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Life In Miami Federal Prison Camp - 0 views

    Justin Paperny: Hi everyone. I'm Justin Paperny with White Collar Advice, and I'm pleased to welcome my friend and colleague Michael Szafranksi to the program. Hey bud. Michael S.: Hey Justin. Justin Paperny: Let's jump right in with your experience through Miami Federal Prison Camp. You wrote a guest blog on the White Collar Advice site. I'm going to put up a link to the blog, but in that blog, you said, "Miami is different than a lot of another federal prison camps." Miami Federal Prison What did you mean? Michael S.: Well, Miami itself just outside of the world of prison sort of operates on its own set of rules. It's certainly South America within the United States. On top of that, when you get to the prison itself, you're a population that is less white collar than many of the other prison camps plus the fact that it's attached to a low security prison means a lot of inmates transition relatively early on from the low to the camp, so you have a population that's different, and as a result of that, you have different stringencies imposed on the inmates by staff. Justin Paperny: Okay, so we'll get into those stringencies in a minute. Let's first talk about how you got to the federal prison camp in Miami. The majority of my clients, our clients, self surrender to prison, but on occasion, they're remanded to custody in part because of the case or the judge. Tell us how you actually got to the federal prison camp.
Ryan Kinnett

Audioboo - 0 views

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