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Matti Narkia

Weight-gain: the Fall and Vitamin D Conspiracy: Why We Eat More in Autumn and Winter an... - 0 views

    "The major factor which stimulates weight gain in winter months is vitamin D. Human bodies get vitamin D from sunlight; as the hours of sunlight become less with the onset of fall, so our levels of vitamin D decrease.

    Low levels of vitamin D affect the brain's production of the hormone leptin. Leptin plays a vital role in controlling appetite and metabolism; so as the amount of vitamin D in our bodies decreases so does the leptin, and this causes an increase in our appetite and a change in our metabolism.

    Researchers at Aberdeen University found that obese people had 10% less vitamin D than people of average weight. The study also found that excess body fat absorbed vitamin D so the body couldn't use it. Scientists now believe that there is a direct correlation between obesity and low levels of vitamin D.
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