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Ismail Hossain

9 Important Steps to Increase WordPress Loading Speed. - Info Technology and Tips - 7 views

    Nine mandatory steps to increase WordPress web loading speed. Know how to decrease webpage loading time. 9 most important tips to speed up your web page loading in WordPress.
John Onwuegbu

HTML5 Speed Compliance - Opera Mini - 0 views

    Opera Mini latest browser release, Opera 10.60 beta for Windows, Mac and Linus is bundled with HTML5 related improvements emphasizing on speed according to the Changelog.
Alex MIkhalev

Speed Tracer Server-side Tracing with Rack - - 7 views

    Speed Tracer Server-side Tracing with Rack

Speed Up WordPress Site Through 13 Industry Proven Ways - 2 views

    Speed is something that you cannot ignore because it has the direct revelations to your websites. Here the 13 ways which you can use to Speed up your WordPress website.
Prabir Ghosh

A better way to speed up of your PC - 001 EASY TRICKS - 0 views

    Increase your computer performance by 1. Clean up desk space 2. Stop auto start of unused program 3. Defragment hard disk 4. Use better anti virus
    Increase your computer performance by 1. Clean up desk space 2. Stop auto start of unused program 3. Defragment hard disk 4. Use better anti virus
Fun Films

How to Run Internet Faster - 0 views

    While using the Internet, it is possible that you may encounter problems related to Internet speed and connection. However, by following certain tips this issue can be easily resolved.

Which is Better automated or manual lead generation - 1 views


lead generation

started by priyankaa_aa on 25 Jan 18 no follow-up yet

All Search Artificial Intelligence - Search 1000s of books, adjust time span, genres, results, speed & quality ( - 0 views

    All Search Artificial Intelligence: Search 1000s of books, adjust time span, genres, results, speed & quality (

Tammy Artificial Intelligence - YouTube summaries for free. 10x your learning speed today! ( - 0 views

    Tammy Artificial Intelligence: YouTube summaries for free. 10x your learning speed today! (

Kapwing Artificial Intelligence - Speed Up Your Video Creation Process with Kapwing Artificial Intelligence ( - 0 views

    Kapwing Artificial Intelligence: Speed Up Your Video Creation Process with Kapwing Artificial Intelligence (

Google Chrome for PC Latest Version - 0 views


Google Chrome

started by timothypeverhart on 24 Jul 23 no follow-up yet
John Onwuegbu

eBook: Web Penetration Testing with Kali Linux (Valued at $29.99) Free for a limited time | Questechie - 1 views

    With this eBook, you are fully assured up-to-speed with this powerful open-source toolkit - and you'll be getting 3 additional security resources to increase your knowledge as well.
John Onwuegbu

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP): Google's effort to Speed up the Mobile Web | Questechie - 3 views

    While, the project is based on AMP HTML, a new open framework built entirely out of existing web technologies, to enable complex websites to revert to light-weight webpages, especially for the Mobile web.

