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Jeff Johnson

Twittering, Not Frittering: Professional Development in 140 Characters | Edutopia - 0 views

    As soon as the lunch bell rings at his elementary school in Medford, Oregon, teacher David Cosand takes a few minutes to scan his mobile phone screen for messages that have accumulated throughout the morning in his Twitter account. In a few well-chosen words, the people Cosand follows via this free online service share their latest news, resources, questions, and (sometimes) trivia about education, technology, and related topics. Cosand became a Twitterer about a year ago, and he now considers Twitter one of his best sources of real-time professional development. "I'm able to get information and find opportunities I wouldn't have been able to gather on my own," he says.
Allison Burrell

How Twitter in the Classroom is Boosting Student Engagement - 0 views

  • Fortunately, educators (including myself) have found that Twitter is an effective way to broaden participation in lecture. Additionally, the ubiquity of laptops and smartphones have made the integration of Twitter a virtually bureaucracy-free endeavor. This post describes the two main benefits professors find when using Twitter in lecture.
  • Students in another Twitter-friendly classroom at Purdue University agree that digital communication helps overcome the shyness barrier. “It’s just an easy way to answer questions in class without embarrassing yourself and raising your hand in a big lecture hall,” said one student. Studies frequently discover that greater participation translates into better academic performance, motivation, and a likelihood of adopting different points of view, which is why it is so striking that Twitter can foster that type of communication.

7 Useful Twitter Tools | Tools - 0 views

    Twitter tools such as archiving twitter chat

#chirpstory is a tool for creating and sharing stories from twitter using social media more!/web20education - 0 views

    #chirpstory is a tool for creating and sharing stories from twitter using social media more!/web20education
isabel mateos

Docencia y Didáctica: 28 ideas para utilizar twitter con fines educativos - 0 views

    "25. Idiomas extranjeros. Puedes publicar una oración en un idioma extranjero para que los alumnos la traduzcan o respondan. Podría ser incluso una competencia para ver quién lo hace más rápido. 26. Resumen del día. Puedes usar Twitter para hacer un resumen de lo hecho en la clase del día. Servirá como recordatorio y como inicio de discusiones en la red social. 27. Marca personal. Una cuenta de Twitter con muchas referencias académicas es un buen inicio para crear la marca personal de un profesional recién egresado. Además, los estudiantes ya estarán familiarizados con el papel de las redes sociales al momento de aplicar a un trabajo. 28. Twibe. Puedes pedir a los alumnos que se unan a esta web para compartir información sobre un tema específico, o puedes crear un tema nuevo y ver si encuentran más gente que esté interesada en este."
Janet Bianchini

Guide to Twitter in the K-8 Classroom - 56 views

    Lovely posters explaining how to make the most of Twitter.
Janet Bianchini

An Educators Guide To Twitter - 44 views

    a live binder with plenty of great resources for using twitter in education.
    An excellent collection of bookmarks and links (via Live Binders) related to Twitter by @web20classroom, aka Steven Anderson
Dean Mantz - read Twitter as a daily newspaper - 10 views

    Create an online newspaper using Twitter in a variety of ways.
Ivan Travkin

How To Backup Your Twitter Archive - 3 views

isabel mateos

TICE UCLM (TICE_UCLM) en Twitter - 0 views

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Stéphane Métral

Bigola Multi Search - 3 views

    Bigola est un métamoteur de recherche fouillant à la fois dans les bases de données de Digg, Twitter, Technorati, FriendFeed et Youtube
    By using the Bigola search you can combine the results from Twitter, Digg, Youtube, Friendfeed, Technorati, Simpy, Daily Motion and Metacafe.
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