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Tom Harrison

Woopid Video Tutorials - 0 views

    Ton of free tutorials - Mac, PC and more. Great resource for students. Can help with papers, spreadsheets, presenatations and a lot more.
lisandro mierez

Google Wave tutorial on how to embed a wave on Posterous - Musings - 0 views

    Assuming that you have learned the basics of Google Wave and has a Google Wave account, you can follow my tutorial and embed a wave on your Posterous blog or site.
sandy doank

Gang Tutorial - 0 views

    tutorial computer and blog, tips trik blog and computer, free template blog
Allison Burrell

iTunes U Introduces Free eBooks: Download Shakespeare's Complete Works | Open Culture - 18 views

    "# Audio & Podcasts * Free Audio Books * Free Courses * Foreign Language Lessons * Ideas & Culture * Music * Science * Technology * Travel * University - General * Business School * Law School * All * Podcast Tutorial # Video * Free Movies Online * Intelligent Video Sites * Smart YouTube Collections * Our YouTube Faves * University Videos # Essentials * Visit our Archive * Get our Daily Email * Smart YouTube Channels * Our Free iPhone App * Smart iPhone/iPad Apps * Free Textbooks * Intelligent Video Sites * Life Changing Books # Free Courses * Biology * Computer Science * Economics * Engineering * History * Literature * Math * Philosophy * Physics * Political Science * Psychology * All 250 Free Courses # Language Lessons * Arabic * Chinese * English * French * German * Italian * Russian * Spanish * All Languages # Free eBooks * Get Free eBooks * eBook Primer"
Dean Mantz

techntuit / FrontPage - 15 views

    Inquiry based format to providing Web 2.0 tools enabling educators to develop 21st Century learning environments.
Ginger Lewman

Web 2.0 for the Classroom Teacher - 0 views

    giant list of tools. Not sure which will be troublesome for filters.
    Giant list of tools
    I recommend you take a look at WiZiQ's virtual classroom. Mark Cruthers Link to March 17 Demo Replay. WiZiQ is an online teaching platform, which provides a free virtual classroom environment for teachers to interact online and teach students in real time. Teachers can also build a profile, keep an availability schedule, and maintain a content library, which is associated with their profiles, by uploading PowerPoint presentations and PDF Files. Works in Flash format and needs no downloads 2-way live audio/video delivery Whiteboard with Math tools Synchronous Content sharing such as PowerPoint (retains animations and transitions), PDF, Flash, MS Word, MS Excel files and videos Records all sessions to be played back in Flash format (needs no downloads) Share PowerPoint presentations asynchronously even with narrated audio in slides WiZiQ's Blog Feedback from Nellie, English Teacher Wiziq YouTube Presentations: http://ww
Felipe Moncaleano

Video: RSS in Plain English - YouTube - 0 views

    RSS simply explained 

Tech Tutorials - 96 views

    Providing screencasts about all the greatest tech tools for education.
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    There are so many amazing technology tools available for use in education today. The problem is that there's often no money available through school budgets. Often we have to look for cheaper options to provide the most engaging lessons possible for students. One tool that has really changed the face of many classrooms is the interactive whiteboard.
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