49 Best Youtube Tips,Tricks and Resources - 3 views

  • Youtube is the second largest search engine. As a blogger, I drive more traffic to my blog from my Youtube screencasting videos.
  • To check Youtube speed Have you noticed this? Videos take more time to load. At that time, you can check the speed of your Youtube videos with bar chart in the specification of world, country, State, city, Your ISP.
  • Comment search in Youtube Before creating and uploading any videos on Youtube, just type the keyword of your niche or video content in comment search and find out what’s being said about your keyword and your niche. For example, I searched for SEO.
  • ...20 more annotations...
  • While submitting your videos as video response to other video or even in your video, Do remember, you can submit a video only once as video response. If you submit the same video into many places Youtube will take it as a video response to only the last video to which you submitted as video response.
  • Are you creating video episodes or video in series? If yes, then the new Youtube design helps to you. Submit your next part video as video response. For eg: If you are creating video series as part 2, 3, 4, etc…  Then submit the Part 3 video as video response in part 2. The new Youtube will show your own video in video response as separately and other Youtube user submitted video responses as together.
  • Keyword search only in title In Youtube, type any word and hit search button. It will show the results based on the keyword used in title, description, and tag. Sometimes when it shows the unrelated results, it will be annoying to user. If you want the results only from title then, You have to type as “allintitle:keyword” Eg: allintitle: wordpress. It will show videos only the keyword wordpress presents in title.
  • To Exclude some of the term While searching in Youtube to exclude some of the keywords type – and followed by your unwanted keyword. For eg: wordpress –tutorial. You will get wordpress videos but not the videos have keyword ‘tutorial’.
  • Automatically fill in the blanks Put asterisk in middle of the keyword sentence. For eg: “thesis * theme”. Youtube understands that the user needs content related to the keyword thesis theme and for all the keywords filled something between them. Click here To know more about Youtube search
  • Tag Give all the relevant tags to your videos. Don’t try to give duplicate tags. For example don’t give all these as tags: video blogging, video blogging tips, video blogging guide, and video blogging benefits. Youtube automatically removes some of your duplicate tags.
  • Create playlist Do you have the series videos like Part 1, Part 2, etc. If yes, then collect all your videos and create a playlist for your videos. It will be very helpful for viewers to see the series of Youtube videos.
  • Title Add the words “Exclusive” or “Leaked videos” in video title. (Don’t spam).
  • Left Most Title Give the important keywords in the left most of your title. It will increase your views as Youtube search gives more importance to left most part of title.
  • Submit in video sharing sites Distribute videos on popular video sharing sites and drive more traffic to your website/blog. See our Google profiles to view which video sharing websites Fourblogger is using.
  • Brand your videos Whenever you upload a video, add your own logo in videos. It builds brand value.
  • Email signature Add your channel link in the email signature and send your videos to friends and relatives.
  • Share videos on twitter share your videos in Social media like Twitter. It helps to drive more traffic to your site. Use the following links to use social media for videos. 10 ways to share videos on twitter
  • How to embed your channel with subscribe button using gadgets? You can embed your Youtube channel with subscribe button in your blog sidebar or Footer. Get the Youtube channel widget.
  • How to embed Youtube Playlists in your blog?   If you like any Youtube playlist, you can embed the playlist into your blog as you embed the videos. Use this video to see how to embed playlists in your blog.
  • Know RSS feed of your Youtube channel The below link is the RSS feed for your channel USERNAME/videos.rss
  • Ping your Youtube channel By visiting the you can ping your channel Visit or  watch this video about ping to your channel.
  • Direct subscriber link to your channel Instead sending your blog readers to your channel link to subscribe, you can use this Direct link It asks confirmation alone. There are more conversions than sending readers to your channel.
  • Use Annotations Differently – Think Out-of-the-Box You can use YouTube annotations efficiently with your creative idea. You can use “Don’t Click here” text as annotation text. When people watch your videos, they often wants to click on it as it is human nature.  You can link the “Don’t click here” annotation to your channel or any of your particular videos. When more people clicks on annotations, that videos automatically get selected as “Related videos”.  But remember don’t use your think-out-of-the-box ideas for spamming purpose. User may dislike or flag your video.
  • If you are a person who wants to drive traffic to your blogs or websites through videos, then you may want to check my Five Video Traffic Techniques video which I have submitted recently for Darren Rowse’s Problogger Blogger Group Project.

Motorola Defy Mini- Stylish Android Smartphone in India - 0 views

    Motorola is all set to launch low price, mini version of Motorola Defy, which is Motorola Defy mini. This rugged android phone operates on Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) and it is powered by 600 MHz processor. It sports 3.2 inch Touchscreen and comes with dust and waterproof Gorilla Glass Display. It has stunning look and TFT capacitive touch-screen with 320 x 480 pixels resolution. It comes with 3.2 MP camera with LED Flash and VGA front facing camera for video calling. You can access high-speed internet service with Wi-Fi hotspot and 3G connectivity. Other connectivity features available with mobile include Bluetooth and Micro USB port. It's external memory with microSD goes up to 32 GB that gives enough space for storing files.
Awe Molko

Magic Submitter - Article Marketing - 0 views

    Your submission ratio per hour quickly speeds up especially if you have many directories or profile sites. The basic Magic Submitter comes with a lot of ready made sites for you to submit.
Janos Haits

HTMLy - Databaseless Blogging Platform (Flat-File Blog) - 9 views

    HTMLy is an open source databaseless blogging platform prioritizing simplicity and speed.
Rohit Yadav

Microsoft Surface Power Cover Available For Pre-Order - 0 views

    Microsoft Surface Power Cover is available for pre-order in Microsoft store. Deliveries of the product is set to begin on 19 of this month. Work with the speed and functionality of a classic laptop keyboard while extending the battery life of your Surface up to 70% with the Power Cover. It also recharges your Surface's battery while you work.
eddy mark

Razor E300 Electric Scooter High Performance Scooter - 0 views

    Featuring a super-size deck and frame for riders ages 12 and older, the Razor E300 Electric Scooter can reach speeds of up to 15 miles per hour thanks to its high-performance, ultra-quiet chain-drive motor. The scooter also includes a pair of extra-wide 10-inch pneumatic tires to ensure a smooth ride while you zip around the neighborhood.
John Onwuegbu

Google Chrome 6 Speed Hits Top - 0 views

    The benchmark score as obtained by Computerworld Support, makes Chrome 6 the fastest version of the browser with JavaScript capabilities.
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