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Janos Haits

Step-by-Step Guides for Business | - 3 views

    Steroids for Startups where startups come to growStep-by-step guides & the only Global Accelerator Network

How to Create an Successful Digital Marketing Plan in 2021 - 0 views

    A digital strategy has become part of every marketing strategy. This is because target markets normally focus on how a company can reach out to more potential customers, keep existing customers, and increase sales. And today's customers are on the internet. Because you can connect with your customers via their online platforms, online marketing became one of the most effective ways to interact. A digital marketing strategy is a crucial route map to achieving your brand's goals. It is a tool that will lead all marketing strategies and also day-to-day tasks. Although, simply making a plan does not guarantee success. A digital marketing plan must include all necessary information and be practical in order to be fully successful. The results will be worthwhile if you dedicate resources, attention, and money. So, let's go over what to build a step-by-step digital marketing strategy.Elements of a Digital Marketing Plan Element 1: Content marketing It involves the creation and distribution of useful content such as blog posts, case studies, ebooks, infographics, and much more in order to attract, engage, and keep your target audience. Consider the content to be the inspiration for all the magic to develop. Element 2:Search engine optimization (SEO) SEO means optimizing website keywords into the search engine.SEO used for optimizing & improving the keyword rank position into Google to grow the business leads, we are a leading SEO Consultant/agency in Pune. Element 3:Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising PPC is a paid marketing strategy that involves online ads. Users pay per click on their ads. Element 4:Email marketing An advertising approach that uses email as a method of advertising to and nurturing potential and existing clients. Element 5:Social media marketing social media platforms are used for promoting a product or service. Element 6:Websites Your website is an essential element of your digital marketing. Every business needs a website to show their service
Helen Baxter Dance at Work: the creative business toolkit eBook: Helen Baxter: Kindle Store - 0 views

  • Dance at Work is divided into seven chapters, with curated collections of tools and bite-sized chunks of knowledge that you can skim or dip into. Learn why no more jobs is a golden opportunity for freelance contractors, how to manage projects on the cloud and work with international teams. Understand why freelancers need to think like start-up enterprises, and how strategy is essential to build a life you can retire to.
    Dance at Work: the creative business toolkit, is a modern professional practice guide for designers, writers, musicians, makers, creative and social entrepreneurs. Whether you are taking the first steps along your pathway, looking to grow or go global, this book is full of ways to create, collaborate and sell your work.
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