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Janos Haits

Streaming Music Guide - The best streaming music sites and services. It's a guide to the best online streaming music services, radio stations and streaming music apps. | Spacelab - 18 views

    Spacelab guide to the best online streaming music sites and services. It's a guide to online streaming music services, internet radio stations and streaming music apps. This list is by no means complete ... come back to find more as time goes on.
Janos Haits

BuddyTV - Watch TV Shows, Episode Recaps, Cast Photos, Spoilers - 8 views

    BuddyTV is every TV watcher's friend. With the website, users can read news about their favorite shows and actors and interact with other fans in our rabid community. Users can also play addictive games on the sites such as Trivia, Personality Quizzes, and Celeb Rater. With smartphones, tablets, and TV's, the BuddyTV Guide App is an universal guide that helps users quickly find what they want to watch and also recommends new shows that are otherwise buried in the guide.
mbarek Akaddar

85+ Resources: Educator Guide for Integrating Social Media « emergent by design - 18 views

  • 85+ Resources: Educator Guide for Integrating Social Media
    A real  treasure ! 
Janos Haits

Exploratree - Exploratree by FutureLab - 2 views

    very interesting easy shared diagrams for thinkers group... brainstorming or just making idea action
    some thinking guides for shared ideas to action ...
    Use our free online library of thinking guides Print them out or fill in and complete your project on the exploratree website Build up a personal portfolio of useful thinking guides Change or customise them using images, text and shapes
Janos Haits

Step-by-Step Guides for Business | - 3 views

    Steroids for Startups where startups come to growStep-by-step guides & the only Global Accelerator Network
Janos Haits

Broadcastr Beta - 5 views

    Broadcastr is a Social Media platform for location-based stories. It enables the recording, indexing, listening, and sharing of audio content. Just like in human memory, every story is bound to a place.Whether dishing last night's details to friends, uncovering local lore, perusing restaurant reviews, listening to travel Media, tuning in to citizen journalism, contemplating oral histories, or sharing hilarious anecdotes, Broadcastr amplifies all our voices. Users can take a GPS-enabled walk as stories about their surroundings stream into their headphones, like a museum tour of the entire world. Users can record their own content, create playlists, follow their friends, and share on Facebook.
Janos Haits - explore, reflect, act - 22 views

    There are nice people who created guided web walks on many topics. They will hop you from site to site, together with some guiding text and reflection questions. Select a walk and explore, reflect and act your way to understanding, step by step.
Janos Haits

SocialGuide - The Social Guide for Television - 6 views

    Instantly see trending shows and their localized channel #s on your TV right now!
Janos Haits

Live Matrix: What's When on the Web - 10 views

    Live Matrix is your guide to what's happening when on the Web. We list thousands of live online events every day: live video streams of events, live celebrity chats, one-time sales, gaming events, live audio streams, and more! Save events to get reminders before they start.
Gary Fox

A Full Guide on Tools for Twitter - 26 views

    A full guide full of tools you can use on Twitter
Janos Haits

privacyscore analytics - your online privacy guide - 4 views

    A privacyscore estimates the privacy risk of using a website based on how they handle your personal and tracking data.

