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Fred Delventhal

Pre-Assessment Questions - 46 views

My school has decided visual literacy will be the focus for next year. My job is to create a pre-assessment tool to find out where the staff is in their skills as it pertains to visual literacy. I ...

assessment needs professionaldevelopment

started by Fred Delventhal on 11 Apr 08 no follow-up yet
Linda Nitsche

digital literacy - 0 views

    Collection of sites which guide and define the skills and abilities students need to demonstrate effective digital literacy anc digital communication.
Linda Nitsche

Media Literacy and Library Resources | Life Long Learning! - 0 views

    These resources help teachers and librarians teach their students media literacy skills. According the American Library Association, the National Information Literacy Standards include the ability to access information efficiently and effectively, and evaluate that information critically. This list of sites will help in the effort to develop lessons and activities that will give students practice with 21st century information literacy.
Heather Sullivan

A Timely Topic - 29 views

I just presented at NJECC too :) I am excited for this group to come up with some interesting thoughts....Looking forward to chatting with you! Knowclue Kidd wrote: > Yay! I'm so glad that we now...

literacy visual

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