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Anne Marie Littrell

101_Tips.pdf - 0 views

    Great resource/list of icebreakers, paired activities, group work ideas, and much more.
Sara Wilkie

8bigideas.pdf - 0 views

    Dr Seymour Papert (1999)
John Kubala - 0 views

    Alternate Reality Games as a Platform for practicing 21st Century Literacies
isabel mateos - 0 views

isabel mateos - 0 views

    • isabel mateos
      Las estructuras de  necesidades alienantes -esas dimensiones de nuestra psique y personalidad que nos  atan a relaciones y prácticas sociales que perpetúan los sistemas de explotación y  servidumbre de la humanidad- representan una de las áreas más cruciales desde las  cuales dirigir una pedagogía radical.  La cuestión de la génesis histórica y la transformación de las necesidades constituye,  en mi mente, la base más importante para una teoría de la práxis educacional radical.  Hasta que los educadores puedan señalar las posibilidades de desarrollo de "necesidades  radicales que desafíen el sistema de intereses y reproducción existentes y apunten a una  sociedad emancipada" 84 , será excepcionalmente difícil comprender cómo las escuelas  funcionan para incorporar a la gente, o lo que eso puede significar para el establecimiento  de una base para el pensamiento crítico y la acción responsable. Dicho de otra manera,  sin una teoría de las necesidades radicales y  una psicología crítica, los educadores no  tienen manera de comprender a la gama y la fuerza de las estructuras sociales alienantes  tal como se manifiestan en los aspectos vividos y no discursivos de la vida cotidiana 85 . 

GPA Calculator - Calculate Your GPA - 0 views

    Calculate your GPA for College and High school, and save the results in a pdf file.
    If you are in college or high school, this tool will be useful for calculating your GPA.
Choong Charles

Translating Constructivism into Instructional Design - Potential and limitations.pdf - Google Docs - 0 views

