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Allison Burrell

Web 2.0 Tools - 1 views

    "450+ Educational Web 2.0 tools and guides Teachers: We've scoured the web for the best, most powerful, easy-to-use tools to help you infuse technology into the classroom. Students These are tools your can use to improve learning, have fun. Homework tools, in-depth resources, learning games and more. Parents These tools are to use to work with your child. Keep them on pace with their classes. Or, keep them ahead on subjects they like. "
Felipe Moncaleano

The Ultimate Guide To Online Privacy | Edudemic - 0 views

  • What’s the harm in essentially ignoring that privacy policy? While the majority of the time it’s harmless, there are some ne’er-do-wells that may gather your personal information and sell it to marketers, advertisers, or spammers. While terrible, it’s not unheard of.
  • According to a recent report, there’s a big reason users don’t read privacy policies: they’re too damn long. Of the top 1,000 websites, the longest privacy policy takes about 45 minutes to read…the average takes 10 minutes. About 72% of these websites allow users to opt out of being tracked. However, about 40% make you make navigate to a different (sometimes hard-to-find) section of the website to opt out.
  • Google has tools like the Google Dashboard, the Ads Preferences Manager and encrypted search if you’re looking for some of the more popular ways to manage your Google interactions. Most recently, Google launched an extension for Chrome called Keep My Opt-Outs, which allows you to opt out permanently from ad tracking cookies. And pretty soon Chrome will be extending the availability of 2-step verification, an advanced account security solution that is now helping protect more than 1,000 new accounts a day from common problems like phishing and password compromise. Right now it’s available to Google Apps Accounts and should available to the general public in a few weeks.
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  • (10/4/10): A new icon alerting users to behaviorally targeted advertising could soon start making its way onto more Web ads.
  • The companies involved in this new industry “need to talk to their audiences. They need to describe what they do, how they do it and the value it brings,” Randall Rothenberg, president of the Interactive Advertising Bureau, said in a statemen
  • Tools To Stay Safe(r) The following list is from EPIC (electronic privacy information center) which has the following disclaimer above and below the list. To see the full list of Tools from EPIC, click here
  • The Huffington Post has a terrific dashboard of all privacy news in one place. Laid out like all other HuffPost pages, the site focuses on how the top web companies (Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) are dealing with online privacy
  • Privacy Rights Clearinghouse is a great place to get easy-to-digest literature about what rights you actually have online and more.
  • CyberAngels ( describes itself as “your cyber neighborhood watch.” The organization finds and reports illegal material online, educates families about online safety, works with schools and libraries, and shares basic Internet tips and help resources. Family Resources ( is a Web site produced by Symantec that helps parents provide guidance to their children who are using the Internet. Its goal is to provide parents with the information they need to keep their children and computers safe online and to help parents make sure that their children are good cybercitizens
  • Pidder is a German startup and, more importantly, the first social network based on privacy by design. Pia Pauls, a co-founder of the site, reached out to Edudemic to make everyone aware of Pidder and it’s definitely worth checking out. Here’s a synopsis directly from Pia: In addition to social networking where you stay in control of your own data and only share it with those you deliberately choose, pidder is a place to easily and securely manage passwords and logins. Pidder even provides an identity management service allowing the use of pseudonyms.
  • Be conscious of Web security.
  • However, about 40% make you make navigate to a different (sometimes hard-to-find) section of the website to opt out.
Jeff Johnson

Why We Like Diigo - School Computing - 0 views

    We all use the web to research information, but until recently this meant saving copies of web pages as files or printing them out as you visit them in order to collect, save, highlight, or annotate each one. A new web browser tool has made it possible to do all of this electronically. I'm now able to mark up web pages as easily as if I were using a yellow highlighter and a red pen. When I return to those web pages my annotations are still there, and I can also choose to see others' annotations. I no longer need to copy and paste between web pages and Word to take notes, and to keep track of what came from where. This process is all digitally facilitated with the Diigo social bookmarking and annotating tool. This tool has shifted the way I read the world wide web to be much more active. Diigo ( keeps track of my annotations and categorizes the sites based on the tags I specify. This ability to interact with websites in the same way I use a paper textbook means that I can highlight passages, "dog-ear" important pages, and scribble in the margins. I can do all of this individually or collaboratively with others.
Allison Burrell

Blekko - A Search Engine Safe for Students - 13 views

    "Blekko, a new search engine, is trying to provide more relevant search results that are spammer and content-farm free. Described as "Wikipedia meets search", the engine will use human oversight to separate that trusted content from that of spam. They also use the slashtag, /, to limit the results to only those of trusted sites. Blekko has predefined slashtags that you can use, like "/people" for a people search or /blog for a blog search. There are also topics and other categories like /basketball or /android. Since many of these tags are predefined, you might have to create your own slashtag if Blekko does not recognize what you are searching for. As you name your slashtag, you can list keywords and then enter the sites you want Blekko to search. You can share or browse slashtags of other users, too. This engine is heavily based on its users, much like Wikipedia is. Since it is still in beta testing stages, it is very likely that the site will improve sometimes in the near future. This search engine would work well in a classroom. With the safe environments that teachers want to provide with children who are searching the Internet, Blekko would help ensure that they are yielding appropriate results. It would also be a great tool to use with parents at home when browsing the Internet with their children."
Abdul Bais Sagar

