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Thomas Herbert

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started by Thomas Herbert on 20 Aug 12
  • Thomas Herbert
    The primary benefits of car window tinting:

    Protection from the sun. Window tinting reduces the penetration of Ultra violet rays from sunlight, protecting both the driver and passengers from damaging effect from the sun. It also helps avoid the interior from cracking and fading of the dash and the upholstery. Most films offer 99.9% UV protection.

    Provides heat protection reducing the "oven effect" inside the car, which naturally cuts down on the need for ac. Car window tinting film can keep the interior of the vehicle up to 60% cooler.

    Increases privacy as well as security by looking into making it hard to detect any valuables that may be in the car.

    Reduces dangerous glare from both the sun and snow.

    Increased safety in case of an accident. The film holds shattered glass in place to prevent it from injuring the vehicle's occupants.

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    Added style and a more sophisticated look.

    What to consider when choosing car window tinting:

    The style and quality of the film. More affordable film can fade, bubble or change color. They might lose remarkable ability to block Ultra violet rays with time. More costly films are aesthetically superior and can prove to be a better investment for that long term.

    The level of heat protection. Films can vary drastically in regards to the quantity of heat protection they offer. Heat protection rates can vary between 15% to almost 100%. The level you choose might be influenced by the weather where you reside. Ask your tint shop to show the main difference for you with the use of a fluorescent lamp.

    The length and extent from the warranty. Look for a lifetime warranty that covers bubbling, peeling, cracking and color changes. Some warranties can be used in a brand new owner when the vehicle comes. Obviously any warranty is only as good as the store that offers it.

    Professional installation versus doing the work yourself. Obviously this isn't a typical DIY project but when you will find the skills you could save some money by installing the film yourself.

    Note: Make sure to check local laws to be sure the degree of tint you select, or VLT (Visible Light Transmission) percentage, is within the legal limits.

    All of these options, along with the size and style of the vehicle, can effect car window tinting prices. For an average sedan you can aquire a $99 special, pay closer to $500, or anything among. Doing all of your research and understanding your personal needs can help you choose the right car window tinting film to suit your needs.

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