    • Choong Charles
      Theory/ Principle of Constructivism
enrique garcia

Rethinking Information Diversity in Networks - 0 views

    • enrique garcia
      See also Janis (1972) "Group Thought". Probably assessing close contacts vs distant ones could be a nice clue for assessing FB profiles' "Innovative Information Ratings" .
  • See also Janis (1972) "Group Thought". Probably assessing close contacts vs distant ones could be a nice clue for assessing FB profiles' "Innovative Information Ratings" . I Keep reading...
  • Social Networks as Information Pathways
  • ...47 more annotations...
  • Economic sociologist Mark Granovetter
  • The Strength of Weak Ties
  • 1973 paper
  • people are more likely to acquire jobs that they learned about through individuals they interact with infrequently rather than their close personal
  • We are connected to core groups of strong ties that we interact with frequently and weak ties that we interact with infrequently
    • enrique garcia
      See Moreno (1951), Lewin (1947), etc.
    • enrique garcia
      Moreno (1951:1931)
  • the "strength of weak ties" states that weak ties facilitate information flow from disparate clusters of people
    • enrique garcia
      Innovation related to distant people (weak connections)
  • tight-knit social circles tend to be small relative to people's entire social network, and when it comes to information about future job opportunities, it can be hard to find new leads.
  • Weak ties help spread novel information by bridging the gap between clusters of strong tie contacts
  • homophily [3], the tendency of individuals with similar characteristics to associate with one another.
    • enrique garcia
      Inbreeding (Endogamia)
  • Individuals are connected to each other through workplaces, professions, schools, clubs, hobbies, political beliefs and other affiliations.  The homophily principle holds true for any kind of social network you can think of:
  • even the people you ride the bus with.
  • these commonalities not only shape how often people interact and what they talk about, but also what kinds of information they as individuals seek on the Web.
  • Homophily suggests that people who interact frequently are similar and may consume more of the same information. 
  • Individuals that interact less often tend to be dissimilar and may consume more diverse information. 
  • We found that people are more likely to share the information they were exposed to by their strong ties than by their weak ties on Facebook (Figure 3).   
  • strength between two individuals is measured by the number of comments a person received from their friend on Facebook
  • Other measurements of tie strength, like the number of messages, co-appearances in photos, and discussion on posts are discussed in our paper [5].
  • There are many possible explanations for the increased flow of information across strong ties
  • information shared by a person's weak ties is unlikely to be shared at a later point in time independently of those friends.
  • seeing content from a weak tie leads to a nearly tenfold increase in the likelihood that a person will share a link
  • In contrast, seeing information shared by a strong tie in News Feed makes people just six times as likely to share.
  • weak ties have the greatest potential to expose their friends to information that they would not have otherwise discovered.
  • though a person is more likely to share a single piece of information from one of their close contacts,
  • weak ties are collectively responsible for the majority of information spread. 
  • example (illustrated in Figure 5). Let's say a person has 100 contacts that are weak tie friends, and 10 that are strong tie friends.  Suppose the chance that you'll share something is very high for strong tie friends, say 50%
  • but the weak tie
  • sharing is only 15%
  • Therefore the amount of information spread due to weak and strong ties would be 100*0.15 = 15, and 10*0.50 = 5 respectively
  • so in total, people would end up sharing more from their weak tie friends.
  • because of their abundance, weak ties are primarily responsible for the majority of information spread on Facebook.
  • majority of people’s contacts are weak tie friends
  • We are exposed to and spread more information from our distant contacts than our close friends.
  • Since these distant contacts tend to be different from us, the bulk of information we consume and share comes from people with different perspectives
  • Our work
  • shows that online social networks can serve as an important medium for sharing new perspectives, products and world events.
  • very often, information does not "cascade" very far along the network.  This phenomenon has been observed in earlier research on Twitter in Everyone's an Influencer: Quantifying Influence on Twitter
  • and has been studied across other networks
  • by Sharad Goel and Duncan Watts at Yahoo! Research, NY.
  • person who click 'like' is in the weak ties group, and then who write a reply is in the strong ties group ?
  • share opinion , please
    • enrique garcia
      Not necesarily but it's a good idea to assess FB behaviour.
    • enrique garcia
      Answer to Pudjo Radharjo
  • See also Janis (1972) "Group Thought". Probably assessing close contacts vs distant ones could be a nice clue for assessing FB profiles' "Innovative Information Ratings" . I Keep reading...
  • How do your friends shape the information you see online? See also Janis (1972) "Group Thought". Probably assessing close contacts vs distant ones could offer a nice clue for assessing FB profiles' "Innovative Information Ratings" . More comments inside, see also Diigo.
  • See also Janis (1972) "Group Thinking". Probably assessing close contacts vs distant ones could offer a nice clue for assessing FB profiles' "Innovative Information Ratings" . More comments inside, see also Diigo.
Miriam Brosseau

HIdden Webtools: 11 tools for your classroom - 0 views

    lots of useful goodies - voice recording, pics in creative commons, chopping up youtube videos...
isabel mateos

MegaCloud - Daniel Angulo wants to share a file with you - 0 views

    megacloud, otro lugar para almacenar archivos. Además noticias interesantes compartidas por otros
isabel mateos

AÑOS LUZ, un viaje hacia la memoria del universo. - 0 views

isabel mateos

Doodle: easy scheduling - 0 views

Sonia Nelson

Guide to Videos - 0 views

    From MindShift
Brett Kevin

Why Is A No Credit Check Unsecured Loans Against Bad Credit Rating A Better Option? - - 0 views

    No Credit Check Unsecured Loans against bad credit rating is believed to be a reliable financial option, and these financial services are arranged bestest interest rate charged in your pocket. Since it is a unsecured loan, it's affordable option for your needy days. @
syukron nuryadi


SAMSUNG GALAXY CORE I8262 USER MANUAL DOWNLOAD - its has been published by it comes in pdf file format and available english language with file size 6.38MB the manual containt many refe...

samsung user manual download

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