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Mathieu Plourde

Movement of Canvas LMS to Global Markets - 0 views

    "Remembering that broad trends are most important in this first-view of data, we can see a big jump in 2017 thus far for international markets for Canvas. It will be interesting to update this view at the end of the year to see if the trend holds, but it is quite clear that 2017 is making Canvas a global LMS."
Mathieu Plourde

panOpen Partners with Instructure to Integrate Open Educational Resources Platform into Canvas Learning Management System - 0 views

    "Effective immediately, the single sign-on and gradebook syncing capabilities between the two companies are available for all current and prospective Canvas users. This is especially important for the many faculty who would like to enjoy the benefits of OER but have not had adequate tools and services to support this. With panOpen, not only can faculty make use of the platform tools, but also of panOpen's editors and instructional designers to help ensure that both faculty and students have the best possible experience with open content."
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