49 Best Youtube Tips,Tricks and Resources - 3 views

  • Youtube is the second largest search engine. As a blogger, I drive more traffic to my blog from my Youtube screencasting videos.
  • To check Youtube speed Have you noticed this? Videos take more time to load. At that time, you can check the speed of your Youtube videos with bar chart in the specification of world, country, State, city, Your ISP.
  • Comment search in Youtube Before creating and uploading any videos on Youtube, just type the keyword of your niche or video content in comment search and find out what’s being said about your keyword and your niche. For example, I searched for SEO.
  • ...20 more annotations...
  • While submitting your videos as video response to other video or even in your video, Do remember, you can submit a video only once as video response. If you submit the same video into many places Youtube will take it as a video response to only the last video to which you submitted as video response.
  • Are you creating video episodes or video in series? If yes, then the new Youtube design helps to you. Submit your next part video as video response. For eg: If you are creating video series as part 2, 3, 4, etc…  Then submit the Part 3 video as video response in part 2. The new Youtube will show your own video in video response as separately and other Youtube user submitted video responses as together.
  • Keyword search only in title In Youtube, type any word and hit search button. It will show the results based on the keyword used in title, description, and tag. Sometimes when it shows the unrelated results, it will be annoying to user. If you want the results only from title then, You have to type as “allintitle:keyword” Eg: allintitle: wordpress. It will show videos only the keyword wordpress presents in title.
  • To Exclude some of the term While searching in Youtube to exclude some of the keywords type – and followed by your unwanted keyword. For eg: wordpress –tutorial. You will get wordpress videos but not the videos have keyword ‘tutorial’.
  • Automatically fill in the blanks Put asterisk in middle of the keyword sentence. For eg: “thesis * theme”. Youtube understands that the user needs content related to the keyword thesis theme and for all the keywords filled something between them. Click here To know more about Youtube search
  • Tag Give all the relevant tags to your videos. Don’t try to give duplicate tags. For example don’t give all these as tags: video blogging, video blogging tips, video blogging guide, and video blogging benefits. Youtube automatically removes some of your duplicate tags.
  • Create playlist Do you have the series videos like Part 1, Part 2, etc. If yes, then collect all your videos and create a playlist for your videos. It will be very helpful for viewers to see the series of Youtube videos.
  • Title Add the words “Exclusive” or “Leaked videos” in video title. (Don’t spam).
  • Left Most Title Give the important keywords in the left most of your title. It will increase your views as Youtube search gives more importance to left most part of title.
  • Submit in video sharing sites Distribute videos on popular video sharing sites and drive more traffic to your website/blog. See our Google profiles to view which video sharing websites Fourblogger is using.
  • Brand your videos Whenever you upload a video, add your own logo in videos. It builds brand value.
  • Email signature Add your channel link in the email signature and send your videos to friends and relatives.
  • Share videos on twitter share your videos in Social media like Twitter. It helps to drive more traffic to your site. Use the following links to use social media for videos. 10 ways to share videos on twitter
  • How to embed your channel with subscribe button using gadgets? You can embed your Youtube channel with subscribe button in your blog sidebar or Footer. Get the Youtube channel widget.
  • How to embed Youtube Playlists in your blog?   If you like any Youtube playlist, you can embed the playlist into your blog as you embed the videos. Use this video to see how to embed playlists in your blog.
  • Know RSS feed of your Youtube channel The below link is the RSS feed for your channel USERNAME/videos.rss
  • Ping your Youtube channel By visiting the you can ping your channel Visit or  watch this video about ping to your channel.
  • Direct subscriber link to your channel Instead sending your blog readers to your channel link to subscribe, you can use this Direct link It asks confirmation alone. There are more conversions than sending readers to your channel.
  • Use Annotations Differently – Think Out-of-the-Box You can use YouTube annotations efficiently with your creative idea. You can use “Don’t Click here” text as annotation text. When people watch your videos, they often wants to click on it as it is human nature.  You can link the “Don’t click here” annotation to your channel or any of your particular videos. When more people clicks on annotations, that videos automatically get selected as “Related videos”.  But remember don’t use your think-out-of-the-box ideas for spamming purpose. User may dislike or flag your video.
  • If you are a person who wants to drive traffic to your blogs or websites through videos, then you may want to check my Five Video Traffic Techniques video which I have submitted recently for Darren Rowse’s Problogger Blogger Group Project.
Janos Haits

United Parents - 5 views

    United Parents Child Protection Service™ is the solution for parents who want to safely guide their child's online activities and respect their privacy. We are internet security and child safety experts, who care about children being exposed to potentially abusive interactions on social networks, instant messaging services and across the web.
Janos Haits

This Day In Music Apps | Home - 15 views

    Our Apps are for anyone who enjoys music, by taking them a step further into the world of the music makers. Our apps have a detailed daily guide to musical happenings, and also include trivia, quizes, track notes as well as other features such as Number Ones on special dates, FREE ringtones, store links and much much more.
Richard Kendall

Be Better at Twitter: The Definitive, Data-Driven Guide - Megan Garber - Technology - The Atlantic - 0 views

    * Old news is no news: Twitter emphasizes real-time information, so information rapidly gets stale. Followers quickly get bored of even relatively fresh links seen multiple times. * Contribute to the story: To keep people interested, add an opinion, a pertinent fact or otherwise add to the conversation before hitting "send" on a retweet. * Keep it short: Twitter limits tweets to 140 characters, but followers still appreciate conciseness. Using as few characters as possible also leaves room for longer, more satisfying comments on retweets. * Limit Twitter-specific syntax: Overuse of #hashtags, @mentions and abbreviations makes tweets hard to read. But some syntax is helpful; if posing a question, adding a hashtag helps everyone follow along. * Keep it to yourself: The clichéd "sandwich" tweets about pedestrian, personal details were largely disliked. Reviewers reserved a special hatred for Foursquare location check-ins. * Provide context: Tweets that are too short leave readers unable to understand their meaning. Simply linking to a blog or photo, without giving readers a reason to click on it, was described as "lame." * Don't whine: Negative sentiments and complaints were disliked. * Be a tease: News or professional organizations that want readers to click on their links need to hook the reader, not give away all of the news in the tweet itself.
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