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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Anthony Gabriele

Anthony Gabriele

The Role of Disruptive Technology in the Future of Higher Education (EDUCAUSE Quarterly... - 0 views

  • t is not computer use but how computers are used that makes disruptive innovation possible in higher education. What elements of use can disrupt traditional practices?
  • can hear faculty worrying about what role they play in such a model. Someone needs to design the instruction, develop the self-help tools and course content, answer questions, and guide the confused. Someone still needs to establish the learning outcomes and design the assessments that will establish whether learning occurred. Someone still needs to address the needs of students who are not well-equipped to learn online: the unsure, the inexperienced, and the needy. Someone needs to help students learn how to learn, and how to do so online. Someone needs to be at the other end of the connection to offer support, a well-timed question, a reference, and a critique of what was done and how to do a better job next time. These are the roles faculty have traditionally fulfilled throughout their professional lives, so the change from “me” to “thee” need not be traumatic, but a gentle transition.
  • but just adding computers did not bring about the new higher education so deeply desired.
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