Free Classified Ads in Pakistan | True Classify - 0 views

shared by Abdul Bais Sagar on 18 Jan 19 - No Cached
    World Biggest Classified Website Where You Can Find & Get Anything. True Classify is a marketplace service that enables users to buy and sell everything from furniture and electronics to cars and boats through its free mobile app. One of its handy features is the haggle option, allowing you to negotiate a lower price with a seller. You can also use its "watch" feature to keep an eye on specific items. Users also allowed to rate one another via a simple five-star system, enabling individuals to buy and sell more confidently. As a buyer, you can shop for items with the basic search tool and filtering options. Unlike being anonymous users in Craigslist, Facebook users need to add a name with face to do a listing. The True Classify also enables you to set some filter options and search for your local Marketplace up to 100 miles from your current location. True Classify has included term free ads into their domain name to ensure that their services always will be provided at no charge. You're almost guaranteed to find all the major cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, or Houston on this classifieds. It's local and easy to use, try it today. The most famous classified site in Canada to find a wide range of deals on local items from clothes to cars to apartments. The classified advertising service connects with local buyers and sellers, and shop through hundreds of categories. True Classify is an alternative to sites like eBay and Craigslist. The site offers free classified ads and auctions, along with the option to upgrade to its premium features for a small fee. VendAnything's Storefront subscription service allows your business to have the custom presence on the site. True Classify is another Us based free classified platform allowing you to search and post ads. There are hundreds of categories to explore. In addition to the classified ads service, Free ads also offer services like building a website and business advertising. True Classify is an alternative to other on
Jeff Johnson

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators - Teaching Tools - 0 views

    Following is a list of sites that are available for teachers to evaluate and/or purchase. I am not personally recommending any of these titles, but have just collected them so you can try them out! Be sure to check out my Icing on the Cake page listed below with links to over 50 sites for teachers and learners.

Daemon Tools Ultra 3.1 Crack Full Version Download - 0 views

    Daemon Tools Ultra 3.1 Crack fully download from this site on click and Mount wide range of documents and more Create virtual pictures,records,sound tracks
Mark McDonough

The 100 Best Web 2.0 Classroom Tools Chosen By You | Edudemic - 204 views

    great list of web2.0 tools/tools - some of which i don't know yet.
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    Thank you
    Thanks ! for photoshops learning website
    This is an informative post!
Sandra Pantoja F

The Best Interactive Web Tools for Educators | Edudemic - 0 views

  • Google Docs
  • Google Forms
  • WordPress
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  • EduBlogs
  • WikiSpaces
  • Khan Academy
  • MIT Opencourseware
  • Evernote
  • DropBox
  • Edutopia
  • Teaching Channel
  • Harvard Graduate School of Education
  • MIT designed this site for high school students. Some of the material comes from college courses, and some was created specifically for high schoolers. Students can watch videos and comb through test preparation material. Try out a flipped classroom, or push your accelerated students further. All core subjects are covered, but as you would expect, the science and math are standouts.
    The Best Interactive Web Tools for Educators | Edudemic Herramientas web para la educación
    Herramientas web para la educación
enrique garcia

Segunda semana - Internet en el Aula - 1 views

  • Segunda semana
  • Crear un directorio de recursos favoritos mediante el marcador social Diigo (
  • Suscripción a etiquetas de contenido y creación de red de contactos que también marcan recursos con similares etiquetas de forma habitual (Consulta el apartado Recursos adicionales Diigo para más info)
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  • actividades de esta segunda semana
  • Crear una entrada de blog en Internet en el aula: ¿Qué uso educativo podemos dar a los PLE-PLN?
  • Opcional: Crear un blog propio y enlazarlo desde la entrada de blog obligatoria en el blog de Internet en el aula
  • Atender al debate en el foro: "Homofilia y estrategias de descubrimiento".
  • Poner en marcha por lo menos una de las estrategias que deriven del debate (Crear alertas, consultar Multibuscadores, añadir cuentas y noticias recomendadas, etc.)
  • seguir cuidando las redes que hemos abierto durante la primera semana. Creo que twitter, en concreto, puede ser la base del PLN que muchos de vosotros lleguéis a desarrollar en internet
  • sobre todo en cuanto a la elevada presencia de docentes que twittean recursos de calidad
  • cuando queráis lanzar a twitter cuestiones relacionadas con el debate o las actividades de este taller, para que todos podamos encontrarnos allí, utilicéis la etiqueta #pleieaula (o #pln, o #internetaula
    • enrique garcia
      Ayer (5.2.12) no vi nada en #pleiaula, ver próximos días, contribuir. #pln no permitía discriminar ya que se cruzaban tweets de todo tipo. Ayer #internetaula me parecía la más interesante.
  • pronto
  • recordar de nuevo el SITE en el que tenemos tutoriales a cada aspecto. En este caso, Diigo está, explicado en español en
Dean Mantz

Web 2.0 in Education (UK) Home - Web 2.0 in Education (UK) - 0 views

    This wiki provides links to multiple Web2.0 resources and tools for educators. Links are provided by site page category links.
Dean Mantz

º Flash PAINT º Online Painting Tool © - 0 views

    Paint using a web based flash site.
Marty Daniel

GoAnimate - Make your own cartoons and animations easily. Our tools are free and you don't need to learn Flash. - 24 views

    Online Animation program.
    My students LOVE this site! Easy and FUN!
Dean Mantz

EmbedPlus - A flash based tool for real-time reactions, movable zoom, slow motion, annotations, chapter / scene skipping, and more with embeds on your video site, blog, vlog, etc. - 21 views

    Taking embeded video beyond just playing. Making it interactive.
Mark McDonough

Subtext - 49 views

    very cool app that allows teacher and students reading the same book to have an ongoing dialog (like a blog) about the book. has most (all?) the same annotating tools as ibooks. the negative: although they link to many free books (middle school and hs), the teacher has to buy the books from Subtext or from another vendor.
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    Mark, the link is broken. Please update.
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Bob Bartley

Internet resources - 0 views

    Great blog site with fabulous links to very cool web resources.
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