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Alice-Cole Reynolds

1:1 Schools Blog - 0 views

    This is a collaborative blog dedicated to 1:1 computing environments in elementary and secondary schools.
Alice-Cole Reynolds

Are One-to-One Laptop Programs Worth the Investment? - 0 views

    Interesting article about a K-8 school in California that spearheaded a 1:1 laptop initiative. Article talks about the challenges the school faced, as well as, tips for implementing a successful 1:1 program.
Jeff Carretto

Seeing No Progress, Some Schools Drop Laptops - New York Times - 2 views

    Interesting article about a school right outside Richmond Va, that has decided to eliminate the use of laptops due to lack of progress.
    Interesting article. As we have been discussing several problems exist. Lack of teacher training is one. The other looks to the behavior of the students. Perhaps the laptops need to stay at school so that no one "forgets" theirs at home. Students can only use them during classtime and there is a teacher sitting at the back of the room to ensure that all students are on appropriate sites.
    Can we trust students? (I believe yes...We must trust students so they will rise to the occasion, rather than sink to lowest expectations.
    I also think if students are challenged to use computers for more than pure peer social interaction, we may be able to limit the "inappropriate" use you mention.
    So, actually, it comes back to teacher training.
    It makes my head hurt.
Jonathan Becker

Education Week: Building the Digital District - 3 views

    Our NC folks will be particularly interested in this....
    I just posted a comment in our blog about us not being certain of the real impact in the students' learning process as a result of the use of technological resources... This article has started to answer this question...
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