Ruby on Rails: Which Rails open source projects have good integration tests and unit te... - 0 views


draper - 1 views

shared by anodoor on 10 Oct 11 - No Cached
    This gem makes it easy to apply the decorator pattern to domain models in a Rails application. This pattern gives you three wins:

    * Replace most helpers with an object-oriented approach
    * Filter data at the presentation level
    * Enforce an interface between your controllers and view templates.

rtomayko/replicate - GitHub - 2 views

  • Dump and load relational objects between Ruby environments.

    The project started at GitHub to simplify the process of getting real production data into development and staging environments. We use it to replicate entire repository data (including associated issue, pull request, commit comment, etc. records) from production to our development environments with a single command. It's excessively useful for troubleshooting issues, support requests, and exception reports as well as for establishing real data for evaluating design concepts.


Code review: Ruby and Rails idioms - giant robots smashing into other giant robots - 4 views

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