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Ali Nabavi

Solr Tutorial - 0 views

  • Commit can be an expensive operation
Ali Nabavi

JavaScript: It's a language, not a religion - Adventures in JavaScript Development - 0 views

  • I was deeply saddened yesterday to learn that Brendan Eich contributed money in support of a political initiative that sought to rescind the court-established right for same-sex couples to marry in the state of California.
Ali Nabavi

How to Test your JavaScript Code with QUnit | Nettuts+ - 0 views

  • it’s even able to test server-side JavaScript via some JavaScript engine like Rhino or V8.
Ali Nabavi

JavaScript Redux (and Closures) - 0 views

  • it means that bean counters rather than technologists are setting the goals for a technology company, and that has never turned out well.
  • Seriously, it's incredible how bad this language is.
  • Loading a page becomes a fantastic, spectacular war.
Ali Nabavi

Claypool: A jQuery Web 1.6180339... Application Framework - 0 views

  • A much better approach is 'instrumented logging' which allows you to leave the log statements in your code, and turn them on or off from a single external location.
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