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Tad Vas

WikiSeer - 0 views

    WikiSeer provides you with a faster and richer reading experience by providing keynotes of text in real-time.
    WikiSeer finds the most significant content in any English text; shrinking the original up to 99%.
    It serves as a middle ground between skimming the titles and reading the entire article.
    With WikiSeer, you can preview any website, and save time by choosing to read what you find relevant.
    It is similar to watching a movie preview, and then deciding whether to watch the movie or not.
    Instead of reading the entire text and then discovering its not of much interest or use for your purpose, you can now preview the keynotes, and then make a decision whether you want to read it entirely. This way, you save your time and get to read the content that you are really interested in.
David Wetzel

How to Make Science or Math Flash Cards for an iPod like a Pro - 0 views

    "Ever wondered how to make science or math flash cards for students to use with their mobile devices? This typically comes about because finding science and math flash cards specific to a particular concept, topic area, or unit is difficult. Often when appropriate flash cards are found, they are too expensive or need modification. Technological advances have uncomplicated the process of making tailor made free flash cards for students."
maike online

280 Slides - Create & Share Presentations Online - 3 views

    Create beautiful presentations, access them from anywhere, and share them with the world. With 280 Slides, there's no software to download and nothing to pay for - and when you're done building your presentation you can share it any way you like.
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