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Jeremy Pratt

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started by Jeremy Pratt on 19 Mar 12
  • Jeremy Pratt
    For lots of women, the appearance of the first wrinkle on the skin is grounds to stress and panic. The wrinkles would make them either go on an anti-aging skin care product buying spree or really think of things such as Botox and cosmetic surgery. But all they are really doing is quickening the aging process since they end up being stressed at all times. What must be done in order to maintain healthy and wrinkle-free skin is to find some wrinkle free skin care tips and treatments that are very easy to integrate into your normal routine and that will not necessarily disrupt your life.

    First of all, examine the cosmetic products you're using. Get rid of the ones which contain harsh ingredients and buy milder ones. Baby soaps and lotions are great to use since they are designed for the delicate skin of babies, and will not bring about skin irritations.

    The use of certain natural ingredients can also help reverse and delay aging. Aloe vera extracts, for instance, may be added to your bath to protect your skin from wrinkles and many other signs of aging of the skin. Aloe is also mild enough to use on kids and even babies, but be sure to check with your child's physician first to make sure that your child is not allergic to this substance.

    Yet another popular home remedy for maintaining great skin is the use of baking soda. When you shower, apply baking soda all over your body. Your skin will love it. The baking soda will get rid of minute dirt particles clogging your pores. Lightly rubbing baking soda onto your face also is a good way of removing blackheads.

    If you want to moisturize your skin naturally, you've got avocado. You can opt to mash up a fresh avocado fruit and use it as a facial mask or you can purchase an avocado paste from the beauty stores. Keep the avocado facial mask for half an hour. This could help keep your skin moisturized and delay the appearance of wrinkles.

    Lots of women have wrinkles prematurely because they subject their skin to too much sun. So if you can help it, lessen your skin's exposure to direct sunlight. After all, sun exposure doesn't just bring about wrinkles but it can cause skin cancer as well. In any event, if you really can't avoid being under the sun, you must be sure to protect yourself by putting on sunscreen lotion with a high SPF, and by donning a wide-brimmed hat and large, dark sunglasses.

    Stopping lines and wrinkles needn't be a life-changing experience. By including the above-mentioned tips to your everyday routine, you can maintain healthy, wrinkle-free skin while keeping a normal pace in your life, just like before.

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