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Janos Haits

GrabInbox - Manage multiple social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin - 9 views

    GrabInbox is an easy way to manage multiple twitter, facebook, fan pages and linkedin accounts. Manage multiple social networks.
Janos Haits - 18 views

    UNTHINK is an all-in-one social media platform that enables you to connect with the world around you and collaborate with others to bring the change you want to see in the world. It is a Community with a Shared Way of Thinking. Our mission is to emancipate social media and unleash people's extraordinary potential. Our -not so covert- mission is to spark a revolution that will change the world.
Janos Haits

Empire Avenue - 3 views

    Invest in People and Brands, see what your facebook, twitter, YouTube account are worth ...
Janos Haits

DIASPORA* - 17 views

    Diaspora is the social network that puts you in control of your information. You decide what you'd like to share, and with whom. You retain full ownership of all your information, including friend lists, messages, photos, and profile details.
    "Share what you want, with who you want." Full Control: built-in
    If you take twenty photos at a party, you can show the three least-incriminating to your coworkers, while posting the whole set to your friends. Your coworkers can't find out that they're seeing the expurgated version. Future employers can't either.
    You can post updates to everyone, to just your close friends, to just your family, or to any other subset of your friends. It's easy to make these groups, called "aspects," and it's straightforward to share different things with different aspects.
    Diaspora doesn't expose your information to advertisers, or to games you play, or to other websites you visit. It's inherently private - you tell Diaspora who gets to see those pictures of your kids, and only those people will see them. Period. Choose a home, make an account, and invite your friends to join you! Take back your network.
awqi zar

Natter - The missing link between Twitter & Facebook - 0 views

    Synchronizing conversations between Twitter and Facebook and vice versa.
Social Media Power

Top Picks: Facebook Applications for Business Pages - 0 views

    A Top Picks list of Facebook Applications that are used most often and best for businesses. Implementing these applications creates an interactive page that also gives visitors a personable look into a